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The Giftionary
The Giftionary: An A-Z Reference Guide for Solving Your Gift-Giving Dilemmas . . . Forever! | Robyn Spizman
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This ultimate quick-reference problem-solver is for anyone who has ever been stumped at the prospect of buying the perfect gift.
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1. "Real" books with pages.
2. Entertaining a crap ton of relatives!
3. Sure!
4. "It's a Wonderful Life"
5. Okey dokey!
#friyayintro #christmas #bookme

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I think this is now everything for the #Nightmare4Christmas swap and the #StuffedStockingSwap 😁 For #MakerSwap, I just need to finish one gift and wait for a book to arrive 🤞🏼

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In honour of #Nightmare4Christmas, I‘m bringing back my #GiftSwapSurvey so everyone can get to know each other 💀👻 My answers are⤵️

♦️ Feel free to share your answers even if you aren‘t participating in the swap ♦️

teebe 💀 There‘s a lot but... The Exorcist (book&movie) and 🎥: Candyman, Return of the Living Dead, Prom Night II
💀 Supernatural, gothic, zombies.. anything. I also have a thing for post-apocalyptic and dystopian stories but those aren‘t always horror.
💀 As a kid, my bogeyman was Freddy Krueger.
💀 Ghosts/demons, creepy kids
💀 I‘ll read anything. I don‘t mind gore.
💀 I have a lot of t-shirts, figures and art/posters from horror movies.
(edited) 4y
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I‘ve been MIA lately, thanks to school and job hunting, and I have a million book reviews to add (and hopefully good news to report) soon. But I‘m the meantime, @Eggs your #sockswap package headed out on Tuesday and should be at your doorstep in a day or two. In my hurry to get it to you, I forgot to take a picture of the package but it has definitely been sent. 😊

Eggs Thanks @TommieMarie74 ! Excited to know that❣️❣️❣️ 5y
Eggs @TommieMarie74 The #sockswap package arrived safely today ❣️❣️ 5y
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I know this is several days late but only just remembered to do it!
⚀ Cheesy 90s pop but just recently been listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat.
⚁ Dick King-Smith, Lucy Daniels & Caroline Lawrence before discovering JK Rowling!
⚂ Books
⚃ Something personalised - I'm doing my Dad a CD of his favourite tunes for his 60th birthday
⚄ Something warm with a breeze

@Seekingtardis #magicalmonday

Seekingtardis I am living for The Greatest Showman right now!!!! 5y
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Ummmm how perfect is this wrapping paper for #secretsantagoespostal #wintersolsticebookexchange ??

MrBook 👌🏻👌🏻 5y
Maike 😄 this is so good 5y
Avanders Love it! 🎁🎄♥️ 5y
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Ok here we go!
Used or new 🎄series and stand alones 🎄tea and hot chocolate 🎄candles 🎄bright and neutral colors 🎄socks and blankets 🎄 no Pop figures


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Another week, another #GiftSwapSurvey? I'm enjoying reading everyone's answers and I thought a lit-focused one would be nice 📚🎅🏼 My answers will be ⤵️

#SecretSantaGoesPostal #WinterSolsticeBookExchange #SSGPThisorThat #geekygraphicnovelswap #bookswap #bookmarkswap

teebe ⚡️Fantasy, YA, horror, magical realism, history, memoirs, graphic novels/comics, post apocalyptic and dystopian stories. I once told a friend that our fave type of books can be described as "and then shit got weird." But I'll read just about anything.
⚡️Maggie Stiefvater. Not my all time fave but I admire her writing style the most. She can blend whimsy and practicality beautifully, and she has such a clever way of phrasing things.
(edited) 5y
teebe ⚡️Love triangles, books where romance is the only story, anything by Cassandra Clare, Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer
⚡️More scifi and mystery
⚡️New Moon. She spends almost the whole book pining for a dude and doing literally nothing
⚡️Tagged at random: @Clwojick @scripturient @BarbaraTheBibliophage @Robothugs
Clwojick Thanks for the tag! I was just thinking I might make another one of these surveys today! I've heard a lot of Littens are loving them. 💕 5y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Thanks for the tag - I‘m at work but I‘ll start on this one as I can! 💙💜 5y
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🛁 bath bombs
💄 I like it all (eos, NYX)
👩🏼 LOVE face masks
💅🏻 I never paint my nails myself
🕶 I don‘t accessorize much more than my Alex and Ani bracelets. Although I do love a good graphic tee!

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1. Bombs
2. Gloss
3. Yes
4. Pink and purple
5. Necklace

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I should have included it as a question for the #GiftSwapSurvey but I didn't think of it until now. So just to put it out there for anyone who may have me for #SecretSantaGoesPostal #geekygraphicnovelswap #bookmarkswap or the #LitsyAroundTheWorld exchange, I totally don't mind receiving secondhand items (books or otherwise) or receiving handmade items. 👍🏼

Bookzombie Did you draw that?! 5y
Bookzombie So talented!!! 💗 5y
teebe @Bookzombie thanks! 5y
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1. Depends on my mood 😊 Currently purple and greens/teals.
2. Hiking, swimming, bullet journaling, engaging in social justice issues, puzzles, tea
3. First to mind: Homegoing, The Hate U Give, and authors Barbara Kingsolver and Susannah Kearsley, Louise Penny.
4. Contemporary Fiction, YA Fiction, Mystery, Non-fiction
5. Coffee and I don't use candles
6. I walked 550 miles across Spain a few years ago
7. GoodReads link is in my profile

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1. Green, navy, purple, gray, burgundy, other blues
2. Stationary, pens, bookmarks, movies, candles, diffusers, coffee, chocolate, coloring books, cats, llamas, penguins, bears
3. So hard - The Grapes of Wrath
4. Horror, westerns, romance, historical fiction, literary fiction, nonfiction, humor, GN, YA
5. Self-help, religious, licorice, Lima beans
6. I love brussel sprouts
7. My GR link is in my profile
8. Everyone

Bookzombie Disclaimer: I enjoy completing these surveys. I think they are fun and I like learning about other Littens from them. However, to my match, current or future, please do not let these make you feel pressured. I‘m going to love whatever thoughtful items you decide to send me. 🙂 (edited) 5y
TheKidUpstairs I like your disclaimer, I think I may have to steal that! AND, I LOVE Brussels Sprouts too!!! When they're cooked properly, they're delicious! 5y
Bookzombie @TheKidUpstairs Thanks! Feel free to use it. I just want us to all have fun. 😀 5y
robinb @Bookzombie AMEN, very well said and totally agree!!! ❤️ 5y
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1. Purple and green
2. Scarves, socks, hot teas, mugs (anything hygge)
3. This is always so hard to answer... Lamb by Christopher Moore
4. Fantasy
5. Books about modern wars, soldiers, death, violence (anything depressing or upsetting)
6. I love vampires
7. List is under construction at the moment. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1OSCT2615WW0T
8. @Riveted_Reader_Melissa

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Stand alone
Tea or Hot Chocolate

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1. 💜💚
2. All things books
3. The Bone People
4. Literary Fiction & Sci-fi/Fantasy
5. Violence for violence‘s sake, gore, love shapes, female characters who are primarily defined by their love relationships or lack thereof
6. I love fun themed socks (esp book themed ones)
7. I am either redjewel_7734 or Julie Rogers on social media. The best media for stalking are Litsy & Goodreads
8. @ScorpioBookDreams @Lmstraubie @Melmar

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1. I love black, bright pink and leopard print
2. Candles, running, food, candy, my dog and cat (and sometimes my kids)
3. ?
4. Murder, thriller, mystery, humor, Southern stories and some non-fiction (i would like to read a Mary Roach book)
5. Fantasy, romance books, peppermint
6. I am a professional fundraiser, fighting heart disease and stroke. I‘ve raised over $14 million in my career
7. Goodreads has my TBR

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1. Pink, purple, blue
2. Snoopy, traveling, going out to dinner
3. The Great Gatsby
4. Fiction, historical fiction, mystery
5. Politics, sappy romance novels
6. Currently watching Lala Land and am a little bored lol
7. I'm on goodreads as momtoconnor
8. Ill tag my last swap partner @robinb #giftswapsurvey #ssgpthisorthaf

robinb Thanks @Jerdencon ! 5y
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There's so many swaps going on now, and I've written my interests so often I've no idea if I'm being consistent or helpful. So I devised a little something to make the stalking easier! Please share and tag someone! #GiftSwapSurvey 🎅🏼 My answers are ⤵️

EDIT: I know it's not a this or that but I'll tag it #SSGPThisOrThat in case anyone wants to use it.

#SecretSantaGoesPostal #geekygraphicnovelswap #bookmarkswap #LitsyAroundTheWorld

teebe ⚡️💜💚
⚡️Cinema, horror, art/DIY, old Hollywood, dogs, funky earrings, graphic novels, stationery, plants, travel, history, knowledge.
⚡️HP (Ravenclaw!), Tuck Everlasting, The Prophet
(edited) 5y
teebe ⚡️fantasy, magical realism, horror, memoirs
⚡️watermelon or pumpkin flavoured things, pink, flower-scented things, bugs
⚡️I collect old cameras, bookmarks, and HP/ Sailor Moon POPs. When I (rarely) have hot drinks, I like flavoured coffees & hot choc.
⚡️Goodreads: teebe, Insta: teeebe, Amazon: a.co/cOGCbrN . My Litsy TBR is full of books I don't own. Also, teebe.libib.com has the most accurate list of books I do own.
(edited) 5y
hermyknee Good idea! 5y
Bookzombie @teebe Thanks for the tag! Surveys are so helpful, I think. I will post too. 🙂 5y
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