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Brunch | Louise Pickford
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I forgot to take a picture of my #Booknbrunch for #LitsyPartyOfOne As I‘ve said I‘m not much of a snack at at home so here‘s the remnants of my bacon and egg sandwich 🥪. I don‘t think I‘ll finish Royal Holiday today because I unexpectedly have a toddler. But I did finish an audiobook this morning so I‘m still making progress.

#MrBook1InAMillion Readathon #24B4Monday @MrBook

MrBook Lol, all good 🤗! 🔥🔥🔥 3d
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The Breakfast Book | Marion Cunningham
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Reading this book while having breakfast! Puffed Rice and Blueberries - a favorite of mine!

#MrBook1inAMillion #Readathon #LitsyPartyofOne #24B4Monday

Andrew65 Blueberries are a superfood so great choice! 5d
EadieB @Andrew65 Yes they are very good for you! 5d
jb72 I normally skip breakfast. I hope you are enjoying your book! 5d
MrBook Mmmmm 😋! 5d
EadieB @jb72 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! My book is very good! (edited) 5d
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Same procedure as every Friday morning - right now the only reading time during the week. 🙈
#breakfastreading #breakfast #fridaymorning

Cinfhen Great way to start the day!! Looks lovely 😊 3w
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The bulk of my reading at the moment 😁

RachelO How wonderful! If you have any ‘baby‘s first book‘ recommendations, I need to start shopping for my new niece/nephew‘s library in the next few days! How are you all doing? 1mo
Hollie @RachelO my son loved My Monster Mama Loves Me So- I think I still have it memorized. I recently got my nieces the one I‘m about to tag and it‘s so beautiful I cried when I read it. 1mo
eraderneely @RachelO I‘m enjoying books that rhyme, because it seems to entertain her best. My current favorite might be 1mo
eraderneely @Hollie thanks for the lovely rec 1mo
RachelO @eraderneely @hollie Thank you both! ‘Love‘ looks absolutely beautiful, and rhyming books make lots of sense - time to hit the shops 😁 1mo
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#booksandcoffee #catsoflitsy #sundaymorning #breakfast #botmbuddyread

i turned my back & Queen Em stole my peach crisp.

Mdargusch 😹 😹 😹 2mo
Crazeedi Baaaad kitty! 😉😸 2mo
LeahBergen 😆 2mo
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BookNAround Obviously it was so good you needed to share! 😂 (edited) 2mo
TheBookHippie 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️🤪 2mo
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Got some reading done while waiting for my #breakfast at #ihop. I‘m really enjoying this book! I hope it‘s made into a movie!

BittersweetBooks I was thinking the same thing last night while reading it 😏 3mo
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1. Tropical jungle with loads of fruit and shady spots to read
2. Google Maps, goodreads, Uber
3. Eggs, bread, milk, and chicken thighs
Pic is from some of the transplanted plants I‘m trying to revive from odd parts of the garden.
@Eggs #wondrouswednesday

Eggs Beautiful plants! I love figs and have been known to OD on them... 4mo
Tex2Flo @eggs I‘ve had fig trees everywhere I‘ve lived and can‘t wait for this one to get me more than these hard green marbles! 4mo
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Made some pancakes while listening to The Trial of Lizzie Borden on audio; now back to reading in print.

#24in48 #readathon #breakfast #eatingandreading

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Cathythoughts Lovely 😊 4mo
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1. Eggs, bacon, and either toast or biscuits
2. I never understood the combination of fish and chicken places. Like, half Long John Silver and half KFC? Nope.
3. Yes
4. I know they have like knockoff flavors, but if Girl Scouts wanted to partner with someone to make Thin Mint flavored ice cream, I wouldn‘t complain! 😋

#food #books #foodie #reading #breakfast #icecream

Eggs Mmm thin mints 🍨 4mo
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