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Waiting to Be Read | Jonika Antoinette Haynes
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A page from the planner I received in my final #OwlCrate (December 2018). Each month has a calendar page, a page to list new releases that month, monthly #TBR, and several pages to review books read in that month! My TBR this month is pretty long and I doubt I‘ll get to all of them. Part of my reading #resolutions this year is to read my #botm selection the month I receive it. So Severance is backlog from Dec and Maid is this month. Hopeful 🤞

LibrarianRyan You can do it!! 11mo
MidnightBookGirl You got this! *eyes my ridiculous tbr goals* We got this! 11mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Love that journal! 😍 11mo
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xicanti Your little Storm is 😍 11mo
TheNextBook I like that planner! I‘ve got a calendar that I‘ve been using but part of me has been thinking about getting a planner! 11mo
hermyknee @xicanti thanks! @melrailey sent her to me in the #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap 💙 (was that last year or the year before?!) @JenlovesJT47 11mo
melrailey It was the year before! I didn‘t do any swaps last year as I was so busy with my dad dying. I‘m glad you‘re getting use out of her. 11mo
hermyknee @melrailey I‘m so sorry for your loss ♥️ 11mo
melrailey Thanks. 11mo
JenlovesJT47 It was last December. I‘m thinking about doing another one soon! 11mo
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If you just joined to our club, check out our next book 👆🏻”The Honor Girl” by Maggie Thrash. The discussion will start March 31 here.
She is also an author of Strange Life YA series. Check out her graphic website http://www.maggiethrash.com

hermyknee I bought this one for my #geekygraphicnovelswap partner @Alicia and I just got it for myself for this book club! I‘m soooo excited to read it - not gonna lie, I totally skimmed Alicia‘s copy (sorry, friend - it looked so good!) ♥️ I hope there is a lot of interest in this book club!!! 2y
LitsyGetsGraphic @hermyknee woohoo 🎉 I hope your friend @Alicia will join us for discussion ❤️❤️ 2y
Alicia @hermyknee @LitsyGetsGraphic yas!!! I‘m so into this! 2y
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Yay! I've received my #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap package from @Betty and it's so stinkin amazing! The socks made me totally giggle and I can't wait to read these awesome books! Thanks to @JenlovesJT47 for putting this together and to @Betty for covering when my original match flaked. You ladies are so awesome and a part of what makes Litsy so great! And so crazy, my Alma mater is U of TN, so I spent about 4 years in east TN and miss it so much!

JenlovesJT47 Yay!! 🤓🙌🏻🤗 2y
Betty Big Orange country!!!! Our blood runs orange. 2y
shendrix413 @Betty Me too! It's awful in Texas where they wear the wrong shade of orange! 2y
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TNbookworm Go Vols!! 2y
shendrix413 @Betty @TNbookworm GO BIG ORANGE! I'm actually considering applying for PhD back at University of TN just to get back to Knoxville! I miss it so much! Especially the seasons! We have 11 months of summer at maybe 1 month of fallish weather here, ugh 2y
Betty @shendrix413 come back here! You won't be the only Litten to move from Texas back to K'vegas @Soubhiville 2y
Betty @TNbookworm Rocky Top 2y
shendrix413 @Betty I'm going to apply for a couple of different PhD programs to start Fall 2019 and Rocky Top will definitely be one of them! Now to talk my husband into moving with me 😂 2y
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In honor of @JenlovesJT47 ‘s #FunkoPopSwap matches going out this weekend, I declare (if you‘ll grant me the power to declare anything) today #FunkoFriday #FlashYerFunko 😊❤️💜💙💚

So excited! Let the stalking begin...

That-Bookish-Hiker Love everything about this pic. 😍 2y
DiruVamp So excited for this swap! 2y
hermyknee @That-Bookish-Hiker thanks! @DiruVamp I‘m super excited, too!! I loved @JenlovesJT47 ‘s #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap - shopping for these niche swaps is sooo much fun!!! 2y
JenlovesJT47 Yay! I'll take a picture of my one Funko when I get home lol 😂🤓 2y
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Paper Girls Vol. 1 | Brian K. Vaughan
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Boy am I already late to this party! Y'all are off like a shot!! (Also, since when did this change from the 13th to the 12th? 😆)
I'm jumping in with this great gift from @Nitpickyabouttrains #letsgetgraphicweeklongmarathon #geekygraphicnovelswap

TricksyTails We got too excited for it and bumped it up a day and extended it too! 😂 Happy you're joining us now! 2y
Clwojick Hahahahah! Yeah, we were too impatient 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks Lol, I thought I had just got the date wrong in my planner. 2y
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@Nitpickyabouttrains I am SO enjoying this candle, it smells delicious!! I made myself wait until I could sit down and watch a little Buffy. 😍🎥🕯📚🙌🏼 #geekygraphicnovelswap

Kmmsellers Oh I want that candle!!! 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @Kmmsellers They say it smells like wood, tea, and old leather books--and it totally does!! 2y
Nat_Reads I love Buffy ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕 2y
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Kmmsellers @Natasha.C.Barnes That‘s so cool! I‘m going to have to try to find one. @Nat_Reads I do too ❤️ 2y
Nitpickyabouttrains It looks great! I am so glad you are enjoying it. 2y
FantasyChick Ooooh love this!!! Love Buffy 😍😍 2y
KrystleTheBookSlayer I love that candle! I was just thinking that it was time for me to have a Buffy marathon too! 2y
readinginthedark ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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#TreatYoself #TreatYourself2018

In my #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap, the amazing @melrailey sent me three adorable Marvel bookmarks from BeeDooTO on Etsy! I am using them to section off The Luminaries for the #LuminariesBuddyRead, and decided to check out the Etsy shop today - they have THE BEST bookish items! (I “need” a few more; that book is ginormous ☺️)
I bought myself this little Groot to add to my collection! Because, #Groot! 💚

Shop Link 👇🏽

MinDea So cute! 2y
britt_brooke Groot!! 2y
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Liatrek Omg this is so cute! Must have @hermyknee thanks for the link 😊 2y
LibrarianRyan Love it. 2y
BeckyK 😍😍😍 2y
idrinkandiknowthings Adorable!! 😍 I might have to treat myself to the HP owns because they're too cute 2y
Chasing_Pages Baby Groot 😍😍😍 2y
hermyknee @idrinkandiknowthings do it! You deserve it! 😅👏💙 2y
TheBookStacker So cute!! 2y
KirstieE Holy 😍😍😍😱 2y
rubyslippersreads I need Groot (plus a few others 😄). 2y
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I had not heard of this comic before the #geekygraphicnovelswap but @UnidragonFrag made a great find. This book was witty, and the main character was so cool!

shendrix413 I love Faith!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 2y
UnidragonFrag Awesome! Glad you liked it! 😃 2y
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Funko Universe | John Layman, Georgia Ball, Caleb Goellner
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I posted a question this morning about an idea I had to do a funko & book swap. I had originally planned on doing another graphic novel swap in March. So, my question to you guys who are interested in either swap, would you rather do a funko swap first or have me stick with the graphic novel swap for March? My due date is in April and I'm trying to get everything organized as soon as I can. I still plan on doing both, just want to know which 1st?

DiruVamp Oh a Funko swap would be fuuuuun!! 2y
Rachel.Rencher Funko swap 😍😍 2y
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cobwebmoth Whatever works best for you. 2y
MinDea I would maybe do the funko pop one! 2y
KirstieE I think a funko swap would be so incredibly awesome ! 2y
99problemsbutabookaint1 I would love to do the Funko pop one but seeing you are the one willing to put it all together do what makes you happy first! 2y
Kshakal Funko would be amazing! 2y
Melwilk Funko swap sounds fun 👍 2y
CareBear I agree with everyone else, pop swap sounds fun!! 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai I'd totally jump on board for a funko swap. Course...could count me in for comics too... 🤗😅 2y
Gissy I'm flexible, what ever you decide guys. I like both 2y
Gissy Yeah! 👍 2y
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Secret Santa | William T. Bix
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I am so excited about these awesome Funko Pop figures I received in my #SecretSantaGoesPostal and #GeekyGraphicNovelSwap packages! Thank you so much @Caffienequeen and @melrailey - my bookshelf looks WAY cooler now! I just can‘t even with how amazing everyone has been during these exchanges. I really appreciate all of you. Litsy is my favorite place on the Internet! ❤️

DiruVamp Luna!! 😍😍 2y
DiruVamp And I love your cross-stitch! 2y
hermyknee @DiruVamp Thank you! My BFF @T.ballin made it for me for Friendsgiving 💛 2y
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EchoLogical Need a close up of the picture in the background.👀 2y
melrailey You‘re welcome. And it does look pretty snazzy. 2y
guinsgirlreads You are so welcome! Glad we bought different ones! Lol 😂 2y
mdm139 I just watched that episode of The Handmaids Tale, love it! 2y
Owlizabeth Fantastic cross stitch piece!! 2y
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