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Robothugs This one covered all of the things. 3y
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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#tonighttonight #90sinjuly so this book has Night in the title and I keep telling my friends #readthisnow #sizzlinsummer. A fabulous standalone full of magic and romance- 📚

Robothugs Nicely done. 😊 3y
Dragon Thanks @Robothugs 👍🐉 3y
KarmonR I went to a reading by the author a few years ago. She is charming. 3y
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Dragon Thanks @KarmonR that is so cool 😎, I'm always glad to hear an author I admire is a nice person 👍🐉. I hope she's working on another novel 🤞 3y
sarahnicoloff I read this book not too long ago and loved it. 3y
Dragon Thanks @sarahnicoloff I'm considering a reread now that I've got my book back 😀🐉📚 3y
abbsinwonderland Sooo in love with this book 3y
Dragon Thanks @abbsinwonderland this is one of my all time favourite books 💙📚🐉 3y
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I already liked the play and the film, but seeing it on Broadway was just amazing- I don't think I've had a better theatre experience. And I can't think of a more memorable single night in literature #Tonighttonight #90sinJuly @Robothugs @Cinfhen

LeahBergen I would love to see this! 3y
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How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? | Jane Yolen, Mark Teague
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Here are books I've read and liked with "night" in the title, or that were written by a guy named Knight. Haha. And look I read Night of the Grizzlies and then some years later, I listened to the audio. (It's very, very good.) #tonighttonight #90sinjuly

The Fire by Night: A Novel | Teresa Messineo
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90sinJuly #TonightTonight ?There are no "tonight" titled books on my shelves & e-books, but there are several with night in the title that work for today's prompt. A little fictional variety here: WWII historical, black musicians in jazz-age China, creepy suspense, silly paranormal, poetry, & mystery/thriller shorts.?It's not tonight, tonight yet here-it's mid-afternoon, but I am more than ready to call it a day & settle in tonight. #longweek ?

Demanda The Night Sister was SOOOOOO FUN 3y
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Fade | Lisa McMann
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"The more dreams you enter, the worse the side effects."
Solving crimes by sneaking into other people's dreams? This book is on my list of things to do #TonightTonight Oh....and this cover....minimal but absolutely gorgeous!!!

@Cinfhen @Robothugs

Robothugs Sounds like it will be pretty good! 3y
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#TonightTonight I learned Billy Corgan published a book of poems!


mcipher Is it bad? He has some very 90s lyrics (but I love Smashing Pumpkins anyway) 👍 3y
dariazeoli @mcipher I haven't read it, but I remember reading a few of Jewel's poems and hating them. I ❤️the 90s ☺️ 3y
Cinfhen Cool 😎 🤘🏽 3y
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bitterbear @mcipher 😂😂😂😂😂 #itstruetho 3y
kyraleseberg I was thinking about this book the other week! There was a poem about summer in this book that I loved years ago. 3y
Billypar @mcipher 'Sent to drain / the world fled, /a vampire at heart/ dreams of Siamese in its head' (I kid because I love...no disrespect intended, Billy 😋) 3y
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"Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed
We will never be the same"?

#TonightTonight #90sInJuly

Cinfhen 💚💚💚 3y
Hollie Love this! 3y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this book ❤️😓 3y
Purrfectpages Love this one! 3y
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Eveningland: Stories | Michael Knight
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#tonighttonight for #90sinjuly this collection of short stories comes to mind and has earned a spot on my TBR.

Cinfhen This collection sounds intense ~ nice choice🙌🏻 3y
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#90sInJuly My current book has "night" in the title and it's quite a good read but #tonightTonight I'm meeting a friend for early drinks ? and then I'm getting cozy with this new book ~ so many Littens I trust have varying opinions on Idaho, that I need to give it a read!!!

Ms_T Have a great evening 😃 3y
Cinfhen Thanks @Ms_T 😘a little sangria and a new book..can't ask for more!!! 3y
TrishB I'll be looking for your review! Still in wifi land in hotel. Countryside tomorrow. 3y
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tricours I can't wait to start Idaho! I love the cover 😀 3y
Cinfhen I agree the cover is like fine art @tricours 🌼🌼🌼 (edited) 3y
Kalalalatja I have been thinking about picking up Idaho, so look forward to what you think! 👍 3y
merelybookish I loved Idaho!! (I know others did not!) 3y
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