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The History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade
The History of the Medieval World: From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade | Susan Wise Bauer
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A masterful narrative of the Middle Ages, when religion became a weapon for kings all over the world. From the schism between Rome and Constantinople to the rise of the Tang Dynasty, from the birth of Muhammad to the crowning of Charlemagne, this erudite book tells the fascinating, often violent story of kings, generals, and the peoples they ruled. In her earlier work, The History of the Ancient World, Susan Wise Bauer wrote of the rise of kingship based on might. But in the years between the fourth and the twelfth centuries, rulers had to find new justification for their power, and they turned to divine truth or grace to justify political and military action. Right thus replaces might as the engine of empire. Not just Christianity and Islam but the religions of the Persians and the Germans, and even Buddhism, are pressed into the service of the state. This phenomenonstretching from the Americas all the way to Japanchanges religion, but it also changes the state.
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Trying to make up for my ignorance in many (MANY) areas. I learned a lot from this book.

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Starting my #LitsyPartyOfOne during lunch. Bonus points @MrBook for my Vanilla Coke 😜 I am already loving seeing all your posts. It's definitely making my work day so much better!!! More pics to come when I get home. 🤗 #HostPost

Cinfhen Like your hashtag #hostpost 💙💜💙 3y
Lynnsoprano Do I spy picadillo? 3y
Alisnazzy @Lynnsoprano si senora!!! ☺️ 3y
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Sraexx Oh, picadillo! 3y
MrBook 😁👏🏻🙌🏻 3y
diovival Vanilla Coke was my drink of choice when flying. Airlines don't serve it anymore. 😣 3y
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Lunchtime reading session. I'm hiding away in one of our file and supplies storage rooms. This is the best version of myself lol 😂

Skeebies05 Great shoes! 3y
rubyslippersreads You're wearing ruby slippers! 👠 3y
Donna_sBookMinute Click your heels three times . . . "There's nothing like reading. There's nothing like reading." 3y
Kangaj1 Love Susan Wise Bauer! 3y
ferskner I love your shoes! 3y
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The new job is awesome! But there definitely isn't going to be a lot of time for reading. I brought in this book because each chapter is pretty short, but deals with a specific area that's not necessarily connected to the next chapter, which makes for great short reading bursts. I've started to decorate my desk a bit and make it feel like home. ☺️

Notafraidofwords Starting a new job is so difficult. best of luck! 3y
Lmstraubie 👏👏👏 3y
Demanda Good Luck! What's the job? 3y
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mcipher Congrats on the new job! I can't imagine working somewhere where I can read, even in spurts - that is pretty cool that you can!! 3y
LukkiAnn Good luck with new job 🎊💃🏼💐 3y
minkyb Looking good! 3y
kspenmoll Your area looks homey! I cannot read at my job unless its what I am teaching; too busy with students. But I love my job; it entails reading on various levels all day, just not my pleasure reading. 😃❤Congrats on your job! 3y
Lynnsoprano Prague, of course 😍 3y
RealBooks4ever Wonderful! 💜 3y
auntie_jenn 😺 glad it's going well! 3y
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This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful to be able to enjoy this book in front of this beautiful fire. But even more so, I'm so incredibly #thankfulfor Litsy. I love you all. 2016 has been a complete dumpster fire for so many of us, but this community is by far the best group of people I've ever encountered. Thank you for being there for me when I felt so low. Have a wonderful, relaxing day, Littens. 💖💖💖💖💖

Nebklvr I feel very much the same way towards Litsy. So thankful. 3y
EloisaJames I too am so grateful--the community is lovely but I am also so greedily thankful for the big list of books I have yet to read. 3y
8little_paws It sure is! Great fireplace! 3y
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Matilda 💙 if only we could toss this year into the fire and start over! 3y
UwannaPublishme Ain't that the truth! So thankful for our Litsy family. 🤗💕 3y
MamaGina I don't have many bookish friends/family so I'm thankful for all you Littens❣ 3y
I-read-and-eat 💗❤ that looks super cozy! 3y
Owlizabeth ❤️ 3y
Lizpixie Thankful for all the support, understanding & kindred spirits on here. You guys rock🤘& that fire is fantastic!🔥 3y
KarenUK Well said 💕💕💕👍 3y
Zelma Looks so cozy! 3y
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My face when I thought little man was down for the night and I could commence on some much-needed reading time and I hear screaming start. Turned out he threw his Curious George book out of the crib and wanted it back. #ProudMommy

MrBook 😂👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻 3y
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When you try and get one more kitty picture for #internationalcatday and you have to settle for a picture of his profile because King Kitty couldn't be bothered with such trivial things. Also, does anyone know how long you can go with numb legs before it can cause permanent damage? I don't want to move fatso here until right before that becomes an issue 😹😹

Tanzy13 🐱 3y
Texreader Oh yes I know the feeling all the time from my girl, Midnight. Sheer love gets you through. 3y
MrBook 😻😻😻 3y
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Laalaleighh ??? "??" 3y
Hreynolds You're probably gonna pay for that 'fatso' comment 3y
Alisnazzy @Texreader the worst is when you have to get and you feel badly for disturbing them and also worry they won't come back to cuddle. Like I could really go for a cookie right now, but I think I'm stuck here 😹 3y
Alisnazzy @Hreynolds most likely. Lol 3y
Texreader @Ambrosnazzy oh yea I feel your pain. I'm normally having to go for a bowl of ice cream. Ooh that sounds good about now. 3y
CherylDeFranceschi 😻😘! 3y
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Taking full advantage of the break in Olympic action before prime time coverage, to read out on the balcony. Drizzling rain, an added bonus.

MrBook This is such a greatly calming picture ???. "I can see clearly now.." 3y
Alisnazzy @MrBook it's only calming because there aren't loud people in the pool 😅 thank you rain!!! 3y
MrBook 😆😂👍🏻👏🏻 I'm going to be starting this book on audio soon. The guy who narrates this series is out-of-this-world incredible! 3y
Alisnazzy @MrBook ooooohh yay!! That's good to know! 3y
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Decided to attack this monstrosity. Thanks a bunch to my wonderful mommy, @Lynnsoprano for letting me scavenge from her library. This will take me quite a while, especially with the Olympics happening. Cest la vie

ImaginativeMom All I seem to be able to read with the Olympics on is @Litsy. 😂🏅 3y
Alisnazzy @ImaginativeMom this is the most accurate statement I've seen or heard all day 😂 3y
ImaginativeMom 😂😂😂😂 3y
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Oblomov26 Tried to read her "Ancient World" book and found myself asking why all the biblical references? Then I found that it was a home schooling text. Afraid I bailed - religious history fascinates me, religion in my history less so 3y
Alisnazzy @Oblomov26 ugh. I hope it's not the same way in this book. I agree with your point about religion. 3y
Lynnsoprano It's impossible to write a medieval history that doesn't include religious history. But you get everything here, because she covers so much more than Europe. 3y
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I never know what I'll be in the mood to read on any given day, so compiling a TBR pile for a whole month seems disingenuous of me. So I'll post a book that I'd like to read after my current book is finished. As this is 667 pages of history, it could very well be my August TBR pile 😅

Texreader @Ambrosnazzy I feel the same way! Sometimes I want to stay in the same genre when I finish a book and sometimes I want to go a totally different direction. I never know until I finish a book, if then. That's the thrill of the ride known as the endless tbr list! 3y
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