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Behind Closed Doors | B. A. Paris
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This has to be one of the most chilling books I've ever read. It takes the cake on physiological thrillers. I have never read a book where hours, days, weeks, even months later, where just thinking about a character would sends chills down my spine. This book is my favorite read of 2017. #mysteriousbookworm #psychologicalthriller #behindcloseddoors #baparis #relationships #spinechilling #terrifying #bestreadsof2017

cherinium This one really affected me, too. 3mo
MysteriousBookworm I still get chills when I think of that red room and Milly. I have not found a book since that has had this same effect to that level. Have you? 3mo
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The Unquiet Dead: A Novel | Ausma Zehanat Khan
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Here‘s my #17in2017 #bestreadsof2017 excluding reread and without duplicating authors. There were a lot more books that I loved. Many authors had multiple 5-star works, but I wanted to share the love as much as possible. Consider the picks from AZK, Tessa Dare, Penny Reid, Gregg Hurwitz, Daniel Silva, and Adam Hargreaves to be representative of a greater body of exquisite books I read this year. 😍

rabbitprincess Surprisingly, nobody bought me the Dr Men books for Christmas! Will have to get them myself in the new year 😉 2y
Melissa_J I‘m going to read The Unquiet Dead in 2018!!! I‘ve had it since it was published 😬 2y
DGRachel @rabbitprincess They‘re hit or miss, but I‘m glad I bought them and I can‘t wait to be able to complete the set. @Melissa_J Book 4 comes out in February. The whole series is incredible. AZK is probably my favorite discovery this year. She was new to me and I read all of her books. 2y
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Melissa_J I have the first three but didn‘t realize a forth is on the way. I also have her new fantasy novel waiting to be read. 2y
DGRachel @Melissa_J The Litsy reviews are really mixed on her fantasy, but I personally loved it. Book 2 of that series is supposed to come out in October. Not that I‘m counting down the days... 2y
saguarosally I saw her at #tfob. I tried The Unquiet Dead as an audiobook but it got confusing. I have got to read it. 2y
Andrew65 Some great choices! 2y
AmandaL I loved Roller Girl. 2y
Cinfhen Nice nod to our favorite spy ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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Best of the Best: The Best Recipes from the 25 Best Cookbooks of the Year | Food & Wine Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine Staff
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These are my choices for my #favoritereadsof2017. I picked my #top17of17. Two picture books made the cut, a handful of graphic novels, some classics, and a few memoirs. A good mix. #allthebooksof2017 #bestreadsof2017

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Some of those are on my list for this year too!👍💙 2y
JaclynW Great picks! Some of these are my favorites for 2017 too. Great minds! 😉😊 I love the 17 for 2017! 2y
Christine So many good ones!! 👍👍 2y
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My top ten #bestreadsof2017 📚 I don't think I will be able to finish anything besides the HP series for the remaining two weeks of the year, but if a new favourite should somehow appear, I will be ready for it!


monalyisha Loved “Middlesex.” 💞 2y
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Grab a cup of Earl Grey and settle in for a great read. #bestreadsof2017 🤓

saresmoore This is the most adorable photo! 3y
Johanna414 I LOVE your dress! 3y
Crinoline_Laphroaig @saresmoore Thank you! @Johanna414 I found it at Dillards this spring. 2y
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The City of Mirrors | Justin Cronin
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Some of my #bestreadsof2017 so far. #jubilantjuly

Bookzombie I really enjoyed Burn Baby Burn. I believe I cried. 3y
Ashley_Nicoletto @Bookzombie I loved it as well. I read the entire book in less than 12 hours. 3y
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