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Chapter 3: the one where everyone argues over how to raise a child 🙄#pemberlittens #wildfellhall #chapteraday

TheBookHippie Like when we visit relatives 😝 2w
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tpixie @TheBookHippie lol 😂 yes 2w
julieclair @TheBookHippie Yes! And even if they manage to hold their tongues, their facial expression and body language makes their opinions clear, lol. 😂 But honestly, that scene was incredible. The impertinence and condescension. Ugh. 2w
TheBookHippie @julieclair just in time for Mother‘s Day … this is my in-laws… 2w
julieclair @TheBookHippie Start practicing your zen breathing exercises now... 😂🧘‍♀️ 2w
TheBookHippie @julieclair LOL 🧘🏻‍♀️ I stay home and avoid the world on Mother‘s Day. Tradition I started when I turned 45. I‘m allowed a peaceful beautiful day. I‘ve done my time 🤣 2w
julieclair @TheBookHippie What a lovely idea! Mother's Day the way YOU want it! And I bet books will be involved... 😃📚 2w
TheBookHippie @julieclair I‘m hiding in the library with Chinese food and an air mattress 🤣🤣🤣 2w
Bookwormjillk @TheBookHippie sounds like a perfect Mother‘s Day to me! 2w
Chili @TheBookHippie 🤜🏻 I‘m hiding in my room with a stack of books. The perfect Mother‘s Day. 2w
julieclair @TheBookHippie Yum… Chinese food… this is getting better and better! 🥡👍😆 2w
mollyrotondo My edition‘s notes on this chapter talk about this book being an early example of the temperance novel. I love that this book explains the importance of understanding a family history of addiction and how it needs to be tempered in future generations in order to stop the cycle but is also very honest about how much to control this when raising a child since outright denial can lead to the same outcome of overindulgence. Really love her writing. 2w
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Chapter 2: a glimpse at Wildfell Hall and a couple of the inhabitants….. #pemberlittens #wildfellhall #chapteraday sorry this is so late, day 1 of vacay and we were in the car most of the day!

Chili Wildfell Hall sounds extremely depressing. I‘m not sure I could stay there. 2w
Lcsmcat It‘s a very Brontë beginning, isn‘t it? 2w
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TheBookHippie Hello darkness my old friend comes to mind. 🖤 2w
Clare-Dragonfly @Lcsmcat My thoughts exactly! 2w
BarkingMadRun @Chili I totally agree! And @Lcsmcat yes! Very Brontë for sure!! 2w
Bookwormjillk @Lcsmcat very Brontë! 2w
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