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Fall, or Dodge in Hell | Neal Stephenson
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Sitting in bed, reading this doorstopper for my #BuddyRead with @DuckOfDoom. I had only put the book away to fire off a text about the first few pages of Ch 10 and that was enough time for #GhostCat to occupy the book's place on my lap.

Serious case of #KAL, because the other book I have in bed with me is Strange the Dreamer, another brick.


CoffeeAndABook Sounds cozy 🔥 what a day to snuggle up & read huh? 2mo
julesG @CoffeeAndABook Definitely! First day of autumn is very autumnal. Grey clouds and rain and a head cold. 😷 So I'm staying in, drink tea and snuggle up with books. 🍵📚😁 How are you? 2mo
CoffeeAndABook I‘m sorry you‘ve got that head cold, other than that it sounds like a cozy bookworm day ☕️📖🧡 I‘m having a lazy morning with blankets, coffee and starting a new book (so basically - perfection💎 ) but have to get up soon for an appointment in the city. Which will entail a bike ride in the grey and cold 😖 but at least it‘s mostly along the Rhine... 😉 tomorrow it‘s back to work after a week‘s holiday. Never much fun but I feel a lot stronger!! 2mo
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CoffeeAndABook Hope your cold gets better quickly 🍋🍊 2mo
julesG @CoffeeAndABook Thanks! Enjoy your last day of holiday. 2mo
CoffeeAndABook ☺️🎈😘 2mo
QuietlyLaura I love the tag #KAL 😻 I hope you get a lot of rest and feel better! (edited) 2mo
julesG @QuietlyLaura Thank you! 2mo
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The Town | Bentley Little
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Abby went to the vet over the weekend. As you can see, she‘s feeling better and once again is an active member of #kal

Leftcoastzen Yay!😻 2mo
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Cecil is so judgmental about my reading material. Screw him! This book is really good so far. #kal

Clwojick ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
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Good Omens | Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
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While I was busy posting on Litsy, Minerva apparently felt ignored. When biting my feet didn‘t yield the desired results, she decided messing with my book would get my attention. After nosing the cover open and pawing at the pages, she‘s settled in 😂 #KAL #CatsofLitsy #Catwithbook

TheSpineView Sometimes they just feel so neglected! 💜🐾 2mo
kspenmoll Beautiful kitty! 2mo
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@julesG I see your bookish #GhostCat, I give you Jaffa, my #KAL! The arrow points to the side of the bed I get in on. There's very little space for me!

julesG 😁 Ghost does that, too. Or start off by sleeping on my legs then stretching and turning, and making ne sleep on the edge of the mattress: let's not disturb her royal highness 3mo
AlaMich I think all kittens take a class in this! 😹 3mo
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Crazeedi My kitty is stretched out on my bed right now too😽 they are in charge you know! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks lol my cat never forgave my husband for marrying me, because it meant my husband got the cat's side of the bed! 3mo
cherinium The worst is when you get one on either side, effectively pinning you in place and unable to move. 😼 3mo
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No words needed. 😼😹 #catsoflitsy #HelloKitty

Needless to say, I‘m not getting any reading done at the moment. 🤣

BiblioLitten Gorgeous!! 😍 3mo
4thhouseontheleft @bibliokitten just looked back T my #HelloKitty hashtag, and realized she must be in completely in love with the tagged book because she seems to make an appearance every time I‘m reading it. 😂😂 3mo
Meaw_catlady Awww! So regal 3mo
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Heatherfeather Soooooo pretty! 3mo
TheSpineView So sweet! 3mo
Leftcoastzen Me first! What‘s al this other stuff?😻😹 3mo
daena Wow, what a beauty! 3mo
MaleficentBookDragon 😹😹😹 3mo
Bookzombie She is beautiful! 💕🐱 3mo
marleed So beautiful! 3mo
annkuch13 😻😻😻 3mo
BookNAround Such a gorgeous #kal. LOL! 3mo
Dawnrod1970 So pretty 3mo
4thhouseontheleft @BookNAround I had to scroll through that hashtag to figure out what it stood for, but yep! A definite #kal 😹 3mo
BookNAround @4thhouseontheleft She could be the poster kitty for kitties against literature. 😂 3mo
Gissy Love that photo! What a personality!!😻❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
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Follow Me Down | Sherri Smith
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I was going to catch up on some reading, but apparently that‘s not part of Kalli‘s afternoon plans...

ReadingIsMyHobby Aww too cute 😊 3mo
Balibee146 #kal 😂😂 3mo
AmyG Ha! 3mo
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Jennick2004 @Balibee146 didn‘t know that one 🤣💜 3mo
Balibee146 @Jennick2004 🐈😁🐈 3mo
Maria514626 That‘s hilarious! 😄 3mo
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Sullivan is making it really challenging to keep reading this book. #catsoflitsy #KAL

Karisa That expression! Maybe thinking, "This is an intervention." 4mo
Texreader ❤️😻 4mo
cariashley @Karisa yup. An intervention so I can feed/pet him! 4mo
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Nute Awesome photo!😺💜 3w
cariashley @Nute thanks 😺 3w
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