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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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So someone over on substack is sending out the entire book of Dracula via email ***on the day each event happens in the book***!! I've never actually read this one, but apparently it's an epistolary novel?? (Didn't know this) So... the entire book has dates for each section, and the person hosting this sends you that section of the book on the correct day. The book starts May 3 & ends Nov 10, and so do the emails - check it out here (it's free!!)⬇

TheAromaofBooks https://draculadaily.substack.com/about

Do let me know if any of you sign up - this just seems like such a fun way to read a book!!!

@LitsyEvents - this isn't an official Litsy event, but still may be worth reposting??
KristiAhlers I have read this before but I‘m totally down to read it again! I just signed up! This will be fun. And maybe I‘ll get more out of the story this way! 5mo
Cortg Ooooh, how fun! I haven't read this yet, but have wanted to. I signed up with my work email so I can read it when I'm on the info desk during quiet lulls 😂 5mo
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5feet.of.fury That‘s so neat! I just read this recently or I‘d get in on it 5mo
Readergrrl I just signed up too! 5mo
Clare-Dragonfly That is awesome! I‘ve read it but it‘s been ages—I‘ve been meaning to read it again. Thanks for sharing this! 5mo
DivineDiana What fun! Signed up too! Thank you! 5mo
PuddleJumper Signing up, Dracula has been on my list for ages now. Thanks for sharing! 5mo
squirrelbrain It‘s coming up for the 125th anniversary of the book. There are plans at Whitby Abbey to try to beat the world record for a gathering of vampires! 🧛‍♀️ https://www.theguardian.com/books/2022/apr/20/whitby-abbey-seeks-budding-bloodsu... 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @squirrelbrain - Oh my gosh, that's amazing. There are times that honestly I just love the world 😂 5mo
TheAromaofBooks @KristiAhlers @Cortg @Readergrrl @Clare-Dragonfly @DivineDiana @PuddleJumper - Yay!! So glad you all thought this sounded fun, too!! I may tag you all from time to time if something especially crazy happens - and feel free to tag me, too, if you post anything!!! #DraculaDaily 5mo
KristiAhlers @TheAromaofBooks yes Def tag me! This will be fun. 5mo
DivineDiana @squirrelbrain That is such a wild and wonderful idea! 5mo
DivineDiana @TheAromaofBooks This will be so much fun! 🧛🏻‍♂️ 5mo
Readergrrl This will be fun, especially as we move into the fall, which will be when the action will really get started!! 5mo
Cortg @TheAromaofBooks Please do! I would love to be tagged with this Dracula read. @squirrelbrain So awesome! I‘m sure the vampires will all come out of the woodworks, or coffins, for this event! ⚰️🧛🏻‍♀️ 5mo
Cinfhen How cool-!!!! 5mo
BarbaraBB Well played! 5mo
batsy This is a very cool way to read the book! Thanks for sharing. 5mo
melmes Sounds cool! I‘m reading it currently 5mo
Avanders How fun! I signed up ☺️ 5mo
BookwormAHN I just signed up. I love Dracula 🖤 5mo
Maggie4483 I only just saw this, but thank you for sharing! I just signed up and am so excited! 5mo
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