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Clifford's Halloween | Norman Bridwell
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Our little guy got to go to his first scholastic book fair at school today. These are the three books he bought. So excited that he was able to experience a book fair this year!!

#KidsBooks #RaisingReaders #BookFair #SchoolReading #SchoolLibrary

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The bad news is: I forgot to take a picture at the Post Office but…

The good news is: my #JolaBokaFlodSwap box has been mailed!

Other good news: There‘s an adorable new employee at the Post Office. He installed a special “Letters to Santa” mailbox & when I asked about it he said, “Oh, I do a *good* job” — & then proudly told me about how he uses handmade tea-stained paper & a wax seal to craft his response letters. Oh, my heart. 💝

AmyG That is so sweet of him to do-with such care. 12m
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I stumbled upon a potato and parsnip latke recipe that sounded really appealing the other day. Here's the result. They're very nice, and looked and tasted exactly like kartoffelpuffer. So much so that I checked and compared both recipes. There was no difference in the egg/flour to grated vegetable ratio!

#WinterGames2021 #FestiveRecipe #TeamGameSleighers


Ruthiella I love making and eating potato pancakes! 😋 3h
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It's Christmastime! | Bernd Penners
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1. Our oldest is coming over with his girlfriend on Christmas Eve. Our youngest will also be here. We‘ll have a nice dinner and relax. Our second oldest is getting married on NYE. 👰🏻‍♀️🎄🤵🏼‍♂️
2. Elin Hildebrand, Beatriz Williams, Fiona Davis
3. A basket of relaxation and candy.

@Eggs #wondrouswednesday

Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you for the tag, @hannah-leeloo ! 😊
@Eggs #WondrousWednesday #holidays #Christmas #ChristmasReading

1. Just chilling ... Meeting and chilling with loved ones. ❄
2. Haruki Murakami, David Lynch (a film director, but never mind... 😅) and Banana Yoshimoto (although I tend to neither like nor 'feel' her books... What does that say about me? 🤔)
3. A shelf of surrealism and mochi ice cream... 🖖

Wanna play, dear Bunny? @BeeMagical 💗

BeeMagical What flavour of mochi!! 4h
Yuki_Onna @BeeMagical Bunny!!! 💗💗💗 Thanks for the Bunny tag yesterday!!!
All flavours, plz, if you ask me... 😊 But in this case it was pistachio... 😋*Yum*
I'd love to try the matcha variant,
but you only get it in bigger cities like Frankfurt, it seems...
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Oooh thanks for the tag @DebbieGrillo

1. Always busy at my house. Family in on Xmas for a chaotic dinner, again on New Year's Eve for some homemade Chinese food. A couple visiting days in between and hopefully some rest 😊
2. JD Barker, CJ Tudor, Darynda Jones
3. A Phone of Meh and Chocolate 🤣🤣

Anyone else? @wanderinglynn @BookishTrish @BeeMagical

#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

wanderinglynn Thanks for the tag! I‘m with you on Darynda Jones 👍🏻 10h
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National Holiday today in Austria 🥰 I‘m going to spend it with reading, baking cookies and playing a game later on. The boyfriend and I have our 7 year anniversary today so we‘re going to order yummy food later on as well🥰 (we‘re in lockdown, so no going out for dinner… again)

Also maybe I‘ll finally find time to catch up on #litsylove and my christmas mail🙈🙈

tracey38 Nice! Sounds like a great day! What exactly is National Holiday? 7h
ju.ca.no @tracey38 hmm it‘s a Christian Holiday celebrating virgin Mary‘s Immaculate Conception - Austria has many holidays for christian holidays like this! (We don‘t do anything for it, it‘s just a day off from work/school) 6h
tracey38 @ju.ca.no ok, nice! And always extra nice for more days off work, too. 4h
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ju.ca.no @tracey38 oh yes💙 4h
Chrissyreadit Happy Anniversary! 4h
ju.ca.no @Chrissyreadit thank youuu🥰 2h
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1. FaceTime with my daughter, drink some wassail and if weather ok have a little fire outside.
2. Sarah Addison Allen, Susannah Kearsley Julie McElwain,
3. Soft Blanket Of Sleepy and Tamales.
Thanks for the tag @wanderinglynn @tpixie
Who else wants to play?

wanderinglynn Ooh, wassail & a fire sound perfect! 13h
Eggs Thanks for playing 🧡 🔥 🥃 11h
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After the day I had ,I feel it‘s time for the airing of grievances!

EvieBee 🤣🤣👌 18h
LeahBergen 😆😆 17h
vivastory Sorry for the rough day, but your festivus kit is fantastic 17h
wanderinglynn Yes, we all need some festivus for the rest of us. I hope your day gets better. 16h
AmyG For the rest of us! Happy Festivus! (edited) 11h
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Eggs ❤️🦌🎄 19h
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