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🎄Christmas Haul Part One with a distinct Bloomsbury theme. I recently bought an annotated Mrs. Dalloway so have some Woolf 2022 reading goals.

Has anyone read either of these? I‘d love to hear your thoughts/reviews on them.

#christmasbooks #bookhaul #virginiawoolf #bloomsbury

elkeOriginal From the Servants description: “That room of Woolf's own was kept clean by a series of cooks and maids” - OUCH! 9mo
elkeOriginal The Servants book looks fascinating! 9mo
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Jess_Read_This @elkeOriginal That‘s been one on my radar this past year. It sounds super interesting! 9mo
TrishB I have the tagged one but not read yet! 9mo
Augustdana Really enjoyed square haunting, have to check out the other book!! 9mo
jlhammar Square Haunting is very good. Enjoy! 9mo
Jess_Read_This @jlhammar and @Augustdana I‘m so glad to hear it‘s a good one! I was pretty excited to finally get it. It‘s been on my book radar all year too. Thanks for reaffirming to me it‘s a good one. 9mo
Jess_Read_This @TrishB Lol- that‘s the story of my life! I have many tagged books but they sit waiting for me to get to them! 9mo
Librarybelle Square Haunting is on my to read list…they both look so good! 9mo
Jess_Read_This @Librarybelle I thought so too! I love a good below stairs kind of book, so am very intrigued on the Woolf one. And Square Haunting just sounds fascinating to me. 9mo
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Christmas Wish | Lori Evert
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Thanks, ladies, for the tags! @Eggs @EadieB
1. I‘ll let Amy Grant say it for me, even if all those lit candles make me nervous.
2. Not really. Drivers in this area don‘t do well with snow. If I were somewhere that handles it better, I‘d probably feel otherwise.

EadieB You‘re welcome! Thanks for playing! 10mo
TheSpineView Thanks for playing and happy holidays! 10mo
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#FestivePhotoChallenge Festive Read

Last read on the left and next read on the right (the tagged book).🎄❄
What's your last and next read?

#WinterGames #WinterGames2021 #TeamGameSleighers #christmasbooks #romance #conteporary #slovenianedition
@StayCurious @Clwojick

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Looking for a cute&fluffy Christmas romance? You may enjoy this! I liked the inn setting, and a lot of the scenes, but this had all the features I hate about romances. My main gripe was gender expectations. For example: a discussion about how you get boys legos but all girls like makeup; the narrator reflecting on how she gave up being goth to be feminine for a boy, and again to be feminine for adulthood. #LittenListenBingo #ChristmasBooks

Kenyazero Content warnings for alcoholism and alcoholic parent, PTSD, and home invasion (edited) 10mo
PuddleJumper It is rife in the genre and it's so frustrating and disappointing. Sometimes feels like it's ten/twenty years out of date 10mo
Kenyazero @PuddleJumper It‘s super frustrating! Can‘t we just have fluffy wonderful stories without all that unnecessary cultural baggage? It‘s why I usually don‘t listen to romance, but this was a bonus borrow on Hoopla 10mo
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The Holiday Swap | Maggie Knox
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Because when one is in a Coles bookstore because the packages your ordered with rush delivery don‘t come (an extra $20 btw) and you see one that you plan on getting from library and there is no way you‘ll get before the end of December. #bookmail #christmasbooks

The Gruffalo | Julia Donaldson
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@DinoMom it's available on the Pan Macmillan page! Just popped up. Hope this helps you 🤗 #childrens #adventcalendar #christmasbooks #gifts

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I love Jenny Colgan books on audio so much! Yay for Scottish accents.

And I managed to wait till 11/3 before I let myself start this one! *pats self on back* #christmasbooks

marleed I love her books too! I have a library hold on this one! 11mo
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The Christmas Bus | Robert Inman
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Working on this play today with some of my favorite people. I really need to get a copy of the picture book to go with my Christmas books. #christmas #christmasiscoming #christmasbooks

The Children's Book of Christmas Stories | Asa Don Dickinson and Ada M. Skinner
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Even though Christmas is over I enjoyed listening to these stories. I‘ve finished 8 of them so far (200 points). They include fave stories by Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen. Some I‘m familiar with, but listening to them imparts different emphasis that I liked very much. #wintergames #merryreaders @Clwojick

Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Some years, Christmas doesn't start until a few days before and extend into January. 2y
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This was my first Christmasy book I read at the end of November. And with there not really being any proper Christmas markets around, this was a lovely reminder of them. Let's face it German Christmas markets are really fab. I suppose it was kind of obvious how it would end, but it was a fun and festive read! #christmasbooks

shortsarahrose I love German Christmas markets. One of my favorite travel experiences. 2y
emmaturi Yes they are really fanastic! @shortsarahrose 2y
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