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All Done by Kindness
All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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FYI #furrowedmiddlebrowclub and other fans of FMB and Dean Street Press. From the Facebook group.

Ruthiella Awesome news! 😃 6mo
LeahBergen Eeee! How exciting! 👏👏 6mo
batsy Lovely! 6mo
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MaureenMc 🙌👏🙌 6mo
jlhammar Very exciting! 6mo
Kimzey Yay! Hoping for more Furrowed Middlebrow! 6mo
elkeOriginal Good info! I was looking online for anything but don‘t facebook - so thanks for keeping us posted! 6mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Now I‘ve got some reading time again I am trying to catch up with some buddy reads. #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub was number 1 priority and it was a great read. I really enjoyed the skullduggery on both sides of the deal but I think my favourite bit was the “Anti-da-Vinci” meeting.

batsy Glad you enjoyed it, too! It was a fun read. 8mo
Lizpixie Hi lovely!👋😘♥️ 8mo
jlhammar It really was a great read! And that meeting was just too good 😂 So glad you've got some reading time again. Hope that continues. 8mo
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BarbaraBB Good to learn you have reading time again! 8mo
Ruthiella Glad you are finding time again to read. Skullduggery is right. 😂 8mo
willaful That scene killed me. Seems like people never change! 8mo
squirrelbrain Good to hear you‘re finding time for yourself again. 8mo
LeahBergen I‘m so glad you‘re able to read again and that you enjoyed this one, too! ❤️ 8mo
quietjenn I'm glad you found time for it! That was a great scene and I love the way you describe the book. 🙂 8mo
kwmg40 Glad you enjoyed this one. I did too! 8mo
Rissreads Yay for more reading time! I haven‘t been on Litsy much lately, so much to do! But I do hope everything is starting to settle down for you with your parents etc, I know how tough it is. X 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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I absolutely agree with all the others‘ reviews on this book - such a delight! Entertaining, great characterisations, fun plot, and humorous. Two thumbs up!

jlhammar Yay! I loved that Dr. Sandilands was calling their little dinner party at the end “the conspirators‘ dinner.” 😆 9mo
quietjenn So glad this was a hit for us all 😃 9mo
Cathythoughts That‘s great Jessie 👍🏻❤️ 9mo
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Ruthiella Yes, it was a delight! I‘m curious now about the other two novels we‘ve not read yet from her which are also published by DSP. 🤔 (edited) 9mo
LeahBergen We all seemed to like this one! 👏👏 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm @Ruthiella More books to be stacked on our tbr 😁 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm @LeahBergen yes, we all enjoyed it 👍. I‘m so glad my last #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub read for the year was a Pick. I won‘t be able to join in on the Nov read, as I do not have a copy..with BD being closed, it‘s difficult (and costly) to get some books over here. 9mo
LeahBergen Oh, that‘s too bad. Have you tried Blackwell‘s? They ship to Canada for free and they may ship to you for free, as well. 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ll look them up. Thanks! @LeahBergen 9mo
CarolynM It was humorous, wasn‘t it? I‘m definitely going to read her other FMB titles @Ruthiella Hope you‘ll be able to join in the November read, Jessie😘 8mo
Ruthiella Per the website, Blackwell‘s does ship worldwide for “free” (ie included in the price of the book). I hope this is an option for you and @batsy now that BD is no more. 🤞 8mo
batsy @Ruthiella @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you, yes Blackwells seem to ship for free but the price mark-up is also considerable. I guess BD was kind of "subsiding" books to our part of the world, in a way, and it might have come at a considerable cost elsewhere. It's all a bit broken isn't it, the system. But thankfully FM is available on Kindle and that's been a lifesaver ? 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 9mo
TheSpineView Great job! 9mo
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LeahBergen Wasn‘t it fun? I‘m so glad you read along with us! 9mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! 9mo
Ruthiella Agree! This one was a total blast. 😃 9mo
jlhammar It really was the perfect mix. Just a pleasure to read. So glad you enjoyed it! 9mo
Andrew65 Excellent 👏👏👏 9mo
kwmg40 @LeahBergen @Ruthiella @jlhammar I'm so happy that I discovered this book and others from the publisher through the #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub. I've enjoyed all the ones I've read so far. 9mo
CarolynM The perfect mix! Yes! 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Now that I‘ve seen Doris, I can‘t help picturing her as Stephanie. And Lorenzo looks pretty crabby about what‘s happening to his pictures.

I enjoyed this, but my favorite part was Sir Harry‘s well-deserved punishment—being married to bossy Beatrix.


@quietjenn @Jess_Read_This @Kimzey @erzascarletbookgasm @catebutler @CarolynM @LeahBergen @elkeOriginal @batsy @Tamra @Cathythoughts @jlhammar @Ruthiella @willaful

Ruthiella Doris would make a perfect Stephanie du Plessis! I think someone like Lorenzo the Magnificent would be pleased with the ultimate outcome and want as many people as possible to admire him posthumously. 9mo
jlhammar Yes! Love the collage. Sir Harry getting his comeuppance the way he did was just perfect 😆 9mo
LeahBergen Haha! Yes, Harry had it coming! 9mo
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rubyslippersreads @Ruthiella I‘m sure Lorenzo would be happy with the outcome, but not being stuffed in a trunk all those years and then being considered junk. 🤣 9mo
willaful The only problem with that punishment is that bossy Beatrix gets rewarded. 😂 9mo
quietjenn I was waiting the entire book for them both to get what they deserved. A life yoked together seems fitting all around! 9mo
rubyslippersreads @willaful True, but I dislike Sir Harry even more than Beatrix. 😄 9mo
rubyslippersreads @quietjenn It does. I think Mrs. Rose dodged a bullet. 😂 9mo
batsy He did have it coming! 😆 9mo
CarolynM Everyone got what they deserved😆 8mo
Cathythoughts Yes ! Good point. 😂 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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I‘m agreeing with all the other #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub reviews. I enjoyed it ! Yes , the whole Scooby-Doo adventure @batsy 😂. I agree with some it was a bit slow to start , but the start was my favourite part. For a scooby- do , it caused a bit of uneasiness. I love the title of this book , it feels like the cosy blanket covering this cosy mystery with warmth and kindness.

EverydayImReading I love this review @Cathythoughts ❤️Im sold. Stacking 🎉 9mo
Cathythoughts @EverydayImReading Thanks Sinead , I hope you will like it. ♥️ 9mo
TrishB Lovely review ♥️ 9mo
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Cathythoughts @TrishB Thanks Trish X 9mo
batsy Nice review! Yes, an anxiety-inducing Scooby Doo caper 😆 9mo
Ruthiella The whole plot is set in motion because of the kindness of Dr. Sandilands and I was very much worried he would be duped and taken advantage of! 9mo
squirrelbrain Sounds wonderful! ❤️ 9mo
Cathythoughts @batsy You nailed it with the ‘ Scooby - Doo ‘ ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 9mo
Cathythoughts @Ruthiella Oh me too , Dr Sandilands ❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
Cathythoughts @squirrelbrain It‘s a good one 👍🏻❤️ 9mo
jlhammar I agree, the title is just perfect. Great review! So glad you enjoyed it. 9mo
Tamra I‘ve been missing you here! 🤗 9mo
Cathythoughts @jlhammar It‘s a great title. X 9mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra Thankyou X And I‘ve been missing you too ! ♥️ I havnt had as much time since I properly retired … that‘s either a good thing … or age 🙄😂. Either way , I hope to stay in touch more. (edited) 9mo
Tamra @Cathythoughts I didn‘t know you fully retired - Yayyyyy🎉🥳🍾 I hear exactly that, people are busier after they “retire” so I‘m not at all surprised. 😉 9mo
andrew61 Sounds like a fun read Cathy. Enjoy your retirement once the dust has settled. 9mo
LeahBergen Lovely review, Cathy! I liked the first part the best, too (the discovery of what‘s in the trunk, etc). 9mo
willaful Yes, I was afraid it was going to make me too anxious. I had to read a review to make sure everything would be okay. 😳 9mo
Cathythoughts @Tamra Yes it‘s funny. A friend of mine retired recently and says she doesn‘t know how she found the time to work 😂X (edited) 9mo
Cathythoughts @andrew61 ThanksAndrew! I think I will. I hope all is well with you and yours. X 9mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Yes the first part was lovely before all the drama started 👍🏻❤️ 9mo
Cathythoughts @willaful I know !! And I love a full blown thriller , but this was such a cosy read and I wanted to warn these lovely people 9mo
CarolynM Lovely review and picture😍 Congratulations on your retirement 🎉 I‘ve missed everyone‘s news over the last few months but hoping to catch up now. I hope you‘ve been busy with good things💕 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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🥲 I‘m having trouble concentrating. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I am going to hit pause on this one and let it idle on my TBR.

I love Dr. George‘s character and can‘t bear the thought of him being cheated - nor old Mrs. Hovenden. 💙

“Why couldn‘t people see the pattern of life whole? Youth, maturity, and age, they were all equally entitled to the opportunities of happiness.”


batsy I highlighted that same quote! Love how it's expressed. 9mo
jlhammar Great quote! The doctor really is a lovely man. Better to find something that is working for you right now. You can always return to this if/when the mood strikes. 9mo
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Ruthiella I understand. @quietjenn expressed similar anxiety about beloved characters. I felt that too, but I promise you, one you get over that hump, the plot just rolls out. @batsy compared the underdogs to the Scooby gang, but an A-Team analogy works too with Hannibal‘s “I love it when a plan comes together “, 9mo
LeahBergen Sometimes you just have to hit pause and move on to something more enjoyable to you. 🥰 9mo
quietjenn Understandable! If it helps, I feel like Moore was equally fond of her characters. But, do what feels right. 9mo
Cathythoughts I love your new profile pic , lovely ! Hitting pause is a good idea 👍🏻 I did enjoy this one , must put up a little review I‘m way behind. 😘 (edited) 9mo
Tamra @Cathythoughts thank you! 😘 I went with a purple splash of color this time. This summer it was teal for a bit of fun. 9mo
CarolynM Have you come back to this yet? I think you‘ll be happy with how it turns out🙂 8mo
Tamra @CarolynM not yet - I‘m sure I will at some point. My recreational reading has taken a hit! I‘m glad you liked it and that is motivation for me to finish. 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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What‘s better than an art heist caper? A middlebrow art heist caper!

I‘m going to echo what the rest of you have already said in your reviews of this #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub pick; it was a thoroughly enjoyable and delightfully suspenseful read (and I enjoyed it even more than the last one we read by this author).

What do you all think of the illustration of the trunk on the cover of my edition? I can see several items that were mentioned! 😆

catebutler Love your vintage edition Leah! I‘m about half way through and really enjoying it! So happy this one was picked! 🩷 9mo
jlhammar Absolutely love that cover!! Delightfully suspenseful indeed. And what a great ending 😆 9mo
willaful Ah, love those old editions. Perfect #furrowedmiddlebrow 9mo
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Kimzey Love the photo and the review! 9mo
Tamra Perfect cover art! 9mo
Leftcoastzen Wow loving that cover! 9mo
quietjenn Love the cover. Everyone just forgets about the broken vase and the manuscript 😅 I like this one better too and am insanely curious about her others, which sounds totally different. 9mo
Ruthiella Love that cover! 😍 I remember liking My Caravaggio but maybe because the main character was so annoying, I like this one better? 9mo
batsy That's a fantastic cover! Suits the book so well. I preferred this to My Caravaggio, as well. 9mo
elkeOriginal Gorgeous edition! Amazing bookshelves! You kill me, lady 📚💗 9mo
kspenmoll Love the cover, even though I haven‘t read the book! 9mo
Cathythoughts I love the trunk on your book cover. Treasures 💫 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm Great edition! I love your shelves as well 😍 9mo
CarolynM That‘s a beautiful edition😍 Appropriate for a lovely book. 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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What a terrific #furrowedmiddlebrowclub selection! Although I don't think I've ever felt so nervous reading a FMB book before! Everything was just so well done, with wonderful characters, inventive and sometimes very unexpected plotting, and just the right amount of romance. A very enthusiastic pick.

LeahBergen I was nervous, too! 😆😆 I was rooting for that family the whole time I was reading. 9mo
jlhammar Same! I felt very invested and was so hoping for a happy and just outcome. It really was terrific. 9mo
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Ruthiella So much that I did NOT see coming! I loved how it all wrapped up. 9mo
batsy Yes, I felt somewhat anxious about how it was all going to pan out 😅 It was a well done ending! 9mo
Cathythoughts Great review! Yes I felt the nerves too. I wanted justice 👍🏻❤️ 9mo
CarolynM Great review🙂 I‘m so enthusiastic about this one I‘ve passed it on to my husband to read! 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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This was such a treat, and it affirmed my belief that most things can be overcome if you assemble a little Scooby-Doo gang with which to do it! I liked the underdog elements of Stephanie and Arnold, and the good doctor at the cusp of being defrauded came off like a Trollope character. The romance angle made me root for the two in question—a rare feat, now that I'm old and cynical! Witty, but also sweet and tender. #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub

Kimzey Great review! Thanks! 9mo
Tamra I‘m behind, but enjoying it nonetheless! Definitely love the underdog element. 😁 9mo
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jlhammar Scooby-Doo gang 😂- love it. I, too, was surprised to find myself rooting for the romance. Fab review! 9mo
batsy @Kimzey Thank you! 9mo
batsy @Tamra That's my favourite bit! Enjoy the rest of the book 😁 9mo
batsy @jlhammar 😆 Yes, the romance bit was sweet and mature, nothing too cloying. 9mo
LeahBergen They ARE like a Scooby Doo gang! 😆 I should be finishing it today. 9mo
Ruthiella Scooby Doo! 😂😂😂 He would have gotten away with it, if it weren‘t for those meddling kids. 😜 9mo
Cathythoughts Lovely review 👍🏻❤️ The good doctor ❤️ I really enjoyed, must put up my review too X 9mo
quietjenn Indeed - every underdog needs a gang of conspirators 😅 9mo
Itchyfeetreader What a great review - stacking on principle ! 9mo
Aimeesue Scooby Doo gang! Exactly! 😄 9mo
elkeOriginal Love this review! 9mo
batsy @LeahBergen @Ruthiella @quietjenn @Aimeesue I'm glad we're all on the same page re: the necessity of a Scooby gang 😁 9mo
batsy @Cathythoughts Yes, the good doctor! Glad you enjoyed it too, Cathy. Look forward to your review ❤️ 9mo
catebutler Love your review and tie to Trollope! I definitely agree!! 9mo
batsy @catebutler Thank you! As @Cathythoughts said, the good doctor ... it feels so Trollopeian 😁 9mo
Suet624 All of the reviews on this one make me want to read it! 9mo
batsy @Suet624 It's a cute book. A bit slow to start but it gets going once it does. 9mo
CarolynM Lovely review 💕 I didn‘t think of it at the time, but you‘re right, Dr Sandilands was quite reminiscent of the Warden. 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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This was fun. 😃 It took a bit for the story to get set up but once it did, it was full speed ahead. A kindly GP financially aids one of his elderly patients and she insists on his taking a chest of old paintings in exchange. Is it a bunch of junk, as his daughter insists? Or could it be priceless Renaissance art as the local librarian suspects? Plots and counter plots ensue, with a little romance thrown in to the mix.

batsy Cute collage! I'm looking forward to spending some time with it tonight and seeing how it resolves. 9mo
Kimzey Can‘t wait to get into it! 9mo
jlhammar Love that collage! Such a fun read. 9mo
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LeahBergen I like your collage! And I‘m enjoying the books so far, too. 😊 9mo
Ruthiella @batsy I really liked how I had no idea how the story would pan out in the end. 9mo
Ruthiella @Kimzey I think you will enjoy it! 9mo
Ruthiella @jlhammar Thanks! This was really amusing! Love how it all came together at the end. 😂 9mo
Ruthiella @LeahBergen Thanks! I think this one might be for me a top favorite of all the DSP so far. 9mo
quietjenn Great collage! I am very much enjoying this, but it's also given me so much anxiety 😰 9mo
Tamra I can‘t see where it‘s going or how it will end, which is fun! 9mo
Ruthiella @quietjenn I know what you mean! It made me anxious too at first! 😂 9mo
Ruthiella @Tamra I know, right? I loved that! 9mo
Cathythoughts Nice review 👍🏻❤️ I really enjoyed. 9mo
Aimeesue Great review! The comic made me laugh. 😄 9mo
Aimeesue @quietjenn Yes! I had to put it down last night because I was getting nervous and I was afraid it would keep me awake! 😄 9mo
Ruthiella @Aimeesue It‘s such a perfect comic for this book! 😂 9mo
Ruthiella @Cathythoughts Thanks 😊 9mo
CarolynM Lovely review and I love the cartoon🤣 Have you seen the film The Duke? It‘s based on a true story of a theft of a painting from the Nation Gallery in London. 8mo
Ruthiella @CarolynM I have not seen that film but will check it out! 👍 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Old trunks in an attic? Art? A plucky librarian researching the contents? I mean, how great does that sound? And it delivers!

Such a fun and pleasant read. Compelling plot, humor and fantastic characters. Definitely a pick!


LeahBergen I‘m just a couple of chapters in now and thoroughly enjoying it! 9mo
catebutler A few chapters in and I‘m loving it!! 9mo
Ruthiella Once the plot gets going, it is a fun ride! I still have 8 chapters left and anything could happen. 😀 9mo
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Aimeesue It‘s a wild ride! 9mo
julieclair Looking forward to starting this one! 9mo
Kimzey Sounds good! 9mo
batsy Nicely summed up! I'm a few chapters away from the end and it's been a lovely, chaotic ride 😁 9mo
quietjenn So many good elements and it's all working! Although I had to stop reading last night because it was making me so nervous. Can't wait to get back to it though! 9mo
jlhammar @quietjenn Yes, definitely nerve-racking! Hope you enjoy the rest! 9mo
Cathythoughts Yes ! Definitely a pick. Great review X 9mo
CarolynM Very much a pick for me. It was such a good read🙂 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore

“For a moment or two Quiller toyed dizzily with the idea of double-crossing the man who had made him wear running shorts.“

“He himself was so far from having any pretensions of being an amateur that he could not even claim to know what he liked.“


willaful What a hoot! It was like a more proper, British precursor to Donald Westlake.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry over the meeting of DaVinci conspiracy theoriests. The more things change...
jlhammar 😂 A total hoot! Such a fun read. Just finished last night. Hope to post my review soon. 9mo
Ruthiella Yes! I also thought about conspiracy theorists today when I read the chapter with the anti-da Vinci society! 😂 9mo
CarolynM I loved the conspiracy theorists. They made me think of the people who don‘t believe Shakespeare wrote those plays 🥴 8mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Death mask of Lorenzo “the Magnificent” de‘Medici

So enjoying this book so far! About halfway through. Had to see for myself the death mask they were using as comparison. I feel very invested in the fate of the Hovenden collection. Loving librarian Stephanie du Plessis and her passionate research.


batsy Great pic, thanks for sharing. I was also looking it up because it's a fascinating topic. I'm only a few chapters in so far and enjoying it! 9mo
Ruthiella I still need to start, but I do l love a book that sends me to the internet for research purposes! 👍 9mo
willaful I'm also about halfway through and would love to keep going tonight, but tablet reading is too hard on my eyes. Very engrossing story. 9mo
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LeahBergen I should be home from my summer travelling tomorrow and will be able to pluck this one off my shelves! 9mo
erzascarletbookgasm I‘ll start after I finished my current read. @Ruthiella I love that kind of books too! 9mo
Cathythoughts I‘m really enjoying this one. Lovely characters. Loving Stephanie too. ❤️ 9mo
Tamra Love the doctor - how he definitely knew he didn‘t like the “Victorian horror” that was Mrs. Hovenden‘s home. 9mo
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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Repost for @Ruthiella

Hey reading friends! Tomorrow is September 1 and time for us to start our bi-monthly #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub read. I‘m curious about it because our previous read from Moore in 2021, “My Caravaggio Style” was more farcical and less cosy than I anticipated. She‘s an interesting author.
As usual, we aim to finish mid month, but feel free to post as is convenient. If anyone not tagged wants to join in, please do!

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All Done by Kindness: A Novel | Doris Langley Moore
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Hey reading friends! Tomorrow is September 1 and time for us to start our bi-monthly #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub read. I‘m curious about it because our previous read from Moore in 2021, “My Caravaggio Style” was more farcical and less cosy than I anticipated. She‘s an interesting author. What will this new novel bring? 🤔

As usual, we aim to finish mid month, but feel free to post as is convenient. If anyone not tagged wants to join in, please do!

LeahBergen I‘m also curious how this one will read. Looking forward to it! 10mo
batsy Yes, Caravaggio was quite different in tone and style so it will be fun to see what this one will be like! 10mo
Kimzey Thanks for the reminder. I have my copy and am ready to go! 10mo
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jlhammar Can‘t wait to get started! 10mo
rubyslippersreads Looking forward to this. Also, for anyone in the US who doesn‘t already have a copy, it‘s available on Hoopla. 10mo
catebutler Looking forward to this! 10mo
quietjenn Super curious about this one, so looking forward to diving in. 10mo
elkeOriginal It is now on top of the bedside TBR stack! 10mo
Sparklemn Starting it tonight! 10mo
Cathythoughts Thankyou! I must get my copy ready 👍🏻😁 10mo
Tamra Thank you for the reminder and I‘ve got it ready to go on Kindle! 10mo
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