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Untitled | Unknown
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I couldn‘t sleep this morning, so I went out and wandered the book shop. I will be posting A LOT of photos today. Just a friendly heads up that I‘ll be spamming your feed ♥️😂 #SorryNotSorry 😘

Moral of the story: Why sleep when you can be gaining points for #TeamSlaughter, right?


Clwojick Also, I love this tree and I take pictures of it pretty much every time I walk past it. 🤩 4d
MoonWitch94 Beautiful 4d
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Telling Tales | Ann Cleeves
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After spending 4-5 hours redoing my bookcases last weekend, I had a few books to take to the used bookstore for credit. Naturally, I used all of my credit in one trip, even though I have NO space on my shelves for new books. #bookhaul #sorrynotsorry #noselfcontrol #ilovevera

ValerieAndBooks That Vidocq book looks interesting! 1w
Tove_Reads Ann Cleeves and Peter May 👍🏽 Would have been against the law to leave them there! 1w
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Pure | Andrew Miller
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WtaFFFF Book Depository! I ordered the copy on the left and received the one on the right. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ So not cool. Probably not a big deal to some but it is a big deal to me. The one I received is ugly. #sorrynotsorry

Has this happened to anyone else?! It makes me nervous to order from them.

TrishB Haven‘t had with BD but have had with others! 2w
Kalalalatja I have experienced the same. The reason I got was something like, they can‘t be sure which copy they send because of their suppliers. I think I got the option to return it cost free, and get my money back 2w
Sace Ugh! So sorry! That is an ugly cover. 2w
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MamaGina Yes, I had it happen once. Annoying but I didn‘t pursue a refund that time. I did get a refund when I received a book that had the correct cover but the pages were from a completely different title! They did quickly issue the credit. It‘s frustrating though, booksellers should understand the importance of wanting a specific edition! 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes!! I would be annoyed!! 2w
LeahBergen Grrrrr! 😡😡😡 2w
BarbaraBB Yes it has happened to me more than once and it can be frustrating (it turned out better than expected too sometimes). You could try their customer service, they are very generous and understanding! 2w
Lizpixie It‘s happened to me from them as well. I ordered a SE of Valley Of The Dolls with pink edges & got a plain paperback instead. Since Amazon bought them they‘ve gone downhill😠 2w
batsy Yes, I've had that issue with Book Depository (because it's literally the only place I order most of my books from) and they've always been quite accommodating with questions. But usually it's for the reasons @Kalalalatja mentioned. Also I think sometimes an edition is reprinted with a new cover and this info is not conveyed to booksellers? So they don't update their database. 2w
Susannah That‘s never happened to me with Book Depository, but I would be furious if it did. I had no idea they had a history of sending incorrect editions. 😒 1w
Mdargusch Bait and switch! They obviously don‘t understand how many of us order books for their covers. 2d
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The Testaments | Margaret Atwood
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I do this to my husband and sisters, too 🤷 #sorrynotsorry

SleepyDragon My son did that to me yesterday, except it was about a video game he was playing. 2w
Andrea4 😂😂😂😂 2w
ReadingOverSleeping @SleepyDragon 😂😂 this is me when my husband talks sports too lolol 1w
Reggie Lolol, I do this to my coworkers a lot. 1w
ReadingOverSleeping @Reggie there's always details that you remember later too ... "Btw remember when I said xyz, well it's because of this too" ?? 1d
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Antoni in the Kitchen | Antoni Porowski
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Today‘s #libraryhaul was much bigger than expected...oops! #sorrynotsorry

Cathythoughts You did well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2w
Annl You were lucky to get Water Dancer. I am on the waiting list. 2w
Owlizabeth @Annl I‘m surprised my hold came in as quickly as it did! 2w
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Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal | Amy Krouse Rosenthal
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Working on my Major Author/Illustrator project for my Children‘s Services & Materials class, & reading the tagged. I was supposed to focus on an author I don‘t know very well. I might be cheating a little. I mean, I don‘t know *everything* there is to know about Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Can one person truly ever know another? 🤔🤓

#sorrynotsorry #authorcrush #RIPyouwonderwoman

TheBookHippie Ack. She was so amazing. 2w
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The Institute | Stephen King
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I'd rather have this in hardcover, but didn't want to spend the money (too many book hauls lately! #sorrynotsorry 😉), so I'm thrilled that I got my library hold so quickly. Hold times have gotten so crazy lately that less than a month seems positively speedy! I'm looking forward to what sounds like a throwback to the Stephen King of old. 📚❤️

The old man and the sea | Ernest Hemingway
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#sorrynotsorry. That sign is like crack to a book lover.

Ddzmini 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼📖📚📚📚😋 3w
Melissa_J Chapters? I‘m staying away from my local store this weekend as the last thing I need is more books (and I may have some coming in the mail on Monday) 😂 3w
TheLudicReader Yes, @Melissa_J , Indigo. I didn‘t need more books, either. Sadly, that doesn‘t stop me. Last week it was 30% off for teachers. Ai yi yi. 3w
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Woman in Cabin 10 | Ruth Ware
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#RedRoseSeptember I am NOT a fan of Ruth Ware (#SorryNotSorry) This “thriller” (#NotThrilling) is set on the #SevenSeas aboard a luxury cruise-ship and it had me wanting to throw myself overboard 🚢⚓️just terrible plot, weak writing and rehashed tropes although plenty of #LitsyLove so I‘m in the #UnpopularCamp

vivastory I've only read one Ware, her most recent & I was not a fan 4w
Cinfhen I stopped reading her @vivastory after this book 😕#SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 4w
Hooked_on_books Oh no! 😱 Them‘s fightin‘ words! I love Ruth Ware, so we‘ll have to agree to disagree on this one. I can‘t stand Riley Sager, who everyone else seems to love. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4w
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TrishB I stopped at this one too, not for me. 4w
RealBooks4ever @Hooked_on_books I'm with you- love Ware, dislike Sager! 4w
Hooked_on_books @RealBooks4ever Woo-hoo! Solidarity! 🎉😆 4w
Cinfhen Oh no @Hooked_on_books I thought we were reading soul mates 😢But I DO DISLIKE Riley Sager “thrillers “ , too 🤗 4w
Cinfhen Now @TrishB has exquisite reading taste @Hooked_on_books @RealBooks4ever 😂😂😂 4w
Hooked_on_books Aw, we can still be reading soulmates! We just have to agree that our ven diagrams of reading don‘t overlap all the way! 4w
TrishB 😂😂 @Hooked_on_books those ven diagrams would be fun! But I‘m not offering! 4w
Cinfhen Hahahaha I‘ll share my ven with you @Hooked_on_books @TrishB 😘😘 4w
arlenefinnigan 😂Love your review! 4w
Stacypatrice I‘m with you! 4w
Jess I‘m 100% with you. No Ware or Sager here. 4w
TheAromaofBooks I just read this one a couple of weeks ago and was mostly left feeling confused - is there seriously not a simpler way to get rid of your wife?! 4w
BookNAround This is the only one of hers I read but I‘d have to agree with you 100%. 4w
Reagan-reads Ugh no Ruth Ware over here either. I think I read 3 (!) before I gave up. 4w
Cinfhen Ohhhhh!!! Thanks for all the anti Ware sentiment @Reagan-reads @BookNAround @TheAromaofBooks @Jess @Stacypatrice Lovely lady but not my favorite novelist @arlenefinnigan 😁 4w
Ruthiella I can‘t warm up to her books either (and I‘ve read THREE!)😬 4w
Cinfhen Join our corner @Ruthiella there‘s always room 😘 4w
Rachel_nyc I‘ve liked a couple of her books but absolutely agree with you on this one. Every decision the protagonist made had nothing to do with reality or common sense and was just needed to move the plot forward. Such a frustrating read for me! 4w
Reagan-reads @TheAromaofBooks 😂 nailed it! 👌🏻 4w
Cinfhen I don‘t enjoy authors who stick to a formula / every book just bleeds into another and I feel that way about her thrillers @Rachel_nyc and I no longer like reading about women who are unreliable narrators and make ridiculous choices for plot purposes. Ugh!!! So annoying 4w
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The Nest | Jon Klassen, Kenneth Oppel
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