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The Twilight Saga | Stephenie Meyer
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Think it‘s about time I dusted all these off and re-read all of these again! This time my daughter wants to join me! #teamjacob

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Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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➡Young Adult Romantic Fiction
➡Me and @May14 decided to read the whole series together
➡A 17 year old girl named Bella Swan moved into a gloomy neighborhood named “forks“ she meets this guy name Edward cullen, they become a thing and turns out he is a vampire, but not an ordinary vampire, him and his family survive off of animal blood, but a mean vampire hunts after Bella, luckily Edward and his family manage to save her.

MrMisterMeditate @Maddisson_B8291 I am team Edward. 2mo
May14 I am excited to see what the next novel brings! #TeamEdward.
Btw, nice strategy!
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MrMisterMeditate @May14 Team edward forever and ever skskksksk mehak oop 2mo
BigBrainSam why 2mo
julianna.garcia Sounds like a good book. team Edward 2mo
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Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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It‘s time for a re-read with my ears 🧛‍♀️ 🦇 🖤


LapReader I reread with my ears too. 3mo
Ms_T @LapReader 😃 3mo
Ms_T @Birdsong28 Nooooo! 😂 3mo
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Twilight. Stephenie Meyer | Stephenie Meyer
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There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who like Twilight and those who don't admit to liking twilight 😂 I loved this book, though so many years later I am still struggling between Team Edward and Team Jacob...
As much as I enjoyed this book, it isn't one of my top favourites, though fellow bookworms may agree one can never have a favourite book.
#Preach #Twilight #TeamEdward #TeamJacob #WhyNotBoth 🤣🥰

Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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Reread on audio of book one did not disappoint at all... in fact, I‘m switching this from a so-so to a pick, and 3 stars on GR to 4. 😃

I get the issues people have with the Edward/Bella relationship, but this isn‘t meant to be great literature, folks. The writing is not as bad as some say, and the story is fun and engaging.

I‘m still unapologetically Team Edward. 😍


monalyisha #TeamJacob. But if I actually think about it & admit hard truths to myself, #TeamNobody. 😅 7mo
sprainedbrain @monalyisha both are valid teams. 😂 7mo
Chili 🤣🤣🤣 7mo
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monalyisha Honestly, with reflection, I almost always find that I‘m #TeamNobody. Gilmore Girls (re:Rory)? #TeamNobody. Sex & The City? #TeamNobody (though I loved Aidan). Buffy? #TeamAngel ftw can‘t give you up, won‘t give you up. 😅 7mo
sprainedbrain @monalyisha I‘m with you on Angel. Always Angel. 😍 7mo
brit91 One of my favorite books!!😍😍 7mo
Dragon Team Edward 👍🐉 7mo
Centique This is such a comfort read for me #teamedward 7mo
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Breaking Dawn | Stephenie Meyer
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Finally finished rereading Twilight saga. I must admit, I noticed some issues that ten years ago I didn't. The final book was and still is my favourite though, but mostly because of Jacob's narration. Kinda makes me wish the whole series was written from his perspective. 📚📓🐺🐺 #twilightsaga #teamjacob

hermyknee I was always team Jacob, too! 9mo
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New Moon | Stephanie Meyer
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Ten years ago, when I first read the books, I was more into vampires, but now after rereading New Moon, I'm totally a wolf girl! 🐺🐺 #teamjacob #twilight #guiltypleasure

P.S. Ten years ago I was a mega fan of everything Twilight related. Oh, what fun it was to be a raging hormonal teenage girl! 😁

Lynnsoprano I used to laugh, as a teacher, because I had a number of girls who would keep the Twilight books with them in class (middle school) and pull them out any chance they got. As long as they were doing what they were supposed to in my music class, I was not about to discourage them reading. 11mo
Birdsong28 Totally #teamjacob 🐺🐺🐺🐺😍😍😍😍📚📖 11mo
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Twilight | Stephenie Meyer
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Todays reading. Just because.

CallMeIshmael Some books are like songs and they take you back to when you first read them and a good memory. This one is one of those for me....not afraid to admit I love it and I‘m still #TeamJacob 14mo
LibrarianRyan No Judment. But you might not like what I just did to books 2-5. Library display pics coming soon. 14mo
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