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Duck the Halls
Duck the Halls: A Meg Langslow Mystery | Donna Andrews
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'Tis the season to be jolly - and for Meg Langslow to round up stray animals of all sorts as well as a killer. Duck the Halls! The brilliantly funny Donna Andrews delivers boughs of holly and barrels of laughs with Meg's latest adventure in her award-winning, New York Times bestselling series. A few nights before Christmas, Meg is awakened when volunteer fireman Michael is summoned to the New Life Baptist Church, where someone has rigged a cage full of skunks in the choir loft. The lengthy process of de-skunking the church requires its annual pre-Christmas concert to relocate to Trinity Episcopal, where Mother insists the show must go on, despite the budget-related protests of Mr. Vess, an elderly vestryman. Meanwhile, when Meg helps her grandfather take the skunks to the zoo, they discover that his boa has been stolen - only to turn up later during the concert, slithering out from the ribbon-bedecked evergreens. The next morning is Sunday, and the congregation of St. Byblig's, the local Catholic church, arrive to find it completely filled with several hundred ducks. It's clear that some serious holiday pranksters are on the loose, and Meg is determined to find them. But before she can, a fire breaks out at Trinity, and Mr. Vess is discovered dead. Who would have murdered such a harmless - if slightly cranky - old man? Who has the time during the busy holiday season to herd all of these animals into the town's churches? And will Meg ever be able to finish all of her shopping, wrapping, cooking, caroling, and decorating in time for Christmas Eve? A Yuletide treasure for the ages, Duck the Halls is guaranteed to put the "ho ho hos" into readers' holidays.
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1. 49
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3. The tagged book - It‘s been a long time, and I want to get back to this series!
4. Snow, snow, and snow ❄️

#wintergames #TeamFozziwig

BarkingMadRun Love it! 26 points 2w
TheDaysGoBy Do you get a lot of snow where you live? 2w
mabell @TheDaysGoBy Unfortunately not as much as I would like! We get a few good snows, then a few days of flurries. But I‘m always hoping! 2w
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...and this mystery is as #cozy as a thick blanket and a steaming cup of cocoa, with charming characters and an engaging plot. #bookclub #holidays #birdpuns

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Due to Thanksgiving busy-ness, I‘m just now finishing this Christmas themed mystery. And what a good cozy mystery to take time and savor! Definitely recommended to anyone that enjoys the genre—and even those that don‘t! So much fun!

mabell I'm so glad you liked it! As I said, I haven't gotten this far in the series yet, but I just love the whole craziness. It really doesn't fit the "cozy" model, which I think makes it all the better. ? 2y
AllenTStClair @mabell I suppose you‘re right, that‘s it‘s not a traditional cozy. But it sure feels like it. 😂 2y
mabell You're right it is! My mind skipped a step when I was typing. I was thinking - when I said it isn't a traditional cozy -that I agree with you it would appeal to those who don't generally like the genre. 2y
AllenTStClair @mabell There‘s a thin line between cozy and traditional—but this one feels like a good mix of both. Takes a pretty decent writer to manage that. 2y
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When you‘re trying to write, but the Christmas tree also needs to be stared at lovingly for awhile....

Christine 🎄❤️ 2y
LA_Mead ❤️ 2y
Bookzombie 💕🎄 2y
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robinb Very pretty! Are those the larger lights on your tree? I ❤️ those! They remind me of my grandmother‘s when I was growing up. 😊 (edited) 2y
AllenTStClair @robinb The tree is prelit with white lights, but we also threw on a string of the large multicolored lights, too. Reminds me of my grandma‘s, too! 2y
robinb @AllenStClair I love the mix of colors and sizes! Yes, those lights will always bring back fond memories for me. 2y
AllenTStClair @robinb Did she ever have the bubble lights? I‘m thinking of buying some. 😂 2y
robinb @AllenStClair No, she didn‘t have those, but I think they‘re really cool 😎! Be sure and post a pic if you decide to add those...would love to see them! 2y
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I saw this picture on Pinterest/Flickr and had to share. Who else wants to shop for books there?? 😍

BookMaven407 🙋🏻 2y
Menjivar1978 💰💰💰💰💰 let‘s go 2y
Joanne1 Definitely. There's something about that little cave-like door that just makes me want to step through and explore what's beyond. Wonder where it is? 2y
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AllenTStClair @Menjivar1978 Meet you at the car! 🚘📘📗📕 2y
AllenTStClair @Joanne1 Not sure...but I bet if we can find out, a lot of us may have to caravan there! 😂 2y
AllenTStClair @Joanne1 I just revisited the Flickr page—it‘s in Lyme Regis, UK on the Dorset coast. Why do I have to be in the U.S.?? 😡 2y
Joanne1 @AllenStClair why do I have to be in Australia! 2y
AllenTStClair @Joanne1 *shaking fist angrily* 😂 2y
mrp27 🙋🏻 2y
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When you‘re reading your happy lil‘ mystery and hear your wife at the other end of the couch go “Awwwww” at the end of Chapter 1 of The Hate U Give. I can‘t help that the sound of her anguish gave me an “Mmhm. You don‘t know the depths of the sorrow you will reach yet.” grin.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ I wish my husband would read with me!!! Yay for you guys!! 2y
AllenTStClair @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Reading together is the foundation we built our dysfunctional (and wonderful) relationship on. 😂 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @AllenStClair awww so sweet!!! I read, my husband plays chess on his phone lol 😂 2y
Andrew65 My wife and I read together as well. 2y
AllenTStClair @Andrew65 It‘s a great couple‘s activity! 2y
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I think a holiday mystery may break my rut. Whenever I find myself reading slowly or not at all, a cozy mystery always does the trick!

Maike @DuckOfDoom that might be something for you 😉 2y
CatLass007 @TricksyTails Maybe this would help you get out of your slump. 2y
TricksyTails @CatLass007 That looks adorable! Thanks for thinking of me and for the suggestion! 🤗 I'll see if my library has it. ♥️ 2y
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CatLass007 @TricksyTails If that doesn‘t work just try a cozy mystery in general. I‘m rooting for you. 2y
TricksyTails @CatLass007 Aww you're the sweetest! 😘♥️ Thank you!! 2y
DuckOfDoom @Maike A Church mysteriously filled with hundreds of ducks? Image the echo!! 😂 2y
Maike @DuckOfDoom Let‘s hope the windows are shatterproof 😂😂 2y
FountainBookstore She's a friend of the store and such a fun read. Enjoy! 2y
AllenTStClair @FountainBookstore Thanks! Tell her she has a new fan! 😂 2y
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This morning's book - I think I've gone all Christmasy now! 📚 🎄 🦃 🎉🎁

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