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Book 1: The Novice | Taran Matharu
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I've had enough of today.

Relaxing with my book and a new favorite snack.

#SelfCareSunday #BookandFood

King of Fools | Amanda Foody
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I planned on finishing this book last night but I got caught up in the Santa Clarita Diet and lost track of time 🤷‍♀️ So....I put together an easy supper, told everyone to leave me alone and I'm hibernating on my couch for the night and digging in! Shouldn't be hard to finish because it's soooo good!
#bookandfood #kingoffools #arc #readingallnight #goawaykidsmomsreading

That-Bookish-Hiker I love that show! 7mo
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I may have to post what her current reads are. I have caught her reading during meals a few times and I really don't have the heart to tell her it's not polite 😅 it's so cute and it melts my heart! And I know she got this from me, so..... Not sorry. Lol #BookwormInTraining #BookAndFood #ReadAnywhere

Texreader ❤️❤️❤️ How old is she? This is adorable!!! 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm ❣️ My daughter does that too! 7mo
Tanisha_A Cute! 😍 7mo
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Ruri_kaichou @Texreader she is 3. So she "reads". Lol 7mo
Ruri_kaichou @erzascarletbookgasm seeing them read while they eat is so cute! 7mo
Ruri_kaichou @Tanisha_A thank you 😊 7mo
Texreader It‘s the reading with a bib on that just makes this the best!!! 7mo
readordierachel Love it! So cute. 7mo
Ruri_kaichou @Texreader I didn't realize she had her bib on 😆 still needs it since I don't want her to dribble on her clothes before daycare. Today it was Sofia the First. 7mo
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My snack besides reading cinnamon and gunpowder. 😂 #bookmeal #bookandfood #12littens12books

ju.ca.no Yummy😍 9mo
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At Mrs Lippincote's | Elizabeth Taylor
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This morning we tried out a new brunch place (apparently everyone else in the city had the same idea). Mr. S and I agreed it was a bit chaotic so we‘d like to come back, but maybe during the week, when it‘s quieter. Now, we‘re settled on a comfy couch, with a local cheese plate and books propped open. I think we‘ve figured out an afternoon plan.

#brunch #weekendreading #elizabethtaylor #bookandfood

Homegoing: A novel | Yaa Gyasi
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A book I really want to get to soon!!! I‘ve heard such great reviews! This trail mix is addictive!!


carriepaige Oh this book was so amazing and beautiful! I hope you love it as much as I did! 1y
RebelReader Super powerful! 1y
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irre One of my absolute favorites!!😍😍 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @irre I‘ve got to bump it up!!! Any hints on botm for July yet?!?! 1y
DeleteAcct Loved this book! 1y
Weaponxgirl I've got this on my kindle and haven't read it yet either! 1y
irre @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks See @swishandflick post about spoilers!! 1y
GatheringBooks ooh the snack looks yummylicious indeed! 1y
spinesvines Hands down my favorite book of 2016! Incredible!! 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @spinesvines I‘ll have to move it up!!! 1y
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The Ice Cream Girls | Dorothy Koomson
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#DiverseSpines #BookAndFood
Ice cream, one of my favourite foods, and I keep meaning to get to this book! Has anyone read it?
@spinesvines @ephemeralwaltz @Weaponxgirl @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

ephemeralwaltz No, but sounds interesting. I'm craving ice cream now! 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks What a beautiful cover!! 💗💗 1y
Andrew65 @ephemeralwaltz I always crave ice cream! 1y
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Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love this cover too. 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 Ice Cream is the best! 1y
Andrew65 @EadieB Could just demolish some chocolate and banana ice cream after a long day. 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 I would love a banana split! 1y
Andrew65 @EadieB You‘ve just hit my favourite! 😍 1y
EadieB @Andrew65 They are absolutely the best! 1y
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You | Caroline Kepnes
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It's #leftovernight at my house which means my kids grabbed food and went their own ways. I'm not a stickler for family meals if I can't be bothered to cook 😂 So that means I can curl up on the couch with some Alfredo and start a new book...which isn't on my list...I suck at TBR's 😁😁
#screwtheplan #you #bookandfood

Kaye You and me both on the cooking....boring....after 41 years of cooking it‘s annoying. I think we should go on a Cheerios diet. Ditto on the book lists. I‘m not good at sticking with them either. I just pick up a book til I find one that catches my attention. 2y
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Taking a work break to eat something and starting the first listen of my school break. #audiobook #springbreak #bookandfood

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The Perfect Marriage | Kimberla Lawson Roby
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I‘m way too excited about these colourful tomatoes right now. Enjoying some veggies and hummus for my evening snack while I listen to the tagged #audiobook ♥️ #bookandfood #snackattack

hermyknee Yum! 2y
Kimberlone I am OBSESSED with cherry tomatoes! Especially the multi-colored ones! 2y
bookwrm526 I love this mix, I got some the other day at Lidl and they are all so good (edited) 2y
kspenmoll Yum! 2y
Lizpixie I love these! Especially in summer when they‘re at their peak in freshness & flavour. I can‘t stand tomatoes that are grainy with no flavour🙅🏻‍♀️🍅 2y
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