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The Expo Book | Gordon Linden
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I just registered!!! Who else is going this year?!? #BEA19 (I know I only tagged a few people but my memory is shot and I instantly forgot everyone who was there last years screen names 😝 but you all should come!)

ReadingRover @Captivatedbybooks you need to come this year!!! 11mo
Reecaspieces I will be there and so will @SilversReviews! Can not Wait! 11mo
TheSpineView Yes! I already booked my hotel! Hope to see some of my fellow Littens there. 11mo
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SilversReviews I‘ll register this week. 😍😍😍😍 Thanks, @Reecaspieces. @irre is going too. 11mo
LibrarianRyan No go for me. House and $$ problems. So only a miracle will let me go. 11mo
irre I‘ll be there. Can‘t wait!! Thanks @SilversReviews (edited) 11mo
tpixie I want to come! Almost convinced my book club, but they backed out. Any hotel suggestions? Do you bring an empty suitcase for #bookhauls ? 11mo
ReadingRover @Reecaspieces That‘s who I forgot! Sorry @SilversReviews I kept thinking silverreads for some reason. I can‘t wait to see you guys again!!! 11mo
ReadingRover @LibrarianRyan That means I‘ll just have to go visit you sometime soon in the next year!!! 11mo
ReadingRover @TheSpineView @SilversReviews @irre can‘t wait to see you all!!! 11mo
LibrarianRyan @ReadingRover things could change but I doubt it. Roofs second house to sell etc. it‘s going to be a tight year. But if things change I will Aletheia everyone. 11mo
ReadingRover @tpixie Yes definitely bring a rolling suitcase to keep in baggage to stash your books when you come off the floor then you can keep going back to collect some more. Lol I sound like Dr Seuss! For hotels I guess it depends on your price point. I live outside the city so I usually drive in. Email me msa3179@aol.com I can look into what‘s in a good area if you need some help. What‘s nice is that the subway goes right there now. 11mo
SilversReviews If anyone gets a heads up on book drops and author signings, can you share please. 11mo
mrozzz I‘ll be there again 🤗 11mo
ReadingRover @SilversReviews Yes we should start early on our coordination this year!!! I always wait till the last second to plan out my schedule- granted in the end I end up tossing it and going rogue but it‘s nice to know I tried! At least knowing the drops when I‘m in the building helps with that 😝 (I‘m also just really bad at keeping up with the whole #slack app thing 😬) 11mo
BookBabe I don‘t think I can make it for the week, but I might be able to do the weekend 11mo
irre @bookbabe I don‘t usually go to BookCon. I feel like it‘s mostly YA authors and I don‘t read much YA. Also, too many people. What‘s your experience? Are you going? 11mo
TheSpineView @BookBabe Yes, I an going to both BookExpo and BookCon. I already am registered for BookCon and will next week for BookExpo. 11mo
tpixie @ReadingRover thanks! If I get to go I‘ll contact you! You‘re sweet! And You‘re a poet and didn‘t know it!!! ♥️🥰🎉 11mo
tpixie @BookBabe if I come, I‘ll do the weekend too. I promised myself I‘d go this year, but a coworker is leaving so I may not be able to take off work!! 11mo
mrozzz Yes! Oops, I‘m just going on Saturday for BookCon @BookBabe 11mo
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I'll be there! Looking forward to see so many #LitsyFamily members again! 🤗🤗🤗 Email me at jasonvigorito@gmail and I'll set up another Slack group. @ReadingRover @Reecaspieces @TheSpineView @SilversReviews @irre @tpixie @mrozzz 11mo
SilversReviews @MrBook It will be fun...I enjoyed meeting Littens last year. I met Jason, @Reecaspieces, and @irre Looking forward to meeting everyone else. Darn that I missed the early bird price. BTW....is the application that LONG one again? I wish I would have saved my answers from last year. @Reecaspieces and I discussed that. 😊 11mo
SilversReviews @ReadingRover I did my best on Slack.....I would LOVE to have my list ready. Someone on Goodreads did a good job sharing...I‘ll share if she puts up info again this year. I forget who it was, though. 😊 Old age gets you every time. LOL!!! 11mo
ReadingRover @SilversReviews Is early bird registration over already. I got the email and signed up that second but I posted here right after. That means it was only for like what 2 days? Not even? But on the bright side the app was much shorter this time! 11mo
ReadingRover @BookBabe No BookCon for me. My old ass can‘t make it through that many days. 😝 oh Bookbabe will we never meet! 🥺 11mo
BookBabe @ReadingRover 🥺😭 11mo
tpixie @MrBook thx! I‘ll get my info out to you if I can go!! 11mo
SilversReviews @ReadingRover I am not sure about the Early Bird - I thought it was just that one day. Good on the application not being so long. THANKS. 11mo
Mommamanzi I want to do freaking bad! 10mo
MidnightBookGirl I'll be there this year. Already book my train tickets and hotel (trying the Row this year). I'll be there from the 27th thru the 1st. 8mo
ReadingRover @MidnightBookGirl great! See you there! We can arrange to meet up. We‘ll exchange emails beforehand. 8mo
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This was the calm before the storm 😆. Taught my fifth Intro to Facebook class at the library today. Numbers keep going up, had a dozen show today. 👍🏻👍🏻 A bunch signed up for one-on-one sessions too. I'll be busy, busy, and busy over the next few weeks, lol. #LitsyLovesLibraries

Graciouswarriorprincess I taught my team #slack yesterday. 2y
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