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Bit of cultural history, bit of art and architectural development, bit of literary criticism, bit of filmography, chock full of archival illustrations = a lot of Gothic goodness 🖤

Leftcoastzen I‘ve had my eye on this one! 3w
Bookwomble I found it online, "like new", so not-quite-new, at £6 discount, and regrettably (though actually "sorry, not sorry", if I'm being honest ?) bought it. It has physical heft, and Luckhurst's credentials promise it will have authorial heft, so I'm looking forward to it, though it is taking its place on Mount TBR! ?☺️ 3w
AllDebooks Oh hello 👀📚 3w
Bookwomble @AllDebooks 👋📖 Hello! 😆 3w
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I have an addiction to television. I spend way too many hours on the couch with my blanket and tv.


Nutmegnc Any show recs??!! 3w
Bookjunkie57 @Nutmegnc haven‘t watched anything amazing lately. I‘m rewarding Dating No Filter and I just finished a rewatch of Leverage. 3w
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#JulyJam #LipstickDay Dadaists, Situationists,and Punks, yes, please.Music ,Avant-garde, & cultural history, I loved this book .Does it hold up? I haven‘t reread it but for me it was #therightbookrighttime

vivastory I haven't read this one yet, but I loved 2mo
Leftcoastzen @vivastory I really liked that one too! 2mo
Eggs Love the cover and this photo with le famous 💄💄 2mo
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Leftcoastzen @Eggs Thanks! It‘s one of the deluxe sample size ! 2mo
batsy Nice! Love the photo 💄 2mo
Leftcoastzen @batsy thx! 💄 2mo
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[T]he fact paralyses the intention, gives it something like a malaise producing immobility: in order to make it innocent, it freezes it. This is because myth is speech stolen and restored. Only, speech which is restored is no longer quite that which was stolen: when it was brought back, it was not put exactly in its place. It is this brief act of larceny, this.moment taken for surreptitious faking, which gives mystical speech a benumbed look.


In a single day, how many non-signifying fields do we cross? Very few, sometimes none. Here I am, before the sea; it is true that it bears no message. But the beach, what material for semiology! Flags, slogans, signals, sign-boards, clothes, suntan even, which are so many messages to me.

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#LMPBC #Round14GroupB
@Megabooks @LMJenkins @JamieArc

It looks like we have our lineup. I‘m excited about all of these #botm backlog books, ladies!

Megabooks Same!! 8mo
suvata Wow! That was fast! 8mo
JamieArc @Megabooks @thebluestocking @LMJenkins Are we going to pick a different color for annotating/highlighting? 7mo
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Megabooks @JamieArc I am left handed and have few pens that don‘t leave marks when I rub. I think I have a blue one that will work. I‘m fine with different handwritings (and whatever color) or different colors. @thebluestocking @LMJenkins 7mo
JamieArc @Megabooks Hey fellow lefty ✋🏼. Sounds good! My handwriting is pretty distinct. 7mo
Megabooks @JamieArc lefties of the world unite! 😁😁 7mo
LMJenkins Looking forward to this! ⭐️ 7mo
thebluestocking @JamieArc @Megabooks @LMJenkins Sorry I‘ve been MIA. I‘ll pick a color other than blue! 💙 7mo
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Here are my suggestions, though I have PLENTY more to choose from if none of these work. Fireflies is new, so it feels like cheating a little, but if it‘s picked, at least it won‘t stay unread for years 😂 #BOTM #LMPBC

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Megabooks I‘m in the middle of Fireflies right now but any of the others are fine! 8mo
thebluestocking I‘ve read Writers & Lovers and A Woman is No Man (both good). I‘m good with any of the others. Memorial is one that has piqued my interest. 8mo
JamieArc @LMJenkins Have you read Memorial? 8mo
LMJenkins I have read Writers & Lovers (and loved it). I‘d be happy with any! 8mo
LMJenkins @JamieArc - I haven‘t read Memorial yet! 👍🏼 8mo
JamieArc Pardon my sleuthing @Megabooks but I see you have read and panned Memorial. Are there others in this list you haven‘t read, or want to do a reread of? 8mo
Megabooks @JamieArc I would actually love to reread it, especially with commentary because I feel like I did not give it a fair shake. 8mo
LMJenkins Great! I have had Memorial on my list (and my shelf), so happy to read it. 8mo
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What do you think of these? The Family is the longest but none are long. #LMPBC #groupB #Round14

thebluestocking I haven‘t read any of these and would be good with any of them, though I am particularly intrigued by Outlawed. 8mo
JamieArc I have read Outlawed. Valentine is one of my backlog but am fine with any of them. 8mo
Jensol77 I loved Outlawed!! Super interesting. 8mo
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Juliev Didn‘t like Outlawed. 8mo
LMJenkins I haven‘t read any of these! 8mo
JamieArc If you don‘t choose Valentine, I have it and can choose it for mine, if that makes things easier… just a thought. 8mo
Robin3 I liked Valentine it was a bit slow at times but overall a good book 8mo
Megabooks I‘d love to do Valentine if that‘s agreeable. @thebluestocking @JamieArc @LMJenkins 8mo
JamieArc Great with me! It‘s one I‘ve been meaning to get to for a while. 8mo
thebluestocking Definitely!! I‘ve heard good things. 8mo
LMJenkins I'm cool with Valentine! 8mo
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Malibu Rising (June 2021)
Leave the World Behind (October 2020)
Beautiful Country (September 2021)
Harlem Shuffle (October 2021)

I tried to keep these relatively short. I have a few doorstoppers in my backlog (The Lincoln Highway, The Hearts Invisible Furies, The Fountains of Silence) if anyone would prefer those!

Let me know which of these you guys would like to read the most!

#LMPBC #Round14GroupB @Megabooks @JamieArc @LMJenkins

Megabooks I vote leave the world behind 👍🏻 but I‘d be okay with any of them except beautiful country which I read and hated. (edited) 8mo
JamieArc I have read Malibu Rising. My vote is also for Leave the World Behind. 8mo
kellyann28 I'm not apart of this group but just wanted to say thanks for this amazing idea. I was sad this group was full so I created another one. ❤ 8mo
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thebluestocking @Megabooks Ha! I may just donate Beautiful Country. It hasn‘t spoken to me since I picked it. 8mo
thebluestocking @kellyann28 It is such a great idea. I had a different group started, but when I saw this one, I had to join! 8mo
Megabooks It went into the library sale pile right after I finished it! 😂 8mo
LMJenkins I have read Malibu Rising and Leave the World Behind, but I wouldn‘t mind reading them again. Any one of the four is good to me. 8mo
thebluestocking @LMJenkins @JamieArc @Megabooks Hmm…looks like by process of elimination, we‘re at Harlem Shuffle unless you want to put one of the longer books in play. (I have fewer backlog books than I thought.) 8mo
LMJenkins @thebluestocking Your call, 💯! I‘ve heard great things about Harlem Shuffle. I‘ve never been drawn to it, but that means nothing….sometimes those end up being the best. 8mo
Megabooks @thebluestocking I tried the audio on HS and didn‘t like the narrator, so I‘d be cool with trying it in print! 👍🏻 8mo
JamieArc @thebluestocking I‘m good with it! That author has intimidated me for a while, but reading it with others makes it not so intimidating! 8mo
thebluestocking @JamieArc @Megabooks @LMJenkins Okay, Harlem Shuffle it is! 8mo
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@suvata has opened up the signups for the next round of #lmpbc! It has been quite a while since I‘ve joined in. This time, I went this Group B with @Megabooks to tackle #BotM books.

Head over to @suvata ‘s post for details and the signup link if you‘re interested.

Megabooks Thanks for sharing! 8mo
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