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Keep Me Still
Keep Me Still: Special Edition | Caisey Quinn
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New Adult Romance contains MA 17+ content. Layla Flaherty had the perfect life, or close to it. Until a stranger gunned her parents down right in front of her, leaving her with seizure inducing PTSD. After years of trying to pass as normal and failing miserably, she resigns herself to being invisible. But new to town Landen O'Brien sees her, and he likes what he sees. Much to Layla's surprise, he doesn't freak out when she has a seizure in front of him. He does the exact opposite, calming her until the tremors subside. But Landen has secrets of his own. Secrets that both bind them together and tear them apart. Scarred by loss, Layla leaves her hometown of Hope Springs, Georgia, hoping to put her painful past behind her and start over in college in California. When she runs into Landen at freshmen orientation, she has a choice to make. Reinforce those steel walls she's built up around herself or give the only boy who can keep her still a second chance. Landen's more than ready to tear down those walls but this time when they come crashing down, they might bury her.
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How I woke up this morning I'm so thankful I had him with when the house got on fire. I'm missing my other stuff and of course our house and I'm so sad that I lost all of my book collections but everything happens for a reason even if we don't always know what it is.

DaveGreen7777 I‘m so sorry about the fire but I‘m glad you all escaped unharmed! ❤️ 3mo
audraelizabeth Books are replaceable for the most part. Pets and humans are not. 3mo
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Scochrane26 Let us know if we can help replace books. 3mo
BookNAround I‘m so glad you had your little fur boy so close to you and that you‘re all okay. 3mo
Come-read-with-me @brit91 Glad that you‘re safe. Things can be replaced -you and you loved ones can‘t. Be well. 3mo
Catsandbooks So glad you guys are OK! I can't even imagine what you are going through. If you need anything please let me know! 💕 sending love! 3mo
AmyRebecca Thinking of you and hoping you are ok as you put the pieces back together. 3mo
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It's a very sad and bad day for me and my husband our house burned down last night we lost everything! I thank God we were not home and that our animals are ok! I actually had Dixie with us last night when it happened most of the time I leave him at home so I feel so very blessed and lucky. Everything else is stuff and can be replaced.

Birdsong28 So sorry for your loss but at least all of you are safe. Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️😘📚📖 3mo
VioletBramble I‘m so sorry about your home. Glad to hear that you and your animals are safe. Sending hugs and good vibes to get you through this trying time. 3mo
Jemmygem Sending you love and light 3mo
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ulrichyumiodd Oh no! That‘s awful! Glad to know everyone is okay, though, including the animals. That‘s the most important! 3mo
Jari-chan So sorry to hear that! But I'm happy that at least you're all ok. Sending you all lots of love and strength 💗 3mo
TheSpineView 😧 So sorry! Glad to hear all family members are OK. Hugs!💓 3mo
Jb2003 I am so sorry to hear that. Glad everyone is alright, including your animals! 3mo
MamaGina Glad you are all ok!!! 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry 💔 I‘m glad you guys are ok.. sending you lots of love from MS... 3mo
plemmdog How horrible. So sorry to hear this 3mo
JessClark78 So sorry for your loss. Glad everyone is okay. 💔❤️ 3mo
EllieDottie I‘m so sorry! Sending love! 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that everyone was safe. It's still hard to lose the stuff that everyone tells you are “just things“. Best wishes as you work through this! 3mo
Librarybelle I am so sorry! So glad everyone is okay! 3mo
CaitZ Oh no! I'm so sorry you lost your home, but relieved to hear you, your husband, and the pets are all safe. Wishing you strength as you deal with this 3mo
Suetara So sorry to hear that. Glad that all are ok. 3mo
Dawnrod1970 So sorry, glad that everyone is ok. 3mo
cobwebmoth I'm so sorry! I'm glad you were safe. 3mo
sprainedbrain Oh no! That‘s horrible. I‘m so sorry, but very glad that you are all ok. 3mo
Kaila-ann I‘m so sorry!! 💔 3mo
Gaylagal2 So awful for you and family...so sorry! Is there anything from our Litsy community that we can do for you? Send anything, do anything? Your for sure in my thoughts ❤️🤙🥰 3mo
Reggie Omg, I‘m so sorry to hear this but am glad ya‘ll are alright. 3mo
NeedsMoreBooks So sorry to hear that. Glad that you all are safe and sound. 3mo
Reading_in_the_meadow I'm so sorry but thankful no one was hurt. You have an amazing attitude about the rest just being "stuff" that can be replaced. You and your family are in my prayers. 3mo
Smrloomis Glad you are all safe but very sorry to hear this. I‘m sure it‘s very stressful and upsetting. Sending you some good thoughts! 💕💕💕 3mo
sblbooks I just saw this post, I'm so sorry! Thank God everyone is okay though, and I'm so glad you had your kitty with you. 3mo
Come-read-with-me @brit91 This is so horrible - can‘t imagine what you‘re going through. You‘re in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏🏻 3mo
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My wild and crazy Saturday night!😍📚😻

Catsandbooks The best kind in my opinion! 🙌🏼🐱 4mo
Scochrane26 Black cats are so cute! 4mo
ladym30 Adorable!❤️ 4mo
texasgirl That‘s the best kinda night, getting to hang out at home with our little ones and read eat or watch tv and be in jammies, nothing better ❣️ 3mo
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Some people have watch dogs... I have a watch cat!🤣😹😍😻📚

KristenDuck This is adorable!! 4mo
Darklunarose Somethings got her attention big time! 4mo
Texreader Awwww 😻 4mo
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Crazeedi Great photo!😽 4mo
LiteraryinLititz Your cat looks extra tall/long in this picture! 4mo
Branwen Ahahaha! He's so nosy and cute! 😻 4mo
texasgirl He is definitely watching out👏 4mo
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