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A few #Snacks, more or less, for #LitsyPartyOfOne.

My kids have been a great help (Not!), hence the rather low timing so far. I'm determined to get to 12 hours though.

#MrBook1InAMillion #readathon #24B4Monday #PartyOfOne

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Texreader Yummy!! 2w
Andrew65 😂 That‘s what kids were invented for . A real smorgasbord of a post, wasn‘t sure where to look. A great time, especially with children on the loose. 😊👏👏👏🥳 2w
Hooked_on_books I like your kids‘ style! I can‘t take my eyes off that pancake cake. 🤤 2w
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Linsy That‘s the best!! 😋 2w
Rachel.Rencher Those pancakes look amazing 😍 2w
MrBook MMMmmm 😋!!! 2w
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Baked my own snacks...cinnamon roll muffins #mrbook1inamillion #readathon #snacks

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Playing some major catch up as work was insane this week. 🤪

When #MoneysTooTightToMention cooking inexpensive meals at home can help. Here are six cookbooks from my shelves about cooking & eating on a budget. 💰🍽📚

Cinfhen Perfect 👌🏾 2mo
Cinfhen Hope you‘re having a relaxing weekend ❤️ 2mo
arlenefinnigan Excellent 👍 2mo
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Preparing to spend a minimum of 36 hours at work to ride out/work during the tropical storm/Hurricane Dorian. 4 books, 1 bible, 1 bag of snacks ... ESSENTIALS 📚🍪🍿🍩 (a few other things too).

#booklover #snacks #carbinator #hurricanedorianwreckedmyLaborDaydate #Floridalife #prayIdontstrangleacoworker #psychhospitallife #blowitoutyourpieholeDorian

Lovesbooks87 You are prepared! Stay Safe! 3mo
MartinaLove Stay safe! 3mo
Kaila-ann Be safe!! 3mo
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AmyG Be safe! Hope it all passes quickly. 3mo
Trashcanman Wish you the best. Be careful 3mo
Stacypatrice Thanks y‘all! 3mo
marleed Thinking of you and your safety! 3mo
veritysalter Hoping your warm and safe. Thinking of you 3mo
Stacypatrice Hey y‘all thank you for your good wishes!! Work cancelled the required “work in” so I don‘t go in until my usual Wednesday. Good news for Florida 🌊 ... 3mo
Gissy I hope everything goes well! I hope Dorian goes to the ocean without affecting anyone else!!! 3mo
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Even Aliens Need Snacks | Matthew McElligott
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@LibrarianRyan #bbrc
...and I call the flip flops...

LibrarianRyan Ferris. Yeahh. Yumm. I call them flip flops too. But a lot of people think of that is only beach flip flops. 4mo
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Girl from Blind River | Gale Massey
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Can't keep going without #snacks

#24in48 #readreadread #2ndbook

Girls Burn Brighter | Shobha Rao
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Never go down on #snacks when readathoning 😋

#RATbooksnack #deweyapril #readathonhourlyphoto

MicheleinPhilly ? I‘m missing små godis! 8mo
batsy That plate of snacks is a work of art! 💜❤️ 8mo
Kalalalatja @MicheleinPhilly @batsy I have to keep it away from where I‘m reading because I will end up eating it all way too fast. 😅 8mo
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Avanders Your little bowl of goodies looks perfect 🥳☺️ 8mo
ferskner That's it, I'm breaking into my reserve Stjerne Mix. 8mo
Kalalalatja @ferskner mmmhmm Stjerne Mix 👌 8mo
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Barley risotto with peas and ricotta. I liked it a lot -- my husband and son were less impressed. Too bad, I froze a bunch and they'll be eating it three more times! #cookbookproject #cookbooks

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#ModernMrsDarcy found some good deals on #Kindle books today! There were too many to post individually, so I‘m sharing the link:


#kindledeals #kindledeal #kindlealert

Photo: a picture of my classroom/workspace, for interest. 😂 I use a LOT of props. There are more on either side that you can‘t see!

Even Aliens Need Snacks | Matthew McElligott
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Here's my bookshelfie challenge for the #24in48readathon!!! I featured only 3 of my snacks in this picture because there are too many to grab!😂 I'm almost to 4 hours and feeling great! #24in48 @24in48