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The Staycation | Cressida McLaughlin
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Chrissyreadit 🙌❤️🙌 3mo
HeathHof Woot! Woot!! 3mo
DinoMom Yay! 3mo
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#staycationintime2022 matches have been sent. Please comment here to let us know you received your match. I‘m so excited to see what adventures we go on ❤️And I‘m really super grateful to @DinoMom for making this possible for this year!

Graciouswarriorprincess Received mine! Thanks! 😊 4mo
BeaG @Chrissyreadit I have not received anything. I checked spam folder too. 4mo
TheBookHippie Got mine!! 4mo
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Pigpen_Reads Got mine! 4mo
Deblovestoread Got mine. Thank you! 4mo
Wonderwoman89 I got mine 😃 4mo
Nessavamusic Got mine thank you! 4mo
DebinHawaii I looked in my email & SPAM folders & don‘t seem to have it. Just my Google form document. Can you try to resend, please? 🤔 4mo
babyruth2510 I got mine. Thank you 4mo
jenniferw88 Got mine! 4mo
Avanders I haven‘t received anything either — I‘ve also checked spam! 4mo
DinoMom @DebinHawaii I will send tomorrow :) 4mo
DinoMom @Avanders I will resend tomorrow 4mo
DinoMom @BeaG I will resend tomorrow 4mo
DebinHawaii @DinoMom Thank you! 🤗 4mo
Avanders @DinoMom 👍🏽☺️ 4mo
quietjenn Got it! 4mo
tdrosebud Match received! 4mo
Endowarrior21 Got mine and already got one book :-) 4mo
Jerdencon I didn‘t get mine either and checked spam too. 4mo
TheKidUpstairs Got mine! 4mo
BarkingMadRun Got mine! Woohoo! 4mo
AmyG Got mine. Thank you so much! 4mo
Maria514626 @Chrissyreadit @DinoMom Got it. Thanks so much! 👏🥳 4mo
HeathHof Got it! Thank you. 4mo
DinoMom @Jerdencon I will resend tonight when I get home 4mo
mcipher I got mine!! If only my match had picked the Azores - we are there and I have so many cool things I could send 😆 (edited) 4mo
DebinHawaii @DinoMom I just got mine! Thank you! 🤗 4mo
DinoMom @Avanders @BeaG @Jerdencon I resent your matches. If you still have not received them send me an email at snapburlesque@gmail.com Then I can reply with. Match form 4mo
Jerdencon @Chrissyreadit @DinoMom I got it now! Thanks 4mo
Avanders Got it! ☺️ 4mo
BeaG @DinoMom @Chrissyreadit I have mine! Thanks! 4mo
Meshell1313 @DinoMom @Chrissyreadit Got my match! Thank you so much! 4mo
Bookwormjillk I got mine. Thanks! 4mo
Chrissyreadit @mcipher I bet it‘s stunning! Happy vacation! 4mo
sblbooks I have my match! Thanks! 4mo
Chrissyreadit @LeslieO @BethM @TheBookDream checking- did you receive your match? 4mo
BethM I‘m in Canada on vacation until Saturday night. We have fairly spotty service- I‘ll see if I can get email open tonigh(z 4mo
Chrissyreadit @BethM ohh! Hope you are having a great time! Just making sure you received it 😘 4mo
StayCurious I got mine! Thanks! 4mo
LeslieO @Chrissyreadit I did not receive anything. 4mo
Chrissyreadit @DinoMom can you resend to @LeslieO ? 4mo
DinoMom @LeslieO I will resend 4mo
LeslieO @DinoMom Got it! Thank you! I probably accidentally deleted the first one 4mo
TheBookDream Thank you for the email and comment. I forgot what day the matches went out and my email likes to hide things 4mo
BethM Got it! 4mo
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