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Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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When Amy's husband dies on holiday in Istanbul, she is supported by the kindly but rather slovenly Martha, a young American novelist who lives in London. Upon their return to England, Amy is ungratefully reluctant to maintain their friendship, but the skeins of their existence seem inextricably linked as grief gives way to resilience and again to tragedy. Reversals of fortune and a compelling cast of characters, including Ernie, ex-sailor turned housekeeper, and Amy's wonderfully precocious granddaughters, add spice to a novel that delights even as it unveils the most uncomfortable human emotions.
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Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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Getting a few minutes of reading in - after lunch and before a staff meeting.

LeahBergen I haven‘t read this one yet! 2mo
BarbaraBB I enjoyed this one. 2mo
quietjenn @LeahBergen @BarbaraBB I wasn‘t quite sure at first, but I ended up liking it immensely! 2mo
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Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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Ok littens my bad book mood continues so I've decided to go back to my favourite type of novels. I like these sort of quiet, witty almost comedy of manners type books but can't decide which of these I should read?
I'll give whatever gets the most votes a try first to see if I can get out of this sudden slump.

Lauram I can‘t see the title, but I‘m voting for the top middle for the cover alone. 3y
rmaclean4 @Lauram agreed...top middle gets my vote as well. 3y
Weaponxgirl @rmaclean4 @Lauram I just realised its set a xmas 😂 I was just pulling off my shelves stuff I know I'd like . But maybe it will help cool me down a bit with this muggy weather. Also thank you both! I need to be pushed right now 3y
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rmaclean4 @Weaponxgirl Christmas in July? 3y
Weaponxgirl @rmaclean4 I should look harder before I pull books of my shelf in what to read panic 3y
Jess_Read_This Nightingale Wood (gorgeous edition!!!) gets my vote! (edited) 3y
Weaponxgirl @Jess_Read_This and I do love cold comfort farm so much! 3y
Weaponxgirl @Jess_Read_This but haven't read this one. 3y
Jess_Read_This @Weaponxgirl I haven‘t either but just picked up a copy from the library this week and was planning on reading it. My paperback looks like the cover of the tagged one here. (I like yours a bit better!) 3y
Lauram I‘m adding it to my tbr pile. I need to find this book! 3y
Weaponxgirl @Jess_Read_This this is the virago edition 😊 my great loves. Well if your reading it that does give me extra incentive to maybe suggest a buddy read? 3y
Weaponxgirl @Lauram it's a virago modern classic and pretty sure that one is still in print atm. I always turn to them when I don't know what to read 3y
Jess_Read_This @Weaponxgirl I‘d say so!! (Just don‘t hold me responsible if it misses the mark 😂) 3y
Lauram I found it on amazon, and there‘s a huge list of virago classics that look like my kind of books! Thanks for the information! 3y
Weaponxgirl @Lauram viragos are wonderful! Look out for them in secondhand bookshops as a lot of the vmcs are now out of print. 3y
Weaponxgirl @Jess_Read_This nope, I'll ask Stella gibbons what happened if that happens as cold comfort farm always brings me joy 3y
Jess_Read_This @Weaponxgirl 🙌🏼Same! If I feel the same way about Nightingale, we both will have some questions for Stella Gibbons! 3y
batsy I've only read Excellent Women and enjoyed it 3y
Weaponxgirl @batsy I've heard excellent things about Barbara pym and picked that copy up before virago picked her up and she was still out of print. It's a very brittle copy. If I open it I can hear it crack. 3y
Aimeesue Pym!Pym!Pym! I'm a Pymphomaniac! Excellent women is one of her best. 3y
Weaponxgirl @Aimeesue that's really high praise, I may just have to read all suggested in quick succession of each other. 3y
batsy @Weaponxgirl It's a lovely copy but in that condition I would be afraid to read it... Perhaps you could get a new edition for reading purposes and keep this one to admire 😉😁 @Aimeesue I keep telling myself I should read more of Pym's work! 3y
Aimeesue @Weaponxgirl Pym has a dry wit, whereas the Gibbons is broader. I love Spark as well, but she tends toward the dark side of humanity, as does Taylor, though not as heavily. 3y
Aimeesue @batsy Jane and Prudence is my second favorite Pym. Or maybe Some Tame Gazelle, which is good if you like curates or plum jam. 3y
batsy @Aimeesue Love curates and plum jam! 😆 I was thinking of progressing through her work chronologically. 3y
Weaponxgirl @Aimeesue your saying all the reasons that these books were high on my tbr to get me out of a slump reading 😀 exactly the sort of stories I adore! 3y
Weaponxgirl @Lauram @rmaclean4 @Jess_Read_This @batsy @Aimeesue thank you all, you've got me excited to read what I already have on my shelves! I'm starting with gibbons and then gonna read the pym and I may leave high rising till closer to xmas but am now determined to read it this year! Thanks for kick starting my enthusiasm again it's really appreciated. 3y
LeahBergen My favourite sort of read, as well. 💕 I‘ve only read the Pym but have the Spark, Keane, and Thirkell on my TBR. 😁 3y
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Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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I enjoyed reading this book of Amy, who loses her husband and grieves, accompanied by her butler, the family doctor, her son and this strange American woman who is interested in the English way of life. Many storylines in this short novel and I am afraid
I didn't get the point of some of them. What was it really about? What did Taylor want to tell with this novel she was writing while dying herself? #1001books Picture: Vis, Croatia

Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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British couple Amy & Nick are on vacation. Nick dies suddenly. An American shipboard acquaintance, Martha, decides to assist Amy in the aftermath. Martha is a bit odd; Amy is cold. Their relationship makes for fascinating reading. ⛴️⛴️⛴️⛴️ 4 out of 5 cruise ships

charl08 Not had much luck with Elizabeth Taylor. Should probably try again. 5y
SaintUrsula @charl08 I've never read anything else by her, and in fact didn't know a thing about her. So a pleasant little surprise. 5y
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Blaming | Elizabeth Taylor
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"Istanbul was cool."


8little_paws This is a cool picture! 5y
SaintUrsula @8little_paws thanks! It was actually our sunrise here this morning. 😀 5y
charl08 Love that. Very clever. 5y
SaintUrsula @charl08 I'm having fun with the photos. 5y
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