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The Matchmaker's Gift: A Novel | Lynda Cohen Loigman
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What a delightful book! Told in dual timelines meet Sara & Abby; grandmother & granddaughter. Sara has #TheMatchmakersGift the ability to recognize people‘s soulmate. And Abby, scarred from her parent‘s divorce doesn‘t believe in true love, in fact she‘s a divorce lawyer. But when Sara gifts Abby her beloved notebooks will Abby realize there might be something to #TheMatchmakersGift ?!!! Absolutely LOVED this one #AudioARC

SilversReviews Loved this book. 3mo
Cinfhen Me too @SilversReviews blew me away in the best way - a gem 💕💕💕💕 3mo
SilversReviews @Cinfhen It was a gem!! 3mo
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The Matchmaker's Gift: A Novel | Lynda Cohen Loigman
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The Library Book Cart Precision Drill Team Manual | Linda D. McCracken, Lynne Zeiher
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Yesterday was #NewReleaseTuesday at the library 😍

BooknerdsLife 😍😍😍 4mo
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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You may notice a large hole in my #WeeklyForecast: I‘ve put away Infinite Jest. What‘s going on in my non-reading life has made it a not-great choice rn, but I‘m not totally giving up.

I‘m keeping things pretty loose, but I‘ve got two on #NewReleaseTuesday and some Audible credits to burn. However I just found Imagine a City at the library, and it sounds cool.

Like many campers, I‘m enjoying the Straub. 🤞🏻 we have another great discussion!!

Cathythoughts Yes , Straub is a good one 👍🏻♥️ 5mo
TrishB Just starting the Straub 👍🏻 5mo
BarbaraBB I hope you‘ll enjoy the Hart. I will start the Straub soon too. And I do understand why you‘ve taken a break with IJ! 5mo
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Megabooks @Cathythoughts I really enjoyed the first half! 5mo
Megabooks @TrishB I hope you love it! 5mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I may start it this morning. I‘ve been even worse than usual about having multiple books going at once! 🤪 5mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB and it also makes me so happy that you had enough WiFi this morning to look back through litsy. I have missed your comments!! 5mo
BarbaraBB I‘ve missed it too!! 5mo
DogMomIrene Cannot wait to read your review of the Border Patrol book. Sounds intriguing! 5mo
Megabooks @DogMomIrene I just finished it today. It was very interesting and very scary!! The long bit about the 1970s Supreme Court cases in the middle was occasionally hard to follow, but that was likely more me than the author. The history of the BP and the overreach they have today thanks to the interpretation of those cases is quite scary!! (Side note: apparently William Renquist and Sandra Day O‘Connor dated in law school. 🤯) 5mo
DogMomIrene @Megabooks Sounds amazing!!! ohhh, the husband may be tasked with buying this one for his TBR. Then we can debate who gets to read it first. 5mo
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#NewReleaseTuesday problems! 🤔🤔 I‘m thinking Cults and Pretty Baby or Normal Family. This is what I get for reading my own books this week. 🤣🤣

EvieBee I think your parents need library cards! Then you wouldn‘t have to pick! LOL 🤣🤣 (edited) 5mo
Megabooks @EvieBee lol they already have them! Mom uses hers, but this is left over from a town I used to live in where my card hasn‘t expired yet. They never lived there so couldn‘t get a card. 5mo
Cinfhen Whoa!!!! Soooo many options!!! I don‘t think I‘m familiar with any of these new releases 5mo
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Chelsea.Poole I‘m excited for Normal Family. Several others I don‘t know on your list though! 5mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I wasn‘t either, but you know my library always picks interesting ones! 5mo
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole I ended up checking that out as well, but I‘m reading Cults first. 👍🏻 5mo
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And in other great book news…I got this on #NewReleaseTuesday from the library!! New PRK = great day 👍🏻🎧

Cinfhen Ohhhh, NICE!!! Very exciting 5mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen it‘s up after I finish the Waxman I think!!! 🤔 (edited) 5mo
jlhammar Can‘t wait to read this one! 5mo
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Megabooks @jlhammar I‘m almost three hours in. I love the essay format. He is such a fantastic writer, and they‘re finally letting him read his own work! 5mo
vivastory Ah, didn't see the tag until just now 😩The next few weeks is an embarrassment of riches in terms of new releases! I selected the new Blake Crouch as my BOTM, but I bought the new Riley Sager. Next week is the new Paul Tremblay AND the new PR Keefe out this week! All of them are auto buy authors for me! Did you see that Keefe was on Seth Meyers last night? (edited) 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory truth friend! It is a great summer! I finished the Sager Monday (didn‘t tag you because I know you like to go in cold) and also selected the Crouch as one of my BOTM books. This is a collection of his long form pieces for the New Yorker. I am very hit or miss on keeping magazines around, so I am glad to have them collected here, but I think you do subscribe(??) so you may have read some as they came out. Anyway, I‘m 43% into thanks to 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory some gardening, laundry, and a long dog walk. Anyway, it‘s quite good having them collected here! And no I didn‘t see him on Seth Meyers. My bedtime is far too early for that! SOMETIMES I see the opening of Fallon but I rarely make it to the guests. I‘m an early bed/early riser. (edited) 5mo
vivastory @Megabooks All of the Keefe pieces will be new to me. I used to have a subscription to NY Review of Books, but it expired & although I was tempted to renew I simply couldn't justify it due to how many unread issues I had accumulated. As I have mentioned before I love longform non-fiction, so I am very much looking forward to it. I usually catch up on my late night segments on youtube. If interested here is a link to the interview 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory This is probably going to be among the stranger things I say to you, but I often forget about YouTube. I just don‘t use it very often unless it‘s like diy around the house stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ HOWEVER I watched it and Patrick is a gem. THEN I watched this author get interviewed. And idk how this dark and emotionally complex book came out of such a bubbly girl, but she deserves all the praise she‘s getting! 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory here‘s the interview with Leila if you missed it. You can definitely tell she knows this character while reading the book. https://youtu.be/PZav37VBUSg 5mo
vivastory I DID miss the interview with Leila but I recall several reviews of this book on Litsy that really intrigued me! For all of Colbert's LOTR knowledge, IMO Seth Meyer's is the most “literary“ of the late night talk show hosts (with the exception of Trevor Noah). He frequently interviews authors, often lit fic authors such as Brandon Taylor & Anthony Doerr. I vividly recall during the BLM protests after Floyd's murder that he had a stack of books by (edited) 5mo
vivastory Black authors behind him for months while filming. They included both fiction & nf and it was a simple, but powerful visual. It just always stuck with me. 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory I think I remember seeing the book stack by Black authors on other media. Very striking support. I‘ll have to watch for favorite authors to be on the show 5mo
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Lapvona: A Novel | Ottessa Moshfegh
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Look what arrived this afternoon!! #NewReleaseTuesday 🤩🐑

LeahBergen Ooo, can‘t wait for your review! 6mo
BarbaraBB You‘ve got it! Please read it immediately 🤣 I want to know what you think! 6mo
Megabooks @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB I‘ve got to get through Tracy Flick and Harlem Shuffle first, but after that I‘m footloose and fancy free to choose another book! 6mo
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Megabooks @BarbaraBB it called to me this morning! I‘ve read about 100 pages and it is really good so far!!!! 6mo
BarbaraBB That is such good news!! 6mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB just finished…5⭐️!!!! 5mo
BarbaraBB @Megabooks Really??? Wow. I‘m off looking for your review! 5mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I‘ll likely write it tomorrow and tag you! 😘😘 5mo
vivastory I'm waiting for my signed edition to arrive 🙌 5mo
Megabooks @vivastory lucky duck! Enjoy! I started the new Sager on audio tonight. I don‘t love Bernadette Dunn at the narrator, but the plot is enjoyable so far! 5mo
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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A very fiction-heavy #WeeklyForecast. I just haven‘t been connecting with NF like I used to. Nevertheless, I have a couple on the forecast plus two at the library for #NewReleaseTuesday.

I‘m excited to start discussing True Biz at #CampLitsy next Saturday! I‘m enjoying The Keep. Egan is becoming a favorite author! However I haven‘t liked Rachel Cusk so far, but I‘m trying Second Place on audio. Hide is up next, though for #HorrorWeekend!

squirrelbrain I didn‘t like Second Place when I read it last year, but couldn‘t stop thinking about it afterwards. 🤔 Have a great week! 6mo
Cinfhen I love your graphics and I‘m super excited about all of your upcoming and current reads!! 6mo
Graywacke I really go into Second Place. Enjoy your reading. 6mo
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Megabooks @squirrelbrain interesting. SP sounds like an intriguing book. @Graywacke 6mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen thanks!! 😘😘 6mo
BarbaraBB Great plans. 6mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB thanks 🥰😘 6mo
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Might‘ve picked up another one from the #CampLitsy longlist! 🤫

What can I say? It‘s a really good #NewReleaseTuesday!

Cinfhen This is one of the books I voted for!! LMK how it is!!! 6mo
squirrelbrain I was really interested in this one too! 6mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘ll tag you in my review of course dear friend! It may be up next but this is due soon at the library. 6mo
Megabooks @squirrelbrain I‘m excited for it. The narrator has a great voice. 6mo
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Counterfeit | Kirstin Chen
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I had to bring it back because this is truly an epic #NewReleaseTuesday!

Counterfeit (tagged ⬆️) is a @Reviewsbylola rec and today‘s Reese pick. It is the perfect light, fast-paced fiction I needed today! Nuclear Family was from the #CampLitsy longlist. I‘ll tag it and the others ⬇️

Perrotta is right on trend the summer by releasing a sequel to a 20 year old book, but Flick is one of my favorite characters so I‘m psyched!

Info about memoirs ⬇️

Megabooks This sounds like an interesting approach to intergenerational trauma as it relates to war and immigration. 6mo
Megabooks Speaking of Reese, she was the perfect Tracy in Election the movie! 6mo
Megabooks The book Tracy Flick is a sequel to 6mo
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Megabooks The next two are my library memoirs. This one is by a British TV writer whose husband went into a coma and when he awoke insisted she was an imposter. Sounds interesting and scary! 6mo
Megabooks This weaves science and a memoir. I‘m getting Hope Jarhen/Lab Girl vibes 6mo
Cinfhen #BookEnvy but I still love u 😘 6mo
squirrelbrain I‘ve read a lot in the British press about the Morgan memoir -sounds fascinating! 6mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen 😘😘😘 I went a little crazy! Yesterday was a hard long Covid day. 6mo
Megabooks @squirrelbrain I am looking forward to it. My library gets much more interesting NF than fiction! 6mo
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