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After Alice: A Novel | Gregory Maguire
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kgriffith There really ARE a lot of covers with people #fallingslowly aren‘t there... 11mo
Cinfhen It‘s a great cover 11mo
LibrarianRyan @kgriffith I think so. I was looking for the book with the girl falling off the dock, but couldn‘t remember the title. Plus I think it‘s contemporary which means it‘s in the closet. (edited) 11mo
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kgriffith @LibrarianRyan is that a typo? 😏 11mo
LibrarianRyan @kgriffith OMG!!!! Just caught it and had a nice laugh at work. Yes it‘s a typo. I have some stories on my iPad that have that, but no book covers. 😜 11mo
kgriffith @LibrarianRyan LOL that‘s perfect 😋 11mo
vivastory I've been meaning to read this one 11mo
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Cinfhen Not familiar with either series 🙄 11mo
vivastory Haven't heard of this before, sounds interesting 👍 11mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen that‘s okay, I hadn‘t either till I picked up this book and read it. 11mo
CrowCAH @vivastory this is the only book in the series I‘ve read, but greatly enjoyed it and will continue on at some point. 11mo
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Strange Weather | Joe Hill
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"We're much closer to the supernatural up here. Everything gets very surreal when you're falling from twelve thousand feet."

In “Aloft,” the third story in Strange Weather, a man agrees to go skydiving to honor a deceased friend, and to impress a girl, and winds up getting stranded on a cloud. Things get weirder.
@Cinfhen @vivastory

DivineDiana Intrigued! 11mo
rohit-sawant @DivineDiana It's a great read, and the lightest of the four stories. Which is good since the one preceding it still haunts me. SW is simply terrific! 11mo
Suet624 Wow! What an interesting idea. I imagine it would be cold on a cloud. 11mo
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Tanisha_A I have always wanted to get stranded on a cloud! 11mo
vivastory This was my least favorite in the collection, but it has a wistful mood that's missing from the rest of SW. 11mo
Reggie This was my favorite as he learns to get over someone. Although the gun story still blows my mind, this one spoke to the heart of a younger me. 11mo
rohit-sawant @Suet624 He does mention the cold! The story has a dream like quality to it. 11mo
rohit-sawant @Tanisha_A Oh, not on this one! 😆
Cinfhen My first thought was of course @Reggie 😂🙌🏻❤️ 11mo
rohit-sawant @vivastory @Reggie I agree on both counts. It was very different, but not unwelcome, in tone to the rest, but me from my early twenties really resonated with it. Had I read it then, I think it would've helped me navigate through some stuff I was dealing with better. BTW, did you guys hear Mike Flanagan is adapting Snapshot?! 11mo
Reggie @Cinfhen 😉 and Rohit-Sawant, some horror aficionado I am. I have watched none of his movies or series. Boo. But I would watch Snapshot. 11mo
rohit-sawant @Reggie Oo, I'm so excited for you to check out his work! 🙌🏽 Start with Hush, The Haunting of Hill House, and Gerald's Game! 11mo
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Magpie Murders | Anthony Horowitz
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I‘ve not kept up with #MusicalNewYear this week...I think one of the prompts was #FallingSlowly , so I guess you could say I‘m falling slowly behind. But, this popped in my mind immediately for #FeedingTheBirds . I think I‘ve gushed enough about Horowitz and this book and his recent The Word Is Murder. I‘ll spare you more gushing other than to say it‘s clever and I adored it!

GatheringBooks nice way of “killing two #birds with one stone.” hehhehehe. :) 11mo
Librarybelle @GatheringBooks 🤣🤣🤣 11mo
melbeautyandbooks Loved this book! I‘m right there with you on the gushing. 11mo
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Librarybelle @melbeautyandbooks ❤️❤️❤️😁 11mo
Cinfhen Perfect @GatheringBooks 😂😂 11mo
vivastory Sitting on my shelves. Need to read it! 11mo
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Long Way Down | Nick Hornby
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One of Hornby‘s best! #fallingslowly #musicalnewyear

vivastory I really need to read more Hornby! 11mo
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Romance is an important component of Susanna Kearsley‘s novels, but it is generally portrayed as a #FallingSlowly situation, my favourite kind and therefore one of the main reasons I (generally) love Kearsley‘s books.


Andrew65 Me too! 11mo
Melissa_J @Andrew65 I knew you would support this post 😊 11mo
Andrew65 @Melissa_J You know me so well. Mariana is a clear favourite! 11mo
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kplovesbooks I've never read anything by her! 😞 I should though! Which do you recommend as a first read? 11mo
Felso Gorgeous edition of The Winter Sea! I think that‘s my favorite of hers. It‘s really hard to chose. 11mo
llwheeler What a beautiful collection 😍 11mo
Melissa_J @kplovesbooks my favourites are the tagged book, Mariana and Bellewether. Lots of people love The Winter Sea. (edited) 11mo
kplovesbooks @Melissa_J Thank you! I'll definitely check these out 11mo
Cinfhen I was gonna say, I think @Andrew65 is a fan too!!! But I see he has commented 💕 11mo
vivastory Haven't read them, but glad to see the Litsy love for these 11mo
Andrew65 I‘m yet to read Bellewhether! 11mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen You know me so well. 😂 11mo
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Falling Slowly | Anita Brookner
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readordierachel 😂 Perfect 11mo
vivastory Excellent! 😄 11mo
saresmoore Do you have a cataloguing system? I‘m amazed you were able to think of AND find the book! 11mo
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LauraBeth 😂👏 11mo
Melissa_J Well played! 11mo
emilyhaldi I would like to know the answer to @saresmoore ‘s question 👆🏻 11mo
LeahBergen @readordierachel @vivastory @LauraBeth @Melissa_J Thanks for appreciating my laziness. 😉 11mo
LeahBergen @saresmoore @emilyhaldi 😆 Nope, no cataloguing system. I‘ve always had a (weirdly) good memory for what books I own and where they are shelved. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😆👍 fantastic! 11mo
saresmoore You are amazing, Leah! 11mo
LeahBergen @saresmoore It‘s sadly my only “gift”. 😆 11mo
Cinfhen You make it look soooooo easy 😂😂😂😂 11mo
Reggie Lololol 11mo
Cathythoughts Perfection ✨✨✨ 11mo
batsy 😂😂 11mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve been meaning to read Brookner for too long. 11mo
Suet624 @Reviewsbylola Me too, darn it!!! 11mo
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Into Thin Air | Jon Krakauer
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JennyM 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 11mo
vivastory Excellent choices! 11mo
Cinfhen Great collage 🙌🏻😀 11mo
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One Day | David Nicholls
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After seeing today‘s prompt, I thought:
- I should really watch that movie, Once.
- Wonder if it‘s on Netflix
- It‘s not - but look at the related titles, including One Day
- Am I ever going to read One Day? I‘ve had it since 2011
- Haven‘t seen the movie because I was surely going to read book first
- Most definitely, probably won‘t ever read One Day
- Give myself permission to watch One Day
#FallingSlowly (into craziness)

MicheleinPhilly I loved One Day. Heard the movie sucks. 11mo
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly stop contributing to my back and forth over One Day! 😆 11mo
Birdsong28 Yeh the movie is awful but the book is excellent 😘📚📖 11mo
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LauraBeth @Birdsong28 y‘all are gonna make me dig out my copy of One Day, with its crappy movie-tie-in cover 😀 11mo
JennyM I‘m thirding @MicheleinPhilly and @Birdsong28 - dig out that copy 😆😘 11mo
Birdsong28 Yes we are @LauraBeth 😂📚📖 11mo
vivastory This thread 😂😂 11mo
Amandajoy One Day is one of my favorite books! 😍 11mo
plemmdog I love that book. Movie kind of awkward, though, with Anne Hathaway fake British accent. I enjoyed book immensely more. 11mo
LauraBeth @vivastory it had unintentional consequences- now I‘ll be reading One Day 😂 11mo
LauraBeth @MicheleinPhilly, @Birdsong28, @jennym, @Amandajoy, @plemmdog y‘all have convinced me to put down the remote and read One Day instead 😀 11mo
Melissa_J I used to have One Day, and never watched the movie because I had to read the book first. Like you, I finally decided I was never going to read it. I gave the book away but still haven‘t watched the movie. 11mo
LauraBeth @Melissa_J you and I are like One Day hostages 😂 11mo
audraelizabeth Blue jay was a decent independent movie 11mo
Cinfhen I didn‘t like the book @LauraBeth so I would have grabbed the remote and looked for something else entirely 😂😂 11mo
LeahBergen 😂😂😂 11mo
LauraBeth @audraelizabeth I just watched the trailer and OMG - that does look amazing! Part of my issue with being such a big reader is that it comes at the expense of neglecting movies and tv. So there‘s a whole world of great movies and tv shows that I‘ve never seen or heard of. 11mo
LauraBeth @Cinfhen and @LeahBergen I‘m going to give it a whirl and see what I think about it. I already replaced another book from one of my challenge slots with it 😂 My challenge slots have proved to be quite fluid 😬 11mo
audraelizabeth I have the same problem plus I cross stitch 11mo
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