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When you don‘t have a front porch as a reading spot, the beach works just as well😎

valeriegeary Sigh. 😍 13mo
Christine11 Gorgeous! 13mo
CouronneDhiver Ha! Way better view than mine today ☃️❄️ 13mo
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Lynnsoprano @valeriegeary @CouronneDhiver @Christine11 After I posted, I started wondering how many people I was going to upset with this picture 😂 13mo
bookish_wookish Is that the hedgehog bookmark?!?! I just bought that one over the weekend! 🦔 13mo
Lynnsoprano @bookish_wookish Yes, it is, courtesy of @DHill and the #fallingforfall swap. 😄 13mo
TheBogwitch So envious. 13mo
Lynnsoprano @TheBogwitch It really was just a perfect day, but I try not to post too many South Florida pictures during the winter 😂 13mo
TheBogwitch @Lynnsoprano you‘re very kind. 😊 13mo
RealBooks4ever Beautiful! 💜 13mo
Blaire Gorgeous! 13mo
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The Great Book Swap | Alan Mitchell
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With the s hurricane and everything being destroyed my boxes are late but I finally got them together and our post office opens next week so please be patient. They are on their way next week. Our bookstores were destroyed so I had to go a different route for book titles for everyone. I am sorry #hocuspocus #witchpleaseswap #fallingforfall

LibrarianRyan There is absolutely nothing to be sorry about. I hope you and your family are doing well. Is there anything you need or any way to help? 1y
ferskner Oh my gosh!!!!!! You are so sweet to still be working to get your box out to me, but it's totally unexpected. I hope you know that I was never upset about it! I just moved away from costal South Carolina and had to evacuate the last two years, with pretty significant damage in 2016, so I definitely get it. Is there anything I can do to help? 1y
MiraMonroe No worries. I wasn‘t expecting anything. I‘m looking to mail yours out this next week is post working that way? I hope it brings some light fun to you. 1y
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Avanders What @LibrarianRyan and @ferskner said! Let us know if we can help! 1y
Wonderwoman89 You are all too kind. We will be fine. Life goes on. Just a lot of clean up and another hurricane coming our way this Thursday. Nothing to do but sit back laugh and read a book. 1y
Wonderwoman89 Yeaaaaas just mailed all the boxes today. You all should have them in three to five days. Can you please let me know when they arrive? 1y
Avanders 💖💖 Also.. did the PO have the #fffs pkg that Jessica sent to you? 🤞🏽🤞🏽 1y
Wonderwoman89 @avanders not that I am aware of. I was there yesterday and they didn‘t have anything. If it came during the storm it is gone so please do not worry about it. I am just glad I got my boxes sent out 1y
Avanders @Wonderwoman89 yes -- she said she had it delivered to the post office -- it was definitely during the storm! Let's see what the tracking number says ☺️ 1y
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Oh my goodness @leslieseidel you‘ve done some first rate stalking! My #fallingforfall package is filled with all my favourite things! I love to cook (so super appreciate the magazine), adore bookshop totes and the NYC vibe - so the strand theme was EXCELLENT! Can‘t wait to dig into the candy and cuddle up in my socks l. Fab book choices! Thank you so much for all the thought that‘s gone into this xxxxxx

tammysue 😍😍😍 1y
Oryx That's a great package! Good book picks too 1y
leslieseidel So glad that you like everything!! This is my favorite swap to shop for because I love the stuff that comes out in Fall. 1y
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leslieseidel Plus I will take any excuse I have to get to the Strand!!! 1y
Mitch @leslieseidel I seriously love it all. my tote had its first outing this eve! 1y
Avanders ❤️🧡💛🎃🍁🍂😍 and great book selections! 1y
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Truly Madly Guilty | Liane Moriarty
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Oh my goodness, this was an amazing swap! The first thing I pulled out was the blanket, which I intend to use asap 😁 I really enjoy the Amish books...my grandma loved them and they make me think of her 💜 plus your packaging was so cute it was hard to tear it open!!

#fallingforfall #fff #bookswap
@Avanders @Q84

Jennick2004 @Q84 the cold-remedy tea was such a fun and creative idea too!! 1y
Mdargusch Wow! Such a thoughtful package! 1y
Q84 @Jennick2004 I'm really glad you like it! It was such fun getting it together for you! Also, I should have been drinking some of that tea all week but I didn't even think about that. Hahaha. Enjoy! 1y
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Jennick2004 @Q84 my allergies are kicking my butt today so I might just have a cup when I get home from dropping the kids off...I have 2 hours to rest til work! 1y
Q84 @Jennick2004 oh, I was going to get myself one of the soup bowl and the tote but they were the last ones on the shelves when I got them. (Not that I need more) They were soooo adorable! 1y
Q84 @Jennick2004 Oh get you some rest! I do hope it is just allergies. 1y
Jennick2004 @Q84 thanks! PS my kids are already eyeing up the candy...I shall have to hide it 😝 1y
Avanders ❤️🧡💛🎃🍁🍂😍 That blanket is amazing! 1y
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Only 4 more days...I swear this thing is taunting me!!
#fallingforfall #bookswap #fff

Untitled | Unknown
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Also, got my #FFFS package today! Can hardly wait until 9/21!! #fallingforfall @Avanders

Avanders 🎃🎉🎃🎉🎃 1y
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Fall Leaves | Loretta Holland
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Q84 Awesome! And just a heads up be careful unpacking the box 1y
Jennick2004 @Q84 will do lol 1y
Avanders 🎃🎉🎃🎉🎃 1y
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The Swap | Antony Moore
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Mailing out my #fallingforfall swap today! #fffs @Avanders

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💛🧡🎃🍁🍂🎃🧡💛 1y
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The Post Office | Rabindranath Tagore
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Mailed out my #FFFS package today! It should arrive on Wednesday. Sorry it‘s a couple days late, @Avanders (I caught my yearly back to school cold)! Can‘t wait to see everyone open theirs and all the #FallingForFall goodies inside.

Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💛🧡🎃🍁🍂🎃🧡💛 1y
Avanders (Also.. looks like you're sending this priority, so it shouldn't be late at all! Remember open date is 9/21 ☺️) 1y
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The Glittering Court | Richelle Mead
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My afternoon BN book haul. Didn‘t get any of the 50% off books, but found the tagged clearance book, a star wheel notebook, plus 3 books for my #fallingforfall swap. Plus, if you bought any 3 books, you got a tote. 😀

CouronneDhiver Woohoo! 1y
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