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Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening
Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening | L. J. Smith
Two vampire brothers compete for high stakes--the love of Elena Gilbert, a beautiful high school senior who is searching for excitement.
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#RedRoseSeptember #HeAintHeavyHesMyBrother

Stefan and Damon are vampire brothers, who love human Elena!

arlenefinnigan Interesting take! 4w
Cinfhen This would have worked for #bizarreLoveTriangle 4w
CrowCAH @Cinfhen you‘re right, it could have. I went more with the brother theme for this one. 4w
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Klou My sister is obssessed with these books at the moment. She's on book 10. 3w
CrowCAH @Klou wow, keep it up sister! I was on a roll, but petered out in like the second sequel series. 3w
Klou @CrowCAH she finished book 10 this evening and instantly began book 11 😂😂 is The Originals a book series, too? What sequel series was that? 3w
CrowCAH @Klou there‘s the four original The Vampire Diaries books. Then there‘s The Return series of three books. Then there The Hunters series of three books. Then there‘s the Stefan‘s Diaries of six books. Then there‘s The Salvation series of three books. There‘s the Evensong of two books. Then there‘s a couple Extras books. 3w
Klou @CrowCAH Woah. My sister believes there are only 12. I'll have to tell her about all of this! Thank you!! 3w
CrowCAH @Klou you‘re welcome! They‘re all listed on GoodReads. 3w
Klou @CrowCAH thanks! 3w
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I was a fan of the Vampire Diaries show for the first couple seasons especially. There were parts I hated in the show but it seemed like a easy light read so I picked up the first book.

I‘m honestly shook with how conceited, self-centered, and manipulative Elena is in the books, far more than in the show. I‘m not disliking the experience of reading the book but damn. If we‘re supposed to relate to Elena in anyway it‘s a miss.

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1. The Vampire Diaries, its so bad its good! Defiantly hooked on the books and tv show
2. Deadpool or White Chicks!
3. Right now its peanut butter on toast!!
4. @MelAnn 😊

#Tuesdaytidbits @JenlovesJT47

MelAnn Oh I love the extended unrated version of White Chicks!!! So hilarious! 1y
ofclumsywords @MelAnn yes! Its even better than the original! I am so mad Netflix took it off their site! 1y
MelAnn I hate it when they do that! 1y
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1. 🧛‍♀️ Really looking forward to starting the Vampire Diaries series! Know they‘re not very Spring-like lol and not new but trying to go through old books we have as well as reading new ones 2. 🌷 nope 😔 and I‘m working most of Easter 3. 🌷 tulip! Although I like most flowers 4. 🍫 chocolate eggs all the way! I wish you could get them all year! @JoScho #manicmonday

Laughterhp 💚 the Vampire Diaries! 😊 they‘re very different from the TV show (if you watched that). 2y
JoScho I am with you in the chocolate eggs 😊 2y
Emma3 @Laughterhp I haven‘t actually so I have no expectations! 2y
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Emma3 @JoScho there‘s something about them that‘s better than normal chocolate! 2y
JoScho @Emma3 yes! And I also there may be some kind of addictive element added because once I start eating them it is hard to stop. 2y
Emma3 @JoScho yes definitely! 🙈 2y
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My All-Time Favorite #ShipIt relationship is Damon & Elena! From the beginning of the series, I always wanted them to get together (both Book and show).

A couple of others are Eric and Sookie & Veronica and Logan. They all end up getting together eventually! 💕

#IShipIt #YAGiveaway

Bookcation74 ❤️ Veronica and Logan! 2y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Veronica and Logan!!! Yes! I need another book! 😭 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Oh Eric! I must admit my husband didn‘t like how blushed I‘d get talking about Eric! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 2y
Laughterhp @ForeverNerdy Haha Eric was always my favorite! 😻 2y
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This has got to be my favorite candle I have ever gotten in a book box (so far). Not only do I own most of the books it is inspired by but it also smells amazing.

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I've got my protection against vamps....do You?

#elenagilbert #vervane

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The first book in the Vampire Diaries series was published the year I was born (1991). It's crazy to see how much covers evolve over a 25 year period. It's also crazy that after twenty years on the market, that's when it was picked up for a show.
@GypsyKat #gypsykatsbirthdayweek #publishedtheyearyouwereborn

GypsyKat Thanks for playing! 😊 I've never read these books, but I watched the first five seasons of the show. I need to rewatch it and finish it sometime. 👍 2y
Kaylamburson I never read them either. I wanted to after I was hooked on the show, but everyone told me they were horrible, lol. I am on the last season and struggling a bit to finish. It used to be so good! @GypsyKat 2y
GypsyKat @Kaylamburson as much as I love reading, I also really love to binge watch shows. I did binge the first three seasons which I thought were really good, then I watched season four and at least most of five (I think) when it was on tv. After that I just stopped. I have a hard time keeping up with something weekly, I'd rather just watch it on my schedule. The hubs and I are binge watching True Blood now. It's basically vampire porn lol 2y
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Kaylamburson Yes, it's crazy what convenience has done. I struggle to do week to week shows, too. All episodes of TVD are on Netflix, but season 6 kinda ruined the show. I have been trying to watch but have lost interest. I only have like 10 episodes left though so I feel like I should just complete it, Haha. I have heard good things about True Blood! @GypsyKat 2y
GypsyKat @Kaylamburson I'll definitely have to watch TVD soon then. True Blood is actually really good, at least the first few seasons were. We just started on the seventh and last season. If you're cool with lots of nudity and vampire related gore, it's a good show. The hubs are I started calling it TV crack. Lol 2y
Kaylamburson Haha, we all need some TV crack in our life. I've just been so good at reading a lot lately, and as soon as I start bingeing a show, I lose that momentum! @GypsyKat 2y
GypsyKat @Kaylamburson I hear you! When I'm in the reading zone, I don't want to get out of it! I've slowed down in my reading these past couple months, so I'm cool with a temporary tv binge. 😉 2y
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I have 2 stacks of books for this prompt today. Books set in my favorite city, London (even though I've never been there, I imagine it to be the best). Also, books set in my favorite mythical city, Mystic Falls via the TV show, but Fells Church in the books! #AugustLibrary17

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Don't all YA vampire novels start with the appearance of a #BeautifulStranger? #90sInJuly

Robothugs I was thinking this when I was looking through my books. A lot of them have that in common. 🤔 2y
Cinfhen TRUTH 2y
mcipher I loved this series so much in the 90s. ❤️❤️ And it's beautiful stranger or move to a new town (and then beautiful stranger) every time! 2y
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Diese Bücher habe ich heute geschenkt bekommen! 🎁


Tuffydrops Viel Spaß beim lesen 😊 mir hat ausnahmsweise die Serie besser gefallen als die Bücher 🙈 2y
glitterbookxls Dankeschön. 😊 Ja, das habe ich auch schon gehört, dass viele die Serie besser finden. 🙈 @Tuffydrops 2y
Tuffydrops @glitterbookxls normalerweise meckert man ja immer direkt wenn etwas so extrem geändert wurde, aber in diesem Fall fand ich die Veränderungen echt super 😊 2y
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The Vampire Diaries, first four original stories, are super engrossing, and so are the continuation series, and TV companion books! LJ Smith is a great suspense writer. To me Elena is a #kickassheroine, she does have to contend with two vampire brothers lol. #seasonsreadings2016


I want him to love me as much as I love him.
(The awakening, Elena)

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Vervain is a real thing