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Of Jade and Dragons
Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen
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IRON WIDOW meets SIX CRIMSON CRANES in this immersive silkpunk fantasy, perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Chloe Gong. Eighteen-year-old Aihui Ying dreams of becoming a brilliant engineer just like her beloved father - but her life is torn apart when she arrives a moment too late to stop his murder, and worse, lets the killer slip out of reach. Left with only a journal containing his greatest engineering secrets and a jade pendant snatched from the assassin, Ying vows to take revenge into her own hands. Disguised as her brother, Ying heads to the capital city, and discovers that the answer to finding who killed her father lies behind the walls of the prestigious Engineers Guild - the home of a past her father never wanted to talk about. With the help of an unlikely ally - Aogiya Ye-yang, a taciturn (but very handsome) young prince - Ying must navigate a world fraught with rules, challenges and politics she can barely grasp, let alone understand. But to survive, she must fight to stay one step ahead of everyone. And when faced with the choice between doing what's right and what's necessary, Ying will have to decide if her revenge is truly worthwhile, if it means going against everything her father stood for . . .
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Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen
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I couldn‘t resist getting this one in hardback for the #WhimsicalReadsBookClub.


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Gorgeous 💛 4d
Sace @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I totally bought it because of the cover. 4d
KateReadsYA The cover is amazing!!!!! 4d
Sace @KateReadsYA it‘s a beautiful edition! 4d
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Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen
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Read4life I already have my copy! 💙 1w
KateReadsYA @Read4life Me too! 🥰 I am so ready to dive in. 1w
brittanyreads Woohoo! 😆 1w
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Meshell1313 Sounds great! 1w
BookmarkTavern Woohoo! 🎉🎉🎉 1w
eskoch28 I totally knew this was going to win. I'm not mad about it 😂 1w
PageShifter I have this on hold now, we'll see if I get it soon enough 1w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! I already have this one from the library because I had gambled that it would be July's book 😂 1w
brittanyreads 😯!! I love a good book trailer! Thanks for sharing! This looks great! 1w
PageShifter Thanks for sharing! 1w
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Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen
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Fell for the cover


TrishB It‘s lovely ♥️ 2w
JazzFeathers It is very intriguing for sure! 2w
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Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen

I loved the premise of this story. Great south East Asian inspired story from a new author. Girl runs off to avenge her engineer father by joining the boy only Engineer Guild. Mulan feel. The romance did not fit. It didn‘t add anything, and was close to taking away from it. I wanted to see more of the Guild and her being anti-war. For being such a big war, we didn‘t really experience much that proved that. There was more room to grow potential.

Of Jade and Dragons | Amber Chen
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Eeeeeek! My June Owlcrate book has arrived and it is stunning! I'm obsessed with the dragon on the cover! And of course I just love how BLUE it is! 🩵💙🩵💙🩵 #owlcrate

wanderinglynn 😍 OwlCrate does make some gorgeous editions. 4w
AnnCrystal The color of those pages...🤩👍💝. 4w
BarbaraJean Gorgeous!! This cover looks SO much like 4w
Branwen @wanderinglynn They really do! 🥹 @AnnCrystal They're mesmerizing! 😀 @BarbaraJean Ooooh yes! I hadn't even noticed! You're so right! 4w
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