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Do you look for helpful lessons from Russian literature? No? Maybe you should?!?! I‘m so interested in reading this one, as Groskop touches on handling situations like Inner Conflict or Unrequited Love by reading Russian literature. #WonderfulLife #RedRoseSeptember

Blaire I‘m intrigued. 14h
arlenefinnigan I've never read any Russian literature. I attempted The Brothers Karamazov and gave up after 3 months. 14h
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AnneCecilie I want to read this one too. I also want to read more Russian Literature, I‘ve only read “Anna Karenina” and “The Master and Margarita”. 13h
Librarybelle @Blaire It has to be fun! 10h
Librarybelle @Cinfhen ❤️❤️❤️ 10h
Librarybelle @arlenefinnigan Yeah - the Russian authors loved using words! 10h
Librarybelle @AnneCecilie I have several titles in my library. I‘m still making my way through War and Peace. I‘ve read Anna Karenina and works by Pushkin. Others, I‘ve sampled through school over the years. 10h
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Ottolenghi SIMPLE | Yotam Ottolenghi
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I‘d love the time to be able to cook properly....


Jenken1998 I have the time. My guys are just too picky. Its frustrating. 2d
Karkar @Jenken1998 me too! My husband is sooooo picky. 2d
Ruthiella I don‘t have the patience or the palate unfortunately. 😔 1d
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Heartburn | Nora Ephron
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#RedRoseSeptember I adored this semi autobiographical novel about a food writer in her third trimester of pregnancy, when she discovers her husband is having an affair. #GroundsForDivorce
#SeptemberSins What makes this book even more fabulous is the #PureAndSimple recipes that the author includes throughout the novel.
And total #BonusCoverCrush ♥️♥️♥️

LeahBergen I just recently bought this. 👍🏻 2d
TrishB These editions are gorgeous. 2d
Cinfhen What other books are part of this collection @TrishB ???? 2d
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Cinfhen I really LOVED this book @LeahBergen even if it felt a little dated and overly NY 2d
TrishB I have Their Eyes we‘re Watching God. They‘re Virago Modern Classics and there‘s quite a few, they all look gorgeous. 2d
KarenUK I loved this one too! The audio with Meryl Streep is fabulous 💕... I was admiring these beautiful covers last time I was home in UK at Waterstones. I picked up The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy... 😍 So pretty! 2d
arlenefinnigan I've heard good things about this. 2d
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Angels and Men | Catherine Fox
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I came across a review of one of Catherine Fox's other books written by another author I like very much which made me want to reread this - probably my favourite book. It's not perfect, and I recognised the truth of some of the criticism it has received, but I still love it. I relate to it strongly and find a lot to think about in it's examination of faith lost and found.

Cinfhen Beautiful review and #BonusCoverCrush 6d
Cathythoughts Beautiful cover 6d
LeeRHarry If it‘s your favourite book I‘m definitely stacking! 😊 6d
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erzascarletbookgasm Lovely cover, should be featured in the #CoverCrush 6d
Amiable What a pretty cover! 6d
Blaire I have never heard of this one...but based on your endorsement #stacked 5d
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Pat Stewart was a dancer who became an icon after this picture was snapped of her on Blackpool seafront.

This is her memoir and is taken from #mummysquirrel‘s bookshelves - Pat went to the same school as my Mum, although she was there at the same time as my Mum‘s much older sisters, so my Mum didn‘t actually know her.

arlenefinnigan Excellent pick 👍 7d
Cinfhen That cover is AWESOME 7d
marleed I love that cover so much! 7d
LeahBergen Cool! 6d
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Virgin Suicides | Jeffrey Eugenides
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#SeptemberSins #HowToSaveALife #BonusCoverCrush Couldn‘t decide which cover I 💗more. This book is STILL on my #TBR although I‘ve seen the film. Also great song 🎶

KarenUK Both are gorgeous 😍 1w
Megabooks This is one of the few instances the movie is better than the book! 1w
Cinfhen Good to know @Megabooks are you up for playing #7Days7Covers ?? I‘ll tag you starting tomorrow 1w
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Cinfhen I agree @KarenUK SO many stunning covers to covet 1w
Megabooks No, but I‘m up for it! Tag away! 1w
Cinfhen Ok, starting tomorrow for 7 days you post one book a day of a cover you love with no explanation only using hashtags #7Days7Covers & #CoverCrush 🧡Each day you post you tag someone new to participate XX @Megabooks can‘t wait to see what u come up with (edited) 1w
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