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#blameitoncindy / #blaneitonmeg / #blameitontrish for my road-trip read! 3 chapters in and totally loving it! 💕

KarenUK And just realized the cover matches my car! (edited) 7mo
Megabooks It does! Enjoy! 😘😘 7mo
squirrelbrain Loved this one - I think you will too! ❤️ 7mo
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KarenUK @squirrelbrain Aww I missed your review! I think you could well be right! 💕 7mo
TrishB Enjoy ❤️ hope it‘s fun! 7mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! Your #RoadTrippin 🚘Have a wonderful getaway xxxx (edited) 7mo
BarbaraBB Happy you love it! Get rid of that slump 😘 7mo
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True Story | Kate Reed Petty
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#RoadTrippin Maybe I‘ll be able to read a few pages 🤞🏽

Megabooks Yay! You‘re here! 2y
KarenUK This one was a page turner for me.... and cleverly structured.. hope you enjoy! 2y
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BarbaraBB This one is on my November tbr too! Where are you road tripping towards? (edited) 2y
BarbaraBB And now I‘m into RHCP immediately 🎶Road tripping with my two favorite allies 🎶 2y
TrishB I enjoyed this one 👍🏻 hope you get some reading time. 2y
aperfectmjk I have this on loan. Hoping to start it soon. I want to finish White Ivy first. Anxious to hear your thoughts. 2y
Centique I just put something in the mail for you today - I‘m putting it in writing so we can measure how blinking LONG it takes to get there. Anything less than 8 weeks will be an improvement! 😂😂😂 2y
Cinfhen Well I read from page 16 to page 43 so I guess that‘s progress 🙈ugh, my headspace is BAD @TrishB @BarbaraBB @KarenUK @erzascarletbookgasm @Megabooks @aperfectmjk you‘re TOO SWEET @Centique Wedding planning during COVID is STRESSFUL and it involves LOTS of opinions which I‘m not used too dealing with. 😝I‘m NOT a happy camper.... 2y
TrishB Will the wedding be soon? My niece has had to move hers twice due to various changing restrictions. 2y
Centique @Cinfhen oh youch, wedding planning does sound stressful. Families and in-laws I‘m guessing. (Plus a pandemic 😬) Fingers crossed for you! 💕💕 2y
Cinfhen Cross the toes, too @Centique 🤪 2y
Cinfhen That‘s part of the stress @TrishB Adam‘s parents want to wait until COVID is gone and we‘re like that‘s impossible to know... the kids would prefer something on the small side ,maybe in May 2y
TrishB Oh good luck! That‘s all very stressful! 2y
BarbaraBB Oh that does sound stressful. May sounds reasonable though. Will you stay there until then?? 2y
Cinfhen No!!!!!!! I need a BREAK @BarbaraBB we have tickets to fly out next Wednesday ( November 18) 2y
BarbaraBB That is good, it has been quite an unnerving trip this time I guess. You might actually look forward to a bit of social distancing and staying at home 😉❤️. 2y
TrishB Your reading will be waiting for you 😁♥️ 2y
emilyhaldi Oof, I‘m sure wedding planning on this mess is a real mindf*ck 🤪 wedding planning is hard enough without a pandemic! Just remember you can‘t please everyone 🙃 We have invites to 2 weddings in May ‘21... hoping and praying that they really happen bc I could sure use some fun again 😩 2y
Reviewsbylola I had a small May wedding. Highly recommend going that route! Obviously mine was waaaaaay pre covid, but the planning was stress free because it was so small. And also because @annied did most of the planning. 😂🤪 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for the love Dargusch Girls xxx miss you 😘 Hope all is well @emilyhaldi @Reviewsbylola 2y
Cinfhen I‘m SO looking forward to being in quarantine when I get back @BarbaraBB I‘m done interacting with humans for quite some time🙈Hope you had a wonderful birthday 🥳 2y
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It took me way too long to finish this wonderful historical fiction of the fortunate or unfortunate life of Stella Fortuna. Tracing the Fortuna family‘s roots from Italy to America, covering 150 years of drama, hardship, mishaps, marriages, births and deaths this book was absorbing & engaging. Highly recommended. The ending was a bit rushed but I liked that the author wrapped up all the various storylines. #RoadTrippin #BackSeatReader 🤓

Blaire I so wish I could read in the car. #jealois 3y
JennyM Yey - ❤️ Stella. You look to be having a fantastic summer road trippin x 3y
Chelsea.Poole Oh my goodness so glad you enjoyed it!! ♥️♥️♥️ I love Stella. I doubt I'll forget her or her story anytime soon. 3y
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LeeRHarry Another to add to my TBR! 😊 3y
erzascarletbookgasm I envy those who can read in a moving vehicle! Great to hear you‘re having a wonderful summer holiday/road tripping! ❤️ 3y
Crazeedi One of my top books of the year! 3y
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#Audio #RoadTrippin This was a very well researched book regarding both the Kushner klan and Ivanka‘s upbringing & merging of the 2 family‘s brands. It‘s safe to say the apples didn‘t fall far from their family trees. While both kids were raised in privilege & exposure to corruption it‘s no surprise they gravitated towards each other. Credit to Jared‘s grandparents, true Holocaust survivors who built an empire. Sad their sons tarnished their name.

Megabooks Just checked it out from the library! Thanks! 🎧 3y
Cinfhen Hope you “enjoy” @Megabooks We have a few personal connections to a handful of people mentioned in this book, so it was interesting to hear what the author had to say about them🤭 3y
Megabooks @Cinfhen I find those in books as well. It is always interesting to hear what people say about the people you know and whether you agree with the author or whether you agree with your acquaintance/friend‘s position! 😉😉🤐 I had a lot of friends go into journalism after college, so now that we‘re around 40, some of them are publishing or being included in books, but I still mostly see them in magazines/newspapers/TV. 3y
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Cinfhen I think most of what was written/said was true @Megabooks 🥴our very close friends are neighbors with Jared‘s sister Dara and we‘ve had several meals with her and her family including Jared‘s parents Charlie & Seryl. Plus our friend catered Jared & Ivanka‘s wedding and my hubby & I “worked” as part of his hospitality team but we had to sign NDA 🤐And Charlie Kushner‘s lawyer is our first cousin‘s brother in-law so lots of family events 3y
Megabooks That is a lot of connection!! NDA for a wedding...gotta admit I‘m rolling my eyes a little at that. I get it. But I‘m still rolling my eyes. 🙄🤣 3y
Cinfhen Yup!!! And our phones were confiscated too @Megabooks 🙄I will say People Magazine did an excellent job capturing the wedding. It was truly a spectacular event‼️ 3y
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Spent 4 1/2 hours listening to this #audio today. Hubby‘s first audio experience and it‘s a winner so far. It‘s a bit of an expose but it‘s interesting enough to help pass the time. #RoadTrippin 🚘🇨🇦🎧

Crazeedi Have fun in Niagara! 3y
Melissa_J Have fun! Where are you planning to visit? 3y
Cinfhen Today & tomorrow in Niagra and weekend in Toronto. We haven‘t thought beyond that @Melissa_J we need to be back in NYC by Thursday Aug 1! Thanks so much @Crazeedi 3y
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BarbaraBB Have fun! I‘ll follow your route, coming to Toronto and Niagra Falls as well early next week! Such a coincidence!! 💜 3y
Cathythoughts Enjoy 👍🏻♥️ 3y
Cinfhen Niagra is a total tourist trap but the falls are really cool @BarbaraBB I was here about 35 years ago but hubby has never been before. It‘s nice to get away @Cathythoughts ♥️ 3y
Crazeedi @Cinfhen Toronto is great too!! 3y
TrishB Sounds fun 😁 3y
Blaire Aww. My husband and kids were just there last weekend! 3y
Cinfhen Looking forward to visiting Toronto @Crazeedi but we‘re having a great time in Niagra 💕turns out One Republic is in concert at our resort tonight so catching another concert 🎸🎶🤘🏽 @TrishB 3y
Cinfhen I‘m sure your kids must have loved Niagra @Blaire it‘s a VERY kid friendly destination 😊 3y
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The Turnaway Girls | Hayley Chewins
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Another #marchrso2019 #preview fantasy novel for younger readers I managed to read while #roadtrippin exquisite writing and language.

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Cutting for Stone: A Novel | Abraham Verghese
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When you have a 14-hour solo drive, a solid audiobook makes it a million times better #roadtrippin 🛣🚙

Carry On | Rainbow Rowell
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This book has been the perfect reread (#audiobook) while I feel overwhelmed. On the hour and a half ride home, I listened while younger two finished their move (Book of Life) and I had a marshmallow milkshake! I know I should do homework but I think I will finish this instead...

Cinfhen Gorgeous view...#RoadTrippin ❤️ 5y
Peddler410 Did you read Fangirl first? I bought Carry On and at check out the girl said I should read Fangirl first. But I‘m not interested in that story. 5y
josie281 @Peddler410 I actually read this first then read Fan Girl. Then I am rereading this because I like it more 🙃😃 5y
josie281 Meaning you can totally read this as a stand alone! 5y
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Best Kept Secret | Jeffrey Archer
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Any #Connecticut #Littens going to be in #Niantic tomorrow? (I'm looking at you, @CareBear lol 😮) We're hitting The Book Barn for the day!!! It might be rainy but that isn't going to keep me from used books!!!! #BookBarn #bookfix #eastcoastenvy #NYtoCT #roadtrippin

CareBear Oh man, I would have loved to! Can you believe I've never been there? I can't today, but please let me know next time - I'd love to meet up and peruse books with you! Enjoy! 💙 5y
IamIamIam @CareBear Aww, definitely next time!!! I would never have known about it because it's about a 2 hour drive for us but we had friends who lived in RI and we'd meet up here. The kids could run around, we could all go book shopping together and then we'd head to their house. 😄 But check it out!! You won't be disappointed!!! We can #blameitonLitsy after a huge book haul!!! 🤣🤣 💜 5y
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