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The Chosen One: A Novel | Carol Lynch Williams
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At 13, 15, 16 & 17, it‘s #TooMuchTooYoung for Kyra, Sara & Rachel, Twig & Hanna to be forced into a life of polygamy & marriage to men old enough to be their fathers or even grandfathers. All 4 of these novels from my “read” stack are set within religious sects & cults where young girls are abused & treated as chattel.

squirrelbrain Which one(s) would you most recommend Deb? 5d
DebinHawaii @squirrelbrain None are perfect but I liked them all for different reasons. The audiobook of The Chosen One is probably my favorite, followed by 5d
squirrelbrain Thank you! 😘 5d
rubyslippersreads I‘ve had this on my TBR list for awhile. 3d
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Sally Lockhart Slipcase | Philip Pullman
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“Her name was Sally Lockhart; and within fifteen minutes, she was going to kill a man.”

When her father is drowned, 16-year old Sally Lockhart is left to fend for herself, an orphan and alone in foggy Victorian London. In the first book, she is embroiled in a life-threatening mystery as she tries to discover the truth of her father‘s death.

#ayupaugust #toomuchtooyoung

catebutler One of my favourite series from my childhood. Brings back ALL the memories!! 5d
squirrelbrain I haven‘t read much Philip Pullman, only the first book of His Dark Materials.... 5d
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“High School. Society‘s bright idea to put all their aggressive, naive youth into one environment to torment and emotionally scar each other for life.”

#AyUpAugust | 12: #TooMuchTooYoung

📷: Made with Typorama

squirrelbrain So true! 😁 5d
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#AyUpAugust #TooMuchTooYoung

My favorite American Girl: American Revolution time period and she rides a horse! I own this doll and horse, Penny, and all six original books (shown).

By only gripe, reading them as an adult, is ten years old is (too much) too young to be adventuring without supervision and making childish rash decisions without thinking about consequences.

I felt lucky to be doing well in school, let alone saving the country.

marleed Haha! We were the neighborhood hangout house and my daughter had several AG dolls. One Saturday, I listened as 4 girls role played barbies. The next day she had another 4-some but played with AG dolls. It was my best advertisement fo AG. On day 2 they role played 10yr olds. On day 1 they were ahem, older. I wish I had an iPhone at the time as video proof! 5d
mabell I have Felicity too! But I don‘t have her horse! How cool! 5d
Cinfhen We owned Felicity but not the horse!!! How fun ❤️ 5d
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Reviewsbylola Love AG! Samantha is my favorite and she was my first! 5d
wideeyedreader I have the doll for Elizabeth, Felicity‘s best friend! 5d
AsYouWish I loved AG!! I was a Molly girl!! 5d
AprilMae Omg, I loved all of these books! When I found them I just devoured the books! Felicity, Samantha, Molly, Addy, Kirsten, Josefina omg, so many hours reading these books!! Samantha and Nellie is by far my favorite story line though!! 5d
squirrelbrain I‘ve never heard of these books! 😳 5d
brit91 I got all of these they were a gift from my grandmother I loved them! 4d
CrowCAH @marleed that sounds amazing! I do recall my younger sister and I would often make up songs together; I wish I had a recording device, we could have started a band lol 4d
CrowCAH @mabell I actually owned Penny first (and Molly) and then got Felicity, so they were reunited! ☺️ 4d
CrowCAH @Cinfhen woohoo sounds like Felicity is a hit! 4d
CrowCAH @Reviewsbylola my older sister had Samantha and my younger sister Kirsten. 4d
CrowCAH @wideeyedreader oh neat, I think it‘s great how they started adding friends for the dolls. 4d
CrowCAH @AsYouWish I, too, had Molly. 4d
CrowCAH @AprilMae I devoured them too! Our school library had a bunch and what they didn‘t have our city library did! 4d
CrowCAH @squirrelbrain oh wow! They were popular in the late 90s, early 2000s. They‘re still around, but I remember you were cool if you had an AG doll! 4d
CrowCAH @brit91 how wonderful! 😊 4d
mabell I had Molly first too!! 😄 4d
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I‘m probably not alone in saying that Anne here went through #toomuchtooyoung #ayupaugust

squirrelbrain Yes, of course...😢 5d
Cinfhen 😢😢😢 5d
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#toomuchtooyoung #ayupaugust
It‘s The Specials for me 😁

Exbrarian I love the Specials! 5d
squirrelbrain Of course! That‘s much more catchy as well! 5d
josie281 💜 ska ♥️ 5d
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TrishB @Exbrarian @josie281 my son‘s first gig when he was 9 was The Specials when they first reformed. He did a runner onto the stage and did some moon stomping with them. We have some great pics somewhere! Amazing band. 5d
TrishB @squirrelbrain it‘s another one you can‘t get out of your head! 5d
Leftcoastzen Great post! love them! 5d
Ruthiella You are too cool Trish! 😎 5d
TrishB @Ruthiella thank you- I wish ❤️ 5d
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Effi Briest | Theodor Fontane
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The main character of the tagged book was married at 17 to a man twice her age. It wasn‘t a good experience for either of them. I think she did #TooMuchTooYoung


squirrelbrain I‘ve never heard of this book before! 😳 Is it good? 5d
TheEllieMo @squirrelbrain I enjoyed it. It‘s in Boxall‘s 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die 5d
squirrelbrain Ah, I have Boxall but haven‘t perused it much yet! 5d
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Cinfhen I find most of those 1001 books a #HardPass but every so often I‘m pleasantly surprised 🥳 5d
erzascarletbookgasm Thanks for sharing, I do not know this author! 5d
TheEllieMo @squirrelbrain did you know there is an app? Well, there is on the iPhone, not sure about Android. All 1300+ books that have ever been included in any edition of Boxall are included. 5d
squirrelbrain I shall have to check that out! Thank you! 😘 4d
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#AyUpAugust #Day12 #TooMuchTooYoung Most of the seaman on the Indianapolis when she went down were just boys. A large majority were 21 & under, quite a few had lied about their age and were only 17. The hell they went through, a torpedoed ship, injured friends, 5 days in the water with no food, no drinking water & sharks was an experience that the survivors still have nightmares about 70yrs later. Too much horror on too young shoulders.

Cinfhen I love a good survival story! This one sounds awesome 5d
squirrelbrain @Cinfhen - this was one of my top books last year - it‘s so good isn‘t it @Lizpixie ? Thanks for posting! 5d
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Great Expectations | Charles Dickens
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I remember reading this for school and I thought Pip was so spoilt but now I think maybe it was just #toomuchtooyoung 🤷‍♀️ #ayupaugust

squirrelbrain Good choice! I have a copy of this on my shelf waiting for a reread.....👍😁 5d
TrishB A lovely shelf 😁 3d
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#AyUpAugust Most of Hollywood‘s young celebrities seem to be a case for #TooMuchTooYoung and( Too Soon) 😬Fame is a double edged sword 😔Out of all the high profile over dose cases, something about River Phoenix dying so visibly and publicly outside on the streets of Hollywood just broke my heart💔This book is on my #TBR

KathyWheeler It broke my heart too. I always thought he had such a bright future. 5d
JanuarieTimewalker13 Very sad. Tragic for Joaquin. I‘m pretty sure I‘ve read he was with him. 5d
Megabooks I enjoyed it, but it was heartbreaking. 5d
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Cinfhen I think you‘re right @JanuarieTimewalker13 River Phoenix and Heath Ledger were the two that really made me sad @KathyWheeler although every loss of life is tragic but those two seemed truly gifted. You did audio right @Megabooks and you said it was a wonky narrator?!!!? Right!?!? 5d
Megabooks @Cinfhen Just double checked, narrator‘s is good. You‘re cleared for audio! 🎧👍🏻 5d
squirrelbrain Sounds like a fascinating read- another one joins the stack! ❤️ 5d
mrp27 One of my favorite bookstores in Hollywood on Sunset, Book Soup, is just a couple doors down from the Viper Room. I think of him every time I go. 5d
Cinfhen It‘s like sacred ground @mrp27 😭😩such a sad ending to such a promising life. I‘m gonna see if Hoopla has any copies @Megabooks 🤞🏽 5d
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