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Sir Philip's Folly | M.C. Beaton
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I've been away for a bit thanks to being sick, so I'm playing catch up here for #marchintoreading . Clockwise from top left: #greatbandname , #canadianauthors , #crazycovers (it's a business book but looks like a dairy carton, which makes it crazy to me!), and #bookbag (Babar the Elephant doing yoga).

PurpleyPumpkin Babar! 💜 6y
KerriNTurner @PurpleyPumpkin I just love Babar! 6y
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Murther and Walking Spirits | Robertson Davies
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LeahBergen I was looking at my selection of Robertson Davies covers for this prompt, too. They are ALL weird! 😂 6y
Seshat @LeahBergen I was totally thinking the same thing. 6y
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#catchingup on #marchintoreading day 28 - #crazycovers

Was befuddled when, at a charity sale, I came across this book that seemingly had no title information. Turns out it's called The Mindfield Years, and I needn't have felt embarrassed, as @Litsy hasn't heard of it either (hence my delay).

Ham on Rye: A Novel | Charles Bukowski
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Catching up from a few days ago... I can't decide between the paisley leotard or the smoking Buddha...
#MarchIntoReading #crazycovers

Untitled | Anonymous
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I know these #CrazyCovers aren't real, but they'd be entertaining to see in real life. #MarchIntoReading

ItsAnotherJen Haha! Oh man..imagine sitting next to someone on a bus or plane and they are reading that!! That would certainly freak me out. 6y
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Healing | Gayl Jones
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This #CrazyCover was also featured in January's #ThisCoverMakesNoSense topic. A lady in a turtle shell. I'm hoping she's the healee. It's just crazy!
#MarchIntoReading #CrazyCovers

LeahBergen It IS weird! 6y
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Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor
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No #nuclearcatastrophe today, but I was super excited to get this in the mail today!! The cover is gorgeous, so I decided to use it for #crazycovers as well. #marchmadness #marchintoreading

JazzFeathers Agreed. That's a beautiful cover :) 6y
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Gabi, a Girl in Pieces | Isabel Quintero
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#crazycovers #marchintorreading

It seems like everyone's divided on this one...you either love it or hate it. I personally love it and all the more after learning its context.

brownekr I loooooove this book, and I love the cover in theory but the background colour just doesn't quite work for me. 6y
Cinfhen GREAT choice for cover 💞 6y
LindsayReads @brownekr Ah, I love that color! It's so in your face! But I can understand if it rubs you the wrong way. 6y
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LindsayReads @Cinfhen Thanks! Love this one. 6y
Reviewsbylola It's very interesting. Not sure how I feel about it. 6y
Sace I do not like the cover, but I admit it made me want to know what the book was about. Added it to my TBR. 6y
LindsayReads @Sace It is a great book! 6y
Sace It sounds like it. 6y
Sace Ok. I just caved and bought it. On Kindle. That way I don't have to see the cover sitting on my nightstand. 😂 6y
LindsayReads @Sace 😂😂😂😂 6y
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Electric Forest | Tanith Lee
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This kind of looks like Tina Turner melting. I just don't know. #crazycovers #marchintoreading

Rachbb3 Lol, got to see those legs to make sure it's really her. 😉 6y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk I saw this very cover at the local used book store last weekend! How could I forget it? Yikes. 6y
elkeOriginal I have this too! It's a nightmare, for sure 😁 6y
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The Absolute Sandman | Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth
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Dave McKean created #crazycovers for every issue of Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Good people of Litsy, I say this not to be rude, but to encourage you to read one of the greatest works of literature I have ever read:

If you love Neil Gaiman, but haven't read Sandman, you've got business. #marchintoreading

brennahawleycraig One of the best stories ever!! 6y
LeslieO Ca-Razy! 6y
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NataliePatalie I find it so crazy when I meet Gaiman fans that haven't read Sandman! Like what are you even doing??! I mean, obviously he has made tons of great stuff, but when I think of Gaiman my brain goes straight to Sandman. 6y
TobeyTheScavengerMonk @NataliePatalie Absolutely! Well said. 6y
beccaeve I adore Sandman. It got me into Gaiman and way more into comics/graphic novels. 6y
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