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The Power of Concentration | Theron Q. Dumont
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Guys...I‘ve only read one book in print this month. ONE. While I‘ve listened to several via audiobook on my commute, I‘ve only finished one in print. This has never happened. And I have several really good books going, books I would normally enjoy, but I simply. Can‘t. Focus. Can‘t concentrate. It‘s killing me!!! #RealLifeLitsy #LitsyConfessions

C.Perone I'm having the same problem 😕 3mo
cathysaid @C.Perone I‘m sorry. It‘s so frustrating! Seems like I‘m lacking oxygen! 3mo
C.Perone @cathysaid Extremely frustrating! Hopefully, for both of us, things get back to normal soon 🤞🤞 3mo
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Milkman | Anna Burns
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I have a confession to make:

Yesterday at the library, someone “returned” their school lunch milk in our book drop. It was still cold, & the cap was still sealed, & the date hadn‘t passed, & I *needed* milk for my coffee, so... I used it.

#notdeadyet #therearetwotypesofpeople

Sharpeipup Waste not, want not. 8mo
Lcsmcat 🤷🏻‍♀️ you needed milk. I get it. 8mo
monalyisha @Lcsmcat It seemed like...the universe provideth. 8mo
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8little_paws Why on earth would they put milk in a book drop is my question. 8mo
cobwebmoth This just makes me like you more. 8mo
monalyisha @8little_paws People think it‘s a trash receptacle. A very pretty, wooden, strangely-shaped trash receptacle — with a clearly-worded, colorful sign, calling it a “Book Return.” It‘s obviously very confusing. (edited) 8mo
xicanti This is the only logical response to free milk. 8mo
WhatWouldJaneDo Waste not, want not! 8mo
monalyisha @cobwebmoth Thanks! 😂😂😂 8mo
lahousewyfe My wife just said, "That's God's little way of saying, 'I love librarians.'" ?❤ 8mo
monalyisha @lahousewyfe S/he has the strangest ways of communicating! Burning bushes, angelic messengers from on high, abandoned/questionable milk cartons... like, learn to text, God! 😆 8mo
lahousewyfe @monalyisha Yes!!!! 😂😂😂 8mo
Billypar Lol- I read this too quickly the first time and missed the phrases 'still sealed' and 'still cold' 😆 8mo
monalyisha @Billypar It was an educated risk. 🙈 8mo
Johanna414 I‘ve definitely done that before... although in my defense, it‘s just my kids who have homeroom in the library so I know the milk/juice or whatever just came from the school cafeteria so it‘s not much of a risk 8mo
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I enjoyed this story of a young Latin teacher who rides her bicycle into Sussex to begin her new position, before the outbreak of World War I. Hailed as a book for lovers of Downton Abbey, I confess my agreement. #musicalnewyear #summernights

SamanthaMarie OOOO! Added this to my TBR. Sounds so good. 10mo
Cinfhen I really love this cover🤩 10mo
DivineDiana @SamanthaMarie It is a perfect Summer read! 10mo
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DivineDiana @Cinfhen As do I! 😘 10mo
vivastory #LitsyConfessions I've never seen an episode of Downton Abbey 😬 10mo
Freespirit Sounds like something to add to the stack! 10mo
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Oddity | Sarah Cannon
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I'm just crazy, aren't I? #alltheeyerolls #litsyconfessions

SilversReviews I have only had one narrator in mine so far, but that would get a bit confusing with more than one. (edited) 1y
Zelma I don‘t care for it nor do I like music or sound effects. As a result, I only listen to non-fiction on audio, as I don‘t like a performative aspect to it. 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Confession!! I‘ve never listened to one!! 🤣🤣 1y
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DGRachel It really depends on the book. Some books with multiple narrators are enjoyable, but most drive me batty. 1y
JamieArc It sounds like you aren‘t crazy, though I do like multiple narrators, and the music at the very start always sets the tone for me. I have always loved radio theater though. 1y
Bookzombie There have been books that I liked with multiple narrators. However, my preference would be one narrator who does a bunch of voices really well. 1y
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#litsyconfessions #buddyread

😳 @Caroline2 I‘m so sorry! I‘ve not had much time to read this week - lots of boring stuff has got in the way. I‘m only on chapter 5 😱

However I‘ve got some time this morning so will try and catch up. How are you getting on?

Caroline2 No worries! 😉 I had some time to read this morning so I‘m on chapter 17 now! It‘s starting get a bit interesting now, must admit I was finding it quite slow going in the beginning!! 1y
Bookworm-Bobbie @Caroline2 yeah it was, I swear there was three pages to describe snow and then when Fitz went off on an ‘errand‘ there was only a paragraph! It‘s getting good now through! 😁👍 1y
Caroline2 Yeah, it such a great writing style and I love the characters but I just wish there was a bit more plot! It‘s starting get more interesting!! 1y
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@maich #MarchInBooks day 1 - currently reading

I completely forgot to post yesterday because of all the snow. These are my current reads, that I‘m slowly working my way through.

Also #Litsyconfessions I wanted to take a pic in the snow, but didn‘t want to ruin my books so wrapped the bottom one in clingfilm - genius 😂😂

jhod 😂 2y
Bookzombie 😂😂 2y
Itchyfeetreader 😂🙌 2y
ephemeralwaltz 😂😂 Great stack! 2y
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The Handmaid's Tale | Margaret Atwood
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So it may be sacrilege to post this on a reading site 😳 but I am almost finished with the last of the first seasons episodes and have to say I am loving the Tv show better than I liked the book. The book was good but the TV show is really excellent. #litsyconfessions #thisusuallydoesnthappen #needseasontwonow

MicrobeMom I agree! The show is haunting. I often could not sleep after watching episodes. Still love the book but an excellent show. 2y
T.ballin I completely agree!! The TV show was amazing!! It gave the characters so much more depth. 2y
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Kind of like "Taxi Cab Confessions" but without the improbable sex stories or taxis.

#LitsyConfessions #IKnowICouldGoogleItButIdRatherAskAllOfYou

bobregina Murder on the Orient Express is a classic, but And then there were none is still my all time favorite! 2y
dariazeoli I‘m with you - yet to read Christie! 😬 2y
TricksyTails Same! I was thinking of just starting from her very first book. 2y
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KarenUK I agree with @bobregina ... my other favorites are Death on the Nile and The murder of Roger Ackroyd 👍💕 2y
bobregina @KarenUK they are so good either! It‘s hard to pick just one or two, they‘re all pretty great 2y
emtobiasz Ooh how exciting! I don't think she's one you need to read in order-- any of the ones recommended would be great entries! (Most of these are Hercule Poirot, although she has other series too, and And Then There Were None is a standalone!) 2y
Sarah83 At #agathachristieclub hosted by @Bambolina_81 we read all her books in order of appearance. I personally love Miss Marple more than Monsieur Poirot, so I would start with this one 2y
Libby1 @cathysaid and @dariazeoli - what you treat you have in store for you! 2y
Betty Read this decades ago and still remember who did it. 2y
DGRachel I have to vote for ATTWN. It‘s my favorite of hers and I‘ve read it multiple times. 2y
DGRachel I have to vote for ATTWN. It‘s my favorite of hers and I‘ve read it multiple times. 2y
cathysaid You guys rock! @bobregina @KarenUK @rubyslippersreads @emtobiasz @Sarah83 @Libby1 @Betty @DGRachel thank you so much for the input - so much better than Google. I'm excited to get started! 2y
cathysaid @dariazeoli @TricksyTails How did we make it this far? 😳😜 2y
TricksyTails I even picked up the first book at the library. Just never got around to it! Have you decided which to start with? 2y
cathysaid @TricksyTails I'm not sure yet. Maybe what they have available at the library. I did find this list on agathachristie.com http://agatha-christie-cms-production.s3.amazonaws.com/archive/pdfs/christie-rea... 2y
TricksyTails That's the one I plan to follow! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm @KarenUK those two are among my top five AC ! 🙌 2y
Jaimelire Agree with other posts...Murder on the Orient Express or And Then There Were None (edited) 2y
Bambolina_81 @cathysaid This is the list we follow for the Agatha Christie club! It would be great to hear your thoughts. To see what we've thought so far just click on #agathachristieclub 2y
cathysaid @erzascarletbookgasm @Jaimelire Thanks! As it turns out, the only eBook my library had available is And Then There Were None so I'm starting there. Fate decided 😁 2y
cathysaid @Bambolina_81 Thank you! I'll check it out! 2y
MaryT465 And Then There Were None is on my all time favorite books list, genre aside 2y
cathysaid @MaryT465 It was quite good and easy to see how she's regarded as a master. 2y
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I‘m still on chapter 4 of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil😳 but I have gingerbread latte ❤️💚#litsyconfessions #lotrchapteraday #booksandcoffee

BarbaraJean Gingerbread latte makes it all better. 😊 2y
mhillis @BarbaraJean Right?! I love seasonal flavors 2y
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Confessions | Jaume Cabr
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My other half can‘t sleep with the light on, so last night I made him sleep in the spare room so I could keep the light on and read. I really wanted to finish my book! 🤭🤣

Caroline2 😂 that's brilliant!! 👏🏻 2y
Tanzy13 🐶 2y
gossamerchild That's a pretty adorable picture 🐶🐩🐕 2y
Bookworm-Bobbie @Caroline2 he didn‘t think so 🤣 @gossamerchild it is, isn‘t it 😍🐶 2y
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