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Put a little heart in everything you do today.❤ #behappy
The newest book on my shelf is Darker by E.L.James. Can't wait to read it and find more about Christian Grey.
#darker #eljames #fiftyshades #paperback #sloveanianedition #knjigarnafelix #ucilainternational #knjiganadan #candle #bookandcandle #goodreaads #lirsybook

Sarah83 You really love this candle 😍 5y
maich @Sarah83 Yes I love it❤❤ It's perfect on my photos. Thank you😘😘 5y
Sarah83 Glad you like it 5y
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Forget Me Not | Willow Winters
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Wish you a wonderful day bookworms😘😘
I'm a sucker for beautiful cover. Can't stop staring at this one😍
#readingresolutions Monochromatic @jess7
#forgetmenot #willowwinters #paperback #candle #fairycandle #bookandcandle #glasses #vogueeyewear #bookandglasses #goodreads #bookworm #litsybook #litsylove

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m staring too!! 🔥💙 5y
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Good day start with coffee and a book or two.🙃
Wishing you a great day. I have some important meeting today so finger crossed that everything will be ok.🤞🤞
#readingresolutions Brave
In Lea's book are brave characters. And today I need to be brave. So wish me good luck my Litsy friends. Thank you for your support here.😘

#deadlyobsession #beyondallboundaries #leaj #leajerancic #candle #bookandcandle #coffee #bookandcoffee #goodreads #litsylove

LeahBergen Good luck! 5y
Libby1 Good luck! You are brave! 5y
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maich @LeahBergen @Libby1 Thank you😘😘 5y
Lcsmcat Good luck! 🤞🏻 🍀 5y
Joanne1 Extra good luck too. Being brave can be so hard. 5y
JessClark78 Good luck! 🍀🤞🏻 5y
AmyG Good luck! 5y
maich @Lcsmcat @Joanne1 @JessClark78 @AmyG Thank you guys for your support. I was at the hospital in the morning. Have problem with breathing. Surgery will be necessarily. I only wait for a date now. And then I had job interview and I got new job. Yay!! I'm so excitement. I need to share this amazing news with you guys. I'm so happy and I'm scarred of surgery. The bed start end good. 😍 5y
Lcsmcat Congratulations on the new job! I will keep you in my prayers for the surgery to go well and healing to be quick. When is it scheduled? 5y
JessClark78 Congratulations on getting the new job! 5y
maich @JessClark78 Thank you😘 5y
maich @Lcsmcat thanks😘 I don't have a date yet. Today I did the last test and now I need to wait. They will send me instruction and date with mail. 5y
LeahBergen Congrats on the new job! 👏🏻 5y
Joanne1 Well done you on the new job! Excellent news. Not so good about the surgery, you will have to call on that bravery again. We'll be sending you good thoughts and warm wishes. 5y
maich @LeahBergen Thank you😘😘 5y
maich @Joanne1 Thank you so much😘😘❤ 5y
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Untitled | Unknown
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I want more from life. I want to travel, see the world, and meet different kinds of people. I don‘t want to stay locked in a small country, living my life halfheartedly the way society expects me to live it. I want to experience things and live to the fullest so I won‘t have any regrets. I want more, so much more than they do, and they simply can‘t understand it.
-Lost&Found, Anna B. Doe

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Do you have samo book related hobbies?
I collect bookmarks, I write blog (link in bio), I'm a bookstagrammer, Litten, goodreads member...😄

#readingresolutions Disaster
These are #slovenianedition of #BeautifulDisaster and #WalkingDisaster by #JamieMcguirre

#books #bookseries #candle #bookandcandle #paperback #goodreads #bookworm #bookblogger #litsylove

The Scroll Thief | R. F. Long
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Hi Littens! I need recommendation for great paranormal romance. Write in the comment.
#readingresolutions Paranormal and Tricky twists @Jess7

#thescrollthief #rflong #paranormal #romance #romantsy #paperback #candles #bookandcandle #goodreads #bookworm #booklover #litsybook #litsylove

jenniferw88 I read Fallon (the first in this series) last year and was surprised at how much I liked it! 5y
BethM Have you read Sherrilyn Kenyon? Start with her Dark Hunters series. Soooooo good! 5y
maich @jenniferw88 Thanks I will check it😘 5y
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maich @BethM I haven't. Thanks for recommendation. 5y
LauraBrook I really liked the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur! 5y
BookwormAHN Try Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld series. It starts with 5y
maich @BethM thanks😗 5y
maich @LauraBrook Thanks I will check it😊 5y
maich @BookwormAHN Thanks. I already heard about this one but haven't read it. 5y
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Eleanor and Park | Rainbow Rowell
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A real princess doesn't need fancy dresses or jewels. And she definitely doesn't need to be rescued.
-Jasper Frost, The Royals
Are you ready for season 4?? I can't wait to see more of #jaspenor ❤❤
#readingresolutions polka dots @Jess7
#openbook #bookmark #magneticbookmark #polkadots #candle #bookandcandle #bookishand #bookandhand #litsylove

Nikki15 Ah your magnetic bookmark is so cute! 5y
JacqMac I love The Royals! 5y
maich @Nikki15 Thanks I love it. Is a gift from my SecretSanta @buecherwurm 5y
maich @JacqMac Me to. And Jasper is so cute😍 5y
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