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#200PnPCovers @CrowCAH @mabell In #Pride & #Prejudice, Mrs.Bennet is desperate to receive #proposals from #rich men for all the Bennet #siblings, so much so that she risks Jane‘s health by making her go to #tea at Netherfield Park in the rain, hoping her #sickness will catch her a husband. Lydia and Kitty hope to catch the attention of the #soldiers stationed in Meryton, so they often #travel on #walks to meet them. (I think I got each prompt in!)

rubyslippersreads 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
LeahBergen 🤣🤣 You did it! 2mo
CrowCAH You did! All 31; you‘re the first to complete the challenge!!! 😁👏🏻📚 2mo
mabell Nice job! 2mo
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“In Emma, Mr Knightley‘s estate manager, William Larkins, is very pleased when lots of apples are sold from Donwell Abbey farm. If you have plenty of land but little spare cash like Mr Knightley, you can dine on luxuries like fresh strawberries from the gardens.

#Rich landowners, like Pride and Prejudice‘s Mr Darcy, have hothouses for growing tender fruits such as grapes, nectarines and peaches.”


CrowCAH Fresh picked Michigan strawberries warmed by the sun are delicious!!! 2mo
mabell @CrowCAH Same down here! A luxury! 2mo
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
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#200PnPcovers #Rich

Day 25. This rich b**** has a lot of opinions which she shares with anyone who will actually listen.

mabell 🤣🤣 2mo
CrowCAH @mabell Elizabeth is not one to listen. 😉 2mo
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Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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CrowCAH What a noble cause! 2mo
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All the #parents (or at least Mrs. Bennet) in #Pride & #Prejudice want is for their daughters to receive #proposals from #rich men.

Catching up on #200PnPcovers #PnPcovers

LeahBergen 😆😆 2mo
rabbitprincess I deeply enjoy this facepalm of Mr Bennet‘s 🤦🏻🤣 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl Fantastically done! 💟👏👏 2mo
CrowCAH Aye that is her goal in life! 2mo
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CrowCAH Rich is in the title. 2mo
mabell A different take for sure 2mo
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The Falmouth Connection | Joana Starnes
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What if the Bennet sisters were #rich? In this variation, right before Darcy proposes at Hunsford, Elizabeth receives a letter summoning her home - and on to Cornwall, where an elderly relative has died, leaving an inheritance for the Bennet sisters. For some reason that I'm sure was plausible but can't remember now, Darcy also has to go to Cornwall, and the romance goes on from there. I actually really liked this one, although it's been several ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) years since I read it. The love story is developed very well, with D&E having a lot of good conversations and growth. I remember thinking the dumb part about this book was the author's insistence in wedging Wickham into the story when it would have logistically made more sense to find a new villain 😂 But all in all, this was a really enjoyable one that I actually should read again.

#200PnPcovers @CrowCAH @mabell
mabell I really like this premise! There is no longer any financial need to marry, so how does that change things. I don‘t think you could conceive a villain quite as “good” as Wickham though 🤣 2mo
CrowCAH Sounds like another promising one. 2mo
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You don‘t have to be #rich to entertain like it‘s the 19th century or like it‘s the setting of a Jane Austen novel. The cocktails presented in this book are inspired by Austen‘s works, with quirky names that celebrate the characters and situations. Also included is a brief bio of Jane, a history of Georgian drinks, and the recommended barware for the perfect party. #200PnPCovers

5feet.of.fury That‘s cute! 2mo
mabell Oh I haven‘t seen this one! If you enjoy one a week, it could be a years worth of Austen libations. I‘ll have to think about this 😁 2mo
CrowCAH Party at your house? What time?! 😂 2mo
Librarybelle @CrowCAH 😂 Love it! 2mo
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The poor get poorer, and the rich get richer and even get better, and stronger and even richer and the gap keeps increasing.

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