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I always learn so much from these musical challenges.😉 I was not familiar with Blackpool rock by name and I don‘t think it was mentioned in the tagged book, but Rosie Hopkins‘s Sweetshop of Dreams was full of fun British candies & I think #WithMyLittleStickOfBlackpoolRock would be right at home there. 🍭🍬🍭🍬

Cinfhen #BonusCoverCrush 💜💜💜 5d
arlenefinnigan Perfect! 5d
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Brighton Rock | Graham Greene
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I read this several years ago & although I have forgotten a few of the details, the seaside setting was unforgettable. Greene dubbed this as one of his entertainments, & while it undeniably contains elements of the contemporary thriller, the issues raised of morality & sin add a bit more heft than one would expect from his term.
@arlenefinnigan @Cinfhen

arlenefinnigan Never read this but heard good things about it. Brighton's a bit classier than Blackpool 😉 6d
Cinfhen Sounds great!! When I see Brighton, I think Brooklyn ( Neil Simon) 6d
vivastory @Cinfhen When I see Brooklyn, I think of the Lethem which I MUST read before the upcoming Ed Norton adaptation 6d
vivastory @arlenefinnigan I'm a bit ashamed to admit I know very little about Blackpool 6d
gradcat @Cinfhen Same here. I‘m a big Neil Simon fan—maybe that‘s why...♥️ 5d
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#RedRoseSeptember #day10 #WithMyLittleStickOfBlackpoolRock I adore Blackpool Rock! Our gran brought us back some from her last visit to England before she died, I will forever associate the smell of rock candy with her. Anyway, this is the 1st book to come to mind for this prompt, in this Australian classic, 14yr old Abigail ends up in a time slip back to The Rocks in 1873 & is taken in by a family living above a shop pulling taffy.

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#withmylittlestickofblackpoolrock was the most difficult prompt! Since Blackpool is a coastal resort town my mind did go to the first Persephone I read which was the tagged book about a family holiday to Bognor in the 1920s. This is a lovely, gentle and melancholic story about a happy family who know this will be the last summer together as the children are now reaching adulthood. Highly recommended!😍


arlenefinnigan Lovely! 6d
Ruthiella @arlenefinnigan Thank you 😊 6d
Cinfhen I love the graphics xx such a fantastic image 6d
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Ruthiella @Cinfhen Thanks! 😊 6d
rubyslippersreads Adorable photo! 6d
LeahBergen I loved this book! ❤️ 6d
Ruthiella @LeahBergen I figured you‘d loved it since it is a Persephone title!😍 6d
Centique Oh man, an English seaside resort in the 20s - I‘m in! 2d
Ruthiella @Centique It‘s a very sweet book-no drama, just a family‘s realization that it‘s their last summer as such. 😍 2d
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Pat Stewart was a dancer who became an icon after this picture was snapped of her on Blackpool seafront.

This is her memoir and is taken from #mummysquirrel‘s bookshelves - Pat went to the same school as my Mum, although she was there at the same time as my Mum‘s much older sisters, so my Mum didn‘t actually know her.

arlenefinnigan Excellent pick 👍 6d
Cinfhen That cover is AWESOME 6d
marleed I love that cover so much! 6d
LeahBergen Cool! 6d
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Untitled | Unknown
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(Day 10 - #WithMyLittleStickOfBlackpoolRock)

*I don‘t have a book (forgive me!), but this show from the BBC keeps knocking around in my brain, given the prompt. This is when I fell truly in love with the BBC. The show absolutely amazed me when I first saw it in 2005. We weren‘t doing musical tv shows at that time, and I was thoroughly gobsmacked—I love, love, loved it!! Anyway, it‘s about Blackpool, and there is rock (‘n roll)!

arlenefinnigan Ha ! Nice 😉 6d
Cinfhen I‘ve seen that name before, David Morrisy ~ right @TrishB @arlenefinnigan ??? (edited) 6d
gradcat @arlenefinnigan Am I being too lazy here? 😂 6d
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gradcat @Cinfhen @arlenefinnigan @TrishB 🚨 🚨 🚨 #seriessquad You know he played Tom Thorne in the televised version of Mark Billingham‘s novels, right? 6d
Jerdencon That show look right up my alley!
TrishB @Cinfhen he‘s from Liverpool ❤️ his career started with a drama called One Summer which is an iconic Scouse drama from my teen years. Everyone watched it, brings a tear to my eye thinking about it. 6d
Branwen This is one of my favorite shows of all time! I used to watch it obsessively! 😍 6d
gradcat @Branwen Me too! It was so much different from anything else on TV at the time...I was glued!! 📺 👀 6d
Branwen @gradcat Right?! But it set so many unrealistic expectations for me...now I want all my tv shows to have songs you can sing along to! 😂 6d
gradcat @branwen 😗🎶🤣 6d
rabbitprincess Two of my favourite Davids 😍😍😍 6d
gradcat @rabbitprincess Ditto!! 🥰 5d
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TheEllieMo See, there absolutely is a book for every eventuality. 6d
Cinfhen Hahaha @TheEllieMo 🤣😂😂🤣 6d
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gradcat @TheEllieMo Wow—you‘re not kidding! 😂 Nice one, @Eggs ♥️ 6d
Eggs Thank you! @gradcat ❤️ @arlenefinnigan ❤️ (edited) 6d
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No offense meant for Grandma Gatewood - her story is an inspirational story, and I‘m sure it would be a hoot to have heard her talk about her adventure. The low rating is really due to the construction of the book. I wish the writing was as glowing and glowing throughout the entire book rather than at the end. Too choppy in a way, and I think it‘s because every detail from her journal is used. I can see why people gush over this, but not for me.⬇️

Librarybelle #SomethingInspirational for #Nonfiction2019 , because she had such a terrible life and found inspiration in nature. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa 6d
Librarybelle And, my choice for #withmylittlestickofblackpoolrock , because she had a walking stick and climbed over rocks! 😂 Probably as close as I can get for today‘s #RedRoseSeptember @Cinfhen @arlenefinnigan 6d
arlenefinnigan Good work! 😉 6d
Cinfhen Ha!!! Great review and nice way to tie in today‘s prompt!!!! 6d
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#RedRoseSeptember Day 10: #WithMyLittleStickOfBlackpoolRock reminded me of this sticks and stones novel of McGuire. Each of the main character in the first novel seems to have their spin-off stories in succeeding books. This 2nd book focuses primarily on twin sisters Jacqueline and Jillian (otherwise known as Jack and Jill), featuring the backstory of how one of them turned out to be a murderous psychopath. My review: https://wp.me/pDlzr-k6k

arlenefinnigan Plenty of murderous psychopaths in Blackpool 😉 6d
Cinfhen Sounds interesting and your comment is priceless @arlenefinnigan 6d
gradcat This series sounds like it might be an interesting one...I may have to check out the first one. ♥️ 6d
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