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Playing catch-up for #12booksof2021! Here are the first 3 books.


Andrew65 Great choices. 6mo
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Dune | Frank Herbert
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I was challenged to post my #12BooksOf2021 a few days ago so here‘s my selection for #1stBookOf2021 #January This is the gorgeous collector‘s edition I recently acquired but it was the full cast audiobook I listened to in Jan which was amazing.

I‘m tagging @MrsMalaprop @Freespirit @RamsFan1963 & @julesG Give us your picks!

Andrew65 A great choice. 6mo
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The Postman | David Brin
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Thanks to @Andrew65 for this great idea! #12BooksOf2021 #1stbookof2021
For #January my favorite is also my favorite for the whole year. A fictionalized account of the woman who married C.S. Lewis. I loved how Patti describes the emotions in this book...I could actually feel Joy's loneliness and heartbreak. An amazing book! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Andrew65 This looks great. Stacked. 6mo
kplovesbooks @Andrew65 It really is. Hope you enjoy it! ♥️ 6mo
melissajayne I read the book last December and it was excellent. 6mo
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The Devil All the Time | Donald Ray Pollock
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Forgot to look through my books last night but no harm in playing catch up!

This was on my #NewYearWhoDis list in 2021 and I flew through it. Still haven't watched the movie but the book stuck with me through the year

#12Booksof2021 #January #1stBookof2021

vivastory I love this one 6mo
Andrew65 Sounds good. 6mo
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K | Bernardo Kucinski, Sue Branford
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Thanks for tagging me @Andrew65

This is my favorite book from January #1stbookof2021 #12Booksof2021

Everyone welcome to join in

Andrew65 Looks interesting, will need to explore it. 6mo
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The Gifts of the Body | Rebecca Brown
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@Andrew65 #12booksof2021 #1stbookof2021 #january
This one was easy to narrow down. One of the most moving books I‘ve ever read.
An unnamed woman who is an end of life carer, visits someone dying of AIDS in each chapter, each chapter named for a part of the body, reflected in the story.
The compassion, empathy, dignity, kindness and humanity in this book was just astounding. I feel so strongly about end of life care, and this book was perfect.

Andrew65 Sounds well written. 6mo
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#12booksof2021 #1stbookof2021 #January

This was hands down my favorite book from January 2021. One of my favorite books for the full year actually. Highly recommend. Especially if you‘re into subjects that are slightly weird/macabre.

The image isn‘t great, but it says: Dark Archives-A Librarian‘s investigation into the science and history of books bound in human skin.


Andrew65 This does sound weird / macabre 🤣 6mo
RainyDayReading @Andrew65 It‘s so good though! It has more to do with medical history and science than most would believe. Such a fascinating book. 6mo
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damselsgotballs Thanks for the tag!♥️💚 6mo
Andrew65 Sounds a great read. 6mo
Susanita I‘m playing 😁 6mo
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DarkMina @damselsgotballs You‘re welcome! 6mo
BookDragonNotWorm Thanks for the tag! 6mo
Crazeedi I think Miles would definitely like to read this one! I'm going to look for it, thanks for sharing 6mo
Bklover You are the best! Thank you for tagging me!❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
DarkMina @Bklover You‘re welcome! ♥️ 6mo
DarkMina @Crazeedi I really liked it. His book Ghost soldiers is one of my favorite books. 6mo
Crazeedi @DarkMina thanks! I'll look for it too!! 6mo
DarkMina @Crazeedi You‘re welcome Diane. I hope he enjoys them! ♥️ 6mo
DarkMina @BookDragonNotWorm You‘re welcome! 6mo
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Flashback | Shannon Messenger
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#12Booksof2021 #1stBookof2021 #January

Thanks for tagging me, @Andrew65

This was my favorite read of #January. This is one of many series I read with my daughter.

Andrew65 Looks good. 6mo
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