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The New Beginnings Coffee Club
The New Beginnings Coffee Club | Samantha Tonge
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Everyone deserves a second chance...dont they?
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Repost for @LitsyBirthdays :
It‘s time to share our January #BirthdayLove ❣️❣️❣️If you would like to be added please email us at: LitsyBirthdays@gmail.com and include your Litsy handle and birthdate xx #TheBirthdayCrew
PS: sending #LitsyLove to all for best wishes and joy in the NEW YEAR 🥳🥳🥳

Cinfhen Thanks for spreading the #BirthdayLove 🎂🍭❤️🎉🎁🎈 13mo
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It‘s time to share our January #BirthdayLove ❣️❣️❣️If you would like to be added please email us at: LitsyBirthdays@gmail.com and include your Litsy handle and birthdate xx #TheBirthdayCrew
PS: sending #LitsyLove to all for best wishes and joy in the NEW YEAR 🥳🥳🥳

dariazeoli @LitsyBirthdays My Happy Planner and I thank you! ❤️ 13mo
robinb Thanks for continuing to spread Litsy #BirthdayLove, O Fearless Leaders! 😘😘😘 13mo
LitsyBirthdays @robinb you‘re very welcome!!! ❤️ 13mo
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Sent my #coffeebeanbookclub package to @rustoryhuf today! Super excited to be taking part in this club. 😁👏🏻😁I hope you like the coffee choice. 😁 Feel free to share your coffee preferences with me. 😁 You should be getting your goodies around mid-week!

rustoryhuf Can‘t wait! 2y
Avanders Yay!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 2y
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My #coffeebeanbookclub package came today -- Thank you so much @Mollyanna !! So generous! I love everything! That ornament is gorgeous... the candle is scented kitten toots!! And Frosty's Brew and Reindeer Drool Tea!! Everything. Everything. Thank you thank you!! 💖💖💖 And I can't wait to read our next book!
#LitsyMail #BookMail

Beck9lol That candle is hilarious!!! 2y
Mdargusch 😋😋😋 2y
Li_21 I'm inserted in the #coffeebeanbookclub. How would I sign up? 2y
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Mollyanna So glad you got it! Enjoy! I laughed out loud in the store when I saw that candle, and I have to admit was a little scared to sniff it. It's a nice sent though. 2y
LauraJ So, what do kitten toots smell like? 2y
Avanders @Beck9lol right?! I love it! @Mdargusch 😉 @Li_21 it's closed for this round, but if @Mommamanzi does another one, she'll surely post about it! Make sure you follow her and @LitsyHappenings @LauraJ sweet! 😆 @Mollyanna I can see why! I didn't notice the scent at first... I was so happy when I did! 😆 2y
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Best book 2017, so far. It's given me strength and the chat I had with the author, while we both tried to find a glitch in the timeline, was good, too.

Thank you, @Liberty

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When the author sends you an urgent message through Goodreads about the timeline glitch you wrote about in your review of their upcoming book. #ARC #NetGalley

Cinfhen Nice!!! 3y
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While waiting at the hair dresser's (walk-in, no appointment), I finished this novel.
The story and the characters were so likeable, the book spoke to me on different levels. I recommend it to anyone who likes stories of women who empower themselves, have strong friendships and love books (lots of references).

Upon #cominghome I found this ring in the mail. It was custom made for me by a goldsmith in Sweden. #LyricalApril

LauraBrook It's beautiful! 3y
[DELETED] 206653737 Sounds like a nice read! And what a beautiful ring!!! 3y
Eyelit Lovely ring! 3y
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tpixie Lovely ring!! 3y
Cinfhen What a lovely ring and it looks good with your mani 😊💗 3y
julesG @Cinfhen That's a lovely thing to say to my worn hands and home done nail polish. 😉 3y
drokka I love the colour of the stone/glass. Gorgeous ring. 3y
julesG @drokka Thanks. It's an emerald. I fell in love with the stone the moment I saw it. 3y
tpixie Yes- the stone is so lovely and the simple band accentuates it! 3y
GypsyKat Beautiful! 3y
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Another British #romantsy ARC.

I love the tiny print on my kindle but hate it on some paperbacks, especially when I have to break the spine of the book to read all the words in the line.

GypsyKat I hear ya! 3y
Leniverse Oh yeah, the spine breaking is upsetting. Makes me angry at the publishers for doing a bad job. I'm sure it's cost efficient, but it's a nuisance! 3y
julesG @Leniverse I bet they would print on the whole page, not leaving the tiniest of margin, if that would sell. 3y
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