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Weather Forecasting | Gail Gibbons
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#WeeklyForecast overly ambitious for sure but I like options. If I finish my 4 current reads, I‘ll be happy. Plus #5 releases on Tuesday. Truthfully, just finishing 2 of the list will make me happy, as it‘ll be one more than last week! @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I like options too!!! 13h
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The Snowy Day | Ezra Jack Keats
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1. Yes 😕
2. Occasionally - but even that is too much! (Not a winter fan - can you tell lol)
3. Christmas and my sons bday fall in winter
4. Hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys
5. Tagged
@laurenslibrary #thursdaysurvey

It's Raining! | Gail Gibbons
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Finally we have good rain
#bushfires #rainatlast #itsraining

MrsMalaprop 🙏 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 5d
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Yeah - picked up my order at my local store today. Excited to get into my second #newyearwhodis book. The first was FAB so excited to dive into number 2!

Dostoyes Terrific book. Hope you enjoy. 6d
Mitch @Dostoyes I‘m really looking forward to it. It‘s a new discovery for me - 🤞🏼 6d
Aims42 Loved this read! Hope you enjoy it too 😄 6d
Mdargusch 🤞🏼I knew nothing about this storm when I read the book. Enjoy! 5d
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Snowy Day | Ezra Jack Keats
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Our first real snowstorm here in northern Virginia 🙌🏻 headed home to pick up the little one and dive into a book with some hot tea 😋

Quakes! | Catherine McMorrow

@Gissy are you and your family safe? I hope all is well with you and your family during the quakes down there.

Gissy Yes! Thank you for asking. Most of these quakes are occurring in the south/southwest part of the island. Of course we can feel them but according to the news, they have suffered structural damages in some houses and buildings and as far as I know we don't. I have felt some of them. Certainly I felt the one that occurred this morning😱News said that doesn't mean something big is coming but last major earthquake in PR was back in 1918 in Aguadilla. 2w
Gissy Today we are celebrating the The Three Wise Men Day (Día delos Tres Reyes Magos). There are many places closed like a holiday. 2w
Chrissyreadit Enjoy your day! Glad you are safe! 2w
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Gissy @Chrissyreadit We are a little worried about these earthquakes. I need to prepare my family emergency backpacks. 2w
Chrissyreadit Fingers crossed for safety and calm ❤️❤️❤️ 2w
Endowarrior21 @Gissy I will keep praying everyone down there stays safe including your family. 2w
Gissy @Endowarrior21 Thank you❤️Today the quake was apparently 6 I don't have electricity. My mom called me and said that they activated the tsunami alert but it was already discontinued. 2w
Gissy @Endowarrior21 @Chrissyreadit I was going to send my box today but everything is closed since we have experienced 2 big quakes of 6.0 and there is no electricity in the island. 2w
Chrissyreadit @Gissy oh!!! Your island has been through so much! My fingers are crossed everything calms down in land and ocean! Do you have all your emergency supplies? 2w
Gissy @Chrissyreadit I do but today I'm visiting family to ensure that they are ok. I'm taking someone to a medical appointment. 2w
Endowarrior21 @Gissy send it when you can 😁 2w
Gissy @Endowarrior21 I will try tomorrow. The Governor encouraged the island to continue but taking precautions. What else we can do? We will be without electricity for a long period of time. Apparently there were damages due to the second earthquake. 2w
Endowarrior21 @Gissy I will be sending yours either tomorrow or Thursday depends which day I get my lunch early. 2w
Gissy @Endowarrior21 Take your time because it might come late due to the situation. No rush! 🤗 2w
Endowarrior21 @Gissy would like me to wait a week just to be safe? I am willing to ship it tomorrow but it you like me to wait I can it‘s all packed up safely. 2w
Gissy @Endowarrior21 It can be a good idea. I hope this pass soon. 2w
Endowarrior21 @Gissy okay I will wait until next week to be safe thank you for being such a great partner in this swap. 2w
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Christmas Lights | Ann Fearrington
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Going to see Christmas lights is a #sharedfamilytradition this year we went to Enchant in DC (I like our local Clearbrook park and Hershey Park better) it was the last day for the even and pouring! #wintergames #teamfestivus

wanderinglynn 🙌🏻❤️🎄 3w
Linsy Beautiful picture! ✨ 3w
Chrissyreadit @Linsy thank you! 3w
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Snow | Cynthia Rylant, Lauren Stringer
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Part 2 of my marathon Marco Polo reading session. The tagged book is gorgeous! Rylant is an amazing talent! #wintergames #thefilthyanimals

Eggs Agreed on Rylant 3w
Come-read-with-me @Eggs I‘ve tried to collect as many of her books as I can. Every time I find another one I decide that it‘s my favourite and then I get the next one!! Hope you have a happy New Year‘s Eve celebration! 3w
Eggs Yes!! Rylant is a classic ❤️❤️ 3w
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The first big storm of this winter. Hunkered down with homemade chicken gnocchi soup and listening to a book set in my area 131 years ago. Thankful for all my comforts and modern day meteorologists.

Sarahandhella I had an relative die during this blizzard. Calvin Hurd in 1888. He was only 17. My grandfather was also named Calvin Hurd. 3w
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This book is an exploration of the British preoccupation with the weather.

#Nice #HollyJollyReading @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

marleed Your pic made me smile. Yesterday I received an umbrella as part of a goodie package I won in a charity bid. I said to my kids as I opened, ‘Oh and an umbrella. I never buy them because I break them on day one.‘ I opened it up and sure enough one of the metal parts was already broke! ...And I‘m intrigued to read this book. 3w
OriginalCyn620 😂😂😂 3w
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