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Cinderella and the Duke
Cinderella and the Duke | Lydia Drake
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The clock strikes midnight with Lydia Drake's sparkling new Regency series that blends Pride and Prejudice and Cinderella into one romantic romp.
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Read for book tour review this week. I‘m giving it a soft pick for what it is, a Cinderella-ish Regency romance with spice🌶️🌶️🌶️What it isn‘t, despite the blurb on Litsy (& formerly on Amazon) is Cinderella meets Pride and Prejudice (which is why I agreed to the tour-so points off for that)☹️But it‘s a quick, cute read with some snarky humor & witty banter & a very likable heroine & a pretty good debut novel so if you like that sort of thing ⬇️

Leftcoastzen Where do all those shirts go?🤔 2mo
DebinHawaii @Leftcoastzen Right?! 🤣 She might have left a shoe at a party but he lost his whole shirt somewhere! 🤣🤣 2mo
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I spent more time sleeping this weekend than reading as after I shook my holiday bronchitis, I now have an ear infection/sore throat. Stupid immune system!😷 On the plus side, 5 years ago this weekend I ended up in the hospital after a severe asthma attack, so could be worse!

Anyway, in addition to finishing TUOHAM, I read the section for #SundayBuddyRead & am trying to catch up in Middlemarch for #PemberLittens ⬇️

DebinHawaii … but I‘m struggling with motivation for it, so we‘ll see. The top 3 books are started & will be my focus this week. The tagged I have a book tour review for Thursday. (Supposed to be a cross between Cinderella & Pride & Prejudice) The middle is for #SeriesLove2023 & The Dead Romantics, book 2 from my #AuldLangSpine 3mo
BarkingMadRead Oh no!! Feel better soon!! 3mo
DebinHawaii @BarkingMadRead Thanks! I am on antibiotics & feeling better this afternoon. 🤗 3mo
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TheBookHippie Oh no!!!! Rest rest rest hydrate!!! Ughhhhh. So so sorry. 3mo
Chrissyreadit Hope you continue with a rapid recovery ❤️ 3mo
Ruthiella Hope you feel better soon! ❤️ 3mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Oh no! Sending hugs and hope that you feel better soon! 3mo
Cinfhen Feel better ❤️‍🩹 hope you‘re back in full action soon!! 3mo
rockpools Oh no! Feel better soon 🌻 3mo
Laughterhp Hope you feel better soon! 3mo
BookBosomed1 I hope you feel better! 3mo
TheSpineView Feel better soon! 3mo
Andrew65 Hope you are feeling better soon. There are so many bugs around at the moment and all our immune systems seem to have been affected by COvID. Take things slowly and carefully and read when you feel able to. 3mo
Dragon Hope you‘re feeling better today. Take care and rest up. 💐💚🐉 3mo
rubyslippersreads Feel better soon! 😽 2mo
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