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1. I‘m a broken record about the tagged book but it was so good!
2. I loved baked crunchy Cheetos.
3. Sunset. I don‘t see sunrise if I can help it.
4. I‘d book a trip to the first place to come to mind.
5. First grade. I loved my teacher so much.
#FriYayIntro @howjessreads

Molly_the_mezzo Baked Cheetos are the best! 9h
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Scarlet Feather | Maeve Binchy
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We were just wondering what‘s going on with the buddy read?

Andrew65 I will be starting this over the weekend, just a tad later than normal. Will post a schedule tomorrow. 14h
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Evening Class | Maeve Binchy
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I haven't been sharing many extra #BFC updates, so here are a few things. I've managed to do my kettlebell workout twice this week. I've posted what I've been doing in case anyone is interested. I finished a book! I enjoyed it, but it was a little strange to read a Binchy book set in the 90s. And I made one splurge purchase. I'll probably change my goal to a certain amount of steps soon. I just have to figure out what a good goal for me is.

cewilf Woohoo! I think I have the same Fitbit 💪 18h
Trashcanman Rocking it! Keep kicking ass! 18h
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KathyWheeler I‘ve never tried kettlebells; maybe I will. 18h
TheEllieMo Kettlebells always looks so hard! My PT gets me to do some work with them, not sure I‘d want to use them for an entire workout! 18h
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Kettlebells are an awesome workout! And if you‘re interested, let me know your Fitbit username & I can add you to the Fitbit BFC group. 😉 18h
julesG Those exercises have interesting names. I'll have to find out what they mean and whether I can do them. 18h
Cathythoughts I presume the purchase is the watch ... Fitbit .. I got my daughter one recently.. they are fab !! Your flying it 👍🏻 18h
Megabooks Woo hoo! Great job with the kettlebells and congratulations on the Fitbit!! 18h
RachelO That‘s fantastic! And hope you enjoy the Fitbit - they‘re kind of addictive 😉 19m
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Normal People | Sally Rooney

This raised some ambivalences for me which I think could only be understood once one had made it to the end. Which is not to say that this up and down love story was not a compulsive read.

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Made it to the Long Room at Trinity College in Ireland...a book lover‘s dream 🇮🇪

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Lcsmcat Awww! 1d
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Sitting in the upstairs hall in my pajamas because my children WON‘T SLEEP. I think the weather has them delirious. 75 degrees and 97% humidity. Looking over the #lmpbc copy of _Three Bags Full_ that came back to me today! So much fun!

Tamra Humidity is zero fun. 😖 2d
mrsmarch @Tamra We are melting. Patience gone. 2d
ValerieAndBooks I enjoyed that book — be sure to shuffle the pages to watch the sheep jump 🐑 ! Hope your kids sleep better tonight. 2d
mrsmarch @ValerieAndBooks it‘s 3:20 pm and things are not looking well. My 2 year old is rolling around on the living room floor screaming. 2d
CindyRene @mrsmarch I'm still talking about those sheep 😂 !! && Couldn't help but naming our puppy's new friend Zora 😁. I'll post a pic for you here in a bit 2d
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The Secret Place | Tana French
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I very much liked this one. High school was awful and this captured that intense desperation for me. The detective was very likable. The bit of supernatural weirdness was odd, and for me it was never properly defined whether that was real or not, but maybe that was ok? Any A+

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A Different Familiar | Rhian J. Martin
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Just another quote from my novel, "A Different Familiar." The story is set in beautiful Galway, Ireland - a place that is very close to my heart. ?

#adifferentfamiliar #galway #ireland #irish #fiction #novel #book #mybook #writer #author #loveireland #galwaygirl #books

In the Woods | Tana French
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Started this on the plane, short ride so I didn‘t get far

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