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Roundup of my second quarter of #Booked2018. I'm having so much fun with these prompts - I'd never have found the steampunk-title if it wasn't for this, and it's /so good!/
#Setoutdoors: Wicked Bugs
#Steampunk: Castle in the Stars
#Friendship: You're Welcome, Universe
#Floweroncover: The Belles
#RefugeeMC: Exit West
#Childhoodfavourite: Cykelmyggen Egon

On to the next one! ♥

4thhouseontheleft Did you like The Belles? I just added that one to my TBR recently! 🎉🎉🎉 on finishing the 2nd quarter! 2y
okthislooksbad @4thhouseontheleft Loved it! It has the best villain I've come across in quite some time 😄 Thanks! 2y
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The Worst Witch | Jill Murphy
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So nostalgic! I loved reading these as a kid and coming home from school and watching the show on CITV. Bought back memories and I remembered more than I thought. Made doing housework a bit more fun! 😁 #booked2018 #childhoodfavourite

Cinfhen Awesome pick!! I remember reading this to my kids💚 2y
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Less: A Novel | Andrew Sean Greer
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Was able to finally get out of the house today! This ice storm weekend was rough. First stop? The library, of course! A couple for the kids, the latest Pulitzer Prize winner for me (there were two requests on it, and only one copy, but they hadn't pulled it from the shelf yet so I kinda jumped the line. Is that wrong?). The Nancy Drew is for #Booked2018 as it's a new take on a #ChildhoodFavourite. And I couldn't resist a rewatch of Anne 😁

AWahle I love that version of Anne! I just wish they would remaster it so it didn't look like the VHS recording from my first viewing of it. 2y
TheKidUpstairs @AWahle I do like the new actress who played Anne, but Megan Follows will forever be perfection! 2y
Cinfhen Glad u got out of the house!!! 2y
LauraBeth Library ninja! 2y
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I Capture the Castle | Dodie Smith
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A little #yellow stack to brighten up a rather grey and snowy day in Denmark. 🌞 I‘m so excited about reading the tagged book, which makes it super hard to wait until April where I‘m going to use it for #Booked2018 #childhoodfavourite


JennyM Such a pretty picture. 2y
MrsMalaprop So pretty 😊. 2y
ephemeralwaltz Gorgeous!!😍 2y
emilyhaldi 💛 2y
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Here are some books I own with #punctuation in the title. The tagged book and Charlotte's Web are the only two I've read. #riotgrams @bookriot

BeaG Sarah's Key is excellent! 2y
JacqMac I second that! Sarah‘s Key is so good. 2y
OrangeMooseReads Catch-22 and Do Androids ...? Are both really good 2y
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Elizabeth2 Sarah‘s Key is a great read! 2y
ElisabethRose Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is a great read, had to read it for my Cyborg Apocalypse class last semester. 2y
Bibliophile80 Defenitely recommend Sarah‘s Key! 2y
Tianarose I loved Charlottes web!! I think I read this no less than 10 times when I was around 8 years old :) #childhoodfavourite. (edited) 2y
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The story of a runaway sister and brother who take refuge in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. It's fun to read how they elude the guards and exploit the opportunities of the museum, and how they stumble upon a mystery of a missing statue. This is a #childhoodfavourite of many but I've only read it as an adult. I adore this classic book and have since gotten hold of the other titles to introduce them to my children. #newyorkminute

Cinfhen Such a wonderful story...our teacher Mrs. Rubin used to read a few pages out loud to the class when we "behaved" well ?#childhoodfavorite 3y
merelybookish I love this book! 3y
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