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Halfway through and I‘m LOVING my time with Lev - I‘m having a different experience than @Megabooks
I‘m finding his trek from #Mexico to #Columbia vivid, colorful and engaging. Lev has a knack for bringing every place he visits to life. #ReadingTheAmericas23 #Hoopla so far #Mexico #Belize #Guatemala #Honduras

squirrelbrain I bet you‘ll be able to tick off nearly all of #readingtheamericas23 by the time you‘ve finished this! 2mo
Cinfhen @squirrelbrain and @BarbaraBB gifted me this book, which will also help cross off a bunch of countries 2mo
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Librarybelle I do need to read one of his travelogues one of these days… 2mo
BookBelle84 All of his travel books are good. I'm especially a fan of his walk the Nile and walking the Himalayas. 2mo
Cinfhen I‘ve read a few of his books @BookBelle84 @Librarybelle but not this one….maybe one day (edited) 2mo
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Murder on Amsterdam Avenue | Victoria Thompson
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Clwojick Great match! Even the name matches the picture. 💙☁️ 2mo
TheSpineView Awesome! 2mo
Andrew65 Well done, I think I‘m adding this series to my list. I read the first few a few years ago. 2mo
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@Cinfhen Here's the #propernouninthetitle list (without the #cityorcountryintitle prompt, as the list would have been huge). #52bookclub2023 #booked2023. Mrs Dalloway & My Friend Anna may not be of much help, however, as they are quite specific to me.

@alisiakae @BarbaraTheBibliophage @BarbaraBB @Librarybelle

Cinfhen I read and loved 4mo
Cinfhen Im planning on reading this book and I‘d be happy to share it with you plus it‘s a second hand copy I bought so it could work for that prompt too and it works for Cuba and i think it involves an innocent c person being incarcerated 4mo
Cinfhen Im gonna work on a post with some of my #TriplePlays and if any interest you lmk because I will mail them to you if they are physical books 😘 4mo
BarbaraBB So much work! I love it!!! 4mo
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