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Shadow of Night: A Novel | Deborah Harkness
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Lizpixie & #BookspinBingo is done! Another reread, this is the 2nd in the All Souls series about a witch that falls in love with a vampire. This one is set in the 1590s, after Diana & Mathew time walk & is set between Elizabethan England, France & Prague. 4.5⭐️ 2y
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 2y
TheSpineView Way to go!👍📖 2y
Clwojick Crushing it! 2y
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The 5th book in the Maisie Dobbs series, and my favorite so far. I knew the twist in this mystery early on, but I read this series for the characters, not the mystery. Maisie‘s growth in this installment was welcome, and slightly overdue.

Taking on a more serious tone, this book touches on ethnic prejudice, bullying, the effects of being considered an outsider, and herd mentality in a small village in Kent.

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#TuneIntoNovember Day 30! WoW, that flew by! Thanks to my awesome guest DJ/host @Robothugs I enjoyed your playlist 😎🤘🏽🎵This is a GoodReads Giveawaycopy of the newest Lisbeth Salander novel which I'm sure will have some #KissKissBangBang inside the pages😉Waiting for Jan to read this for my #pop18 #NextInASeries 👍🏻Starting tomorrow I'll be hosting #DecDays with a fun playlist & prompts! Hope you'll join me 🎸🎧http://spoti.fi/2j4AOZs

BarbaraBB Of course I join you 🎶 5y
Kalalalatja Count me in! 5y
Cinfhen Woohoo🙌🏻thanks my lovely friends @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja 🎸🎼 5y
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erzascarletbookgasm I‘ll participate of course! 🤘Will do my best, some of this month‘s are tricky for me 😅 5y
Cinfhen Same @erzascarletbookgasm 🙈but I get inspired from seeing all the other awesome posts!!! 5y
Robothugs It was so much fun!! @erzascarletbookgasm I heard that a lot this month 😅 you don‘t necessarily need to use books. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I liked the idea of making them challenging! But like @Cinfhen said, other posts can inspire you! Sometimes I listen to the songs more than once and see what book or character they remind me of! 5y
alisiakae I‘m looking forward to #DecDays!! Especially the Hamilton Hanukkah prompt! 5y
Cinfhen It's such a fun spoof @4thhouseontheleft They preformed their Hamilton Hanukkah Rap at the White House last year 😂 5y
alisiakae @Cinfhen I remember that! I guess the Hamilton performances at the White House are over. 😞 I loved the last one they did for the Obamas, One Last Time, I couldn‘t stop crying!! 5y
Reviewsbylola The Larsson series is a favorite of mine but I just can‘t bring myself to read the new ones. 5y
Cinfhen I bought the last one by David Lagercrantz and it was pretty bad but since I won this book I'm gonna give it a try! The reviews are terrible @Reviewsbylola 5y
Reviewsbylola I love Blomkvist and Lisbeth too much to ruin them. 5y
emilyhaldi Wow am I the only one who didn‘t know this series was being continued by a different author?? Why?! 5y
Cinfhen Maybe you actually have a life @emilyhaldi because clearly I do not and neither does @Reviewsbylola 😂😘😜 5y
Reviewsbylola Guilty as charged. 😂 5y
Reviewsbylola I believe Larson‘s family and/or estate was involved with this new author. Don‘t quote me on that though. @emilyhaldi 5y
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