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Just when I thought the book was boring came the much needed twist. I read somewhere that Cate Blanchett was the main lead in the movie version, and now I can only imagine her as Bernadette. She fits the #ShesSoCold role perfectly.
#seattle #anglophileapril

Reviewsbylola I see so many good things about this book. I haven‘t read it yet! 10mo
Mdargusch I need to see the movie! 10mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime I'm reading this now, glad to hear a twist is coming 10mo
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BiblioLitten @SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime Did you just start it? 10mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime @BiblioLitten yea, I'm only like 15% through it 10mo
BiblioLitten @SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime yup, the twist is around the corner. 😊 Would love to know what you think of the book after you finish reading. 10mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime @BiblioLitten I'll let you know! 🙂 10mo
emilyhaldi One of those books I see everywhere!!! But still haven't read 😆 10mo
Cinfhen This was such a quirky read 10mo
Tanisha_A Cate Blanchett is uber cool! I loved her in Carol! 10mo
BiblioLitten @Tanisha_A And in Blue Jasmine too! 💙 10mo
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Best Served Cold | Joe Abercrombie
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#AnglophileApril #ShesSoCold

I went with the word “cold” in the title; hope to read this book someday.

Reviewsbylola Great choice! I like that it‘s a little different. 10mo
Cinfhen Book sounds good and I don‘t usually read fantasy 👍🏻 10mo
Mdargusch Fantasy books seem to have ice queens a lot! 10mo
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emilyhaldi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 10mo
iread2much I really disliked this book, the writing is descent, but the characters are all awful 10mo
CrowCAH @iread2much thanks for the review. 10mo
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Hark! A Vagrant | Kate Beaton
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Cathy would easily qualify for #ShesSoCold
Kate Beaton's artwork is always such a delight. I haven't read the tagged book yet but hoping to change that soon.
@Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch

Cinfhen Ha!! 10mo
Reviewsbylola 😂😂😂 love this! 10mo
vivastory 😂😂 10mo
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StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Pretty accurate. 10mo
Mdargusch Haha! 😂😂😂 10mo
emilyhaldi Lolol 10mo
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Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
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Crazy...yes. cold.....yes.


Cinfhen hella nuts.... yes!!!! 10mo
Reviewsbylola What @cinfhen said. 😆 10mo
Mdargusch Heck yes!!! 10mo
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A Panorama of American Film Noir (1941-1953) | Paul Hammond, Raymond Borde, Etienne Chaumeton
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#ShesSoCold #AnglophileApril
The author on Barbara Stanwyck's portrayal of Phyllis Dietrichson: "a greedy, exciting woman avid for sexual kicks but almost certainly frigid."
Not sure if I'd use those words- I love film noir but this was not my favorite film book. But Dietrichson and Mary Astor's Ms. Wonderly of Maltese Falcon are two of my favorite femme fatales.
@emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch @Cinfhen

Reviewsbylola It‘s been way too long since I‘ve seen The Maltese Falcon! I think maybe I bought the book at some point. 🤔 10mo
Billypar I own it but also unread. The classic hard-boiled noirs might be one of those rare cases where I'd prefer the films. Or at least I haven't been able to work up enough interest to read them yet! 10mo
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Palimpsest I love film noir. 10mo
Theaelizabet “Not sure if I‘d use those words...” Or even that thought. It‘s been quite awhile since I saw the film, but that wouldn‘t be my takeaway. Interesting. (edited) 10mo
Billypar @Theaelizabet Right? I read it a long time ago but I remember it being filled with rambling, lazy analysis- too much just to be chalked up to a poor translation. 10mo
Billypar @Palimpsest I haven't seen any in awhile, but I went through a period where I watched so many: lots of good ones. 10mo
Mdargusch Perfect! 10mo
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Elizabeth is on trial for the murder of her autistic son Henry. Either #shessocold for blowing up the unit where he was receiving oxygen treatment or she‘s innocent. As the story unfolds in the court room, Elizabeth‘s guilt is stripped away as we learn the secrets and crimes of other people involved. It‘s a wild ride that also fascinated me because of the “autism mom” layer and the choices Elizabeth made to “treat” Henry‘s autism. #anglophileapril

Samplergal Good one. I‘m almost finished with this one and she really is cold. 10mo
Cinfhen Good choice💕 10mo
Mdargusch Hmmm. Sounds very interesting. 👍🏼 10mo
Reviewsbylola You can borrow it. I think you‘d like it. @mdargusch 10mo
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The Sleeping Beauty | Elizabeth Taylor
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This retelling of Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Emily, a quiet beauty living with her sister and niece in a small English seaside town. She has secrets in her past that have led her to a life of solitude and loneliness... until Vinny comes to town and wakes her from her stupor ☺️

Reviewsbylola Is this your first Taylor? I haven‘t read her yet but I want to ever since I have seen mom and @leahbergen rave about her. 10mo
LeahBergen @Reviewsbylola This is one I haven‘t read (yet!) 😄 10mo
Cinfhen This would have worked for #Booked2019 #FairytaleRetelling 🥰 10mo
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Tanisha_A Sounds something I would love to read. 10mo
Mdargusch I told her that @Cinfhen - I think that‘s why she read it. 10mo
emilyhaldi Yes my first Taylor!! @Reviewsbylola I will definitely be reading morw 10mo
emilyhaldi That‘s exactly why I read it 😉 @Cinfhen 10mo
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Game of Thrones | George R R Martin
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#ShesSoCold #AnglophileApril She has a warm part in her heart for her children,other than that, Cersei Lannister is stone ,stone cold.I may be under the influence of those damn Game of Thrones Oreos.

Seekingtardis I AM SO READY FOR SUNDAY!!!!! 10mo
Leftcoastzen @Seekingtardis Me too!🐉⚔️ 10mo
umbrellagirl Cannot wait! 10mo
Reviewsbylola I‘m one of those freaks that doesn‘t watch this show. 😂 10mo
Leftcoastzen @Reviewsbylola I resisted for a long time , then binge watched all the DVDs 10mo
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Mrs. Mike | Benedict Freedman, Nancy Freedman
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Set in the early 20th century, Mrs. Mike tells the story of a young woman from Boston who marries a Canadian Mountie and moves to the Canadian wilderness. Unless you‘re in Siberia, there is no winter like a good old Canadian winter so I‘m sure #ShesSoCold throughout the entire book 😂


Amiable Oh my goodness, that was one of my favorite books when I was a kid! I read it over and over again. Have you read the sequel? 10mo
Melissa_J @Amiable I haven‘t even read this one yet 😉 I really should! 10mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds really good! 10mo
Cinfhen This is a “cool” pick!!! Sounds great 😊 10mo
Mdargusch Haha! I‘m sure she is too! ❄️❄️❄️ 10mo
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Winter Garden | Kristin Hannah
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Anya‘s daughters think #shessocold and have estranged themselves from her in adulthood. In her old age, she begins to tell them the story of her time in Leningrad when she was literally so so cold, during the siege of Leningrad in WWII. There is more to their ice queen mother than they expected. #anglophileapril

Reviewsbylola I‘ve been curious about Hannah‘s other titles since reading Nightingale and 10mo
Hollie @Reviewsbylola I liked this one, but did not like The Great Alone...or was underwhelmed by it anyway. 10mo
Cinfhen Good choice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻and always love to see a post from you 🥰 10mo
Mdargusch Great choice. I‘m not familiar with this book by her. 10mo
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