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Pumpkinheads | Rainbow Rowell
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This is the perfect book for #pumpkinspiceeverything season. It is best read while wearing a cozy flannel and puffy vest. My only criticism is there was no Cider Donut Station (Maybe in a sequel? 🤞) As a librarian, I love how I can recommend this book to both adults and younger readers.

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#witchpleaseswap Love my witches! Great Aunt Sarah died in 1692. Can‘t wait for a witchy swap!!

monalyisha That history! 😱 Thanks for sharing. 🖤🔮 1y
mrsmarch @monalyisha Juuuust realized my current Litsy profile pic is last year‘s Halloween selfie. I must be subconsciously getting ready. #pumpkinspiceeverything 1y
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Found the pumpkin spice creamer, time to get down and cozy with this book! #fallishere #pumpkinspiceeverything

Envelope Poems | Emily Dickinson
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☕️🎃It is time.

Ann Hood mentioned she tries to read a poem a day and it changes her outlook on the day. I'm going to try to adopt the practice and improve my poetry repertoire. This morning I was in a Dickinson state mind. Tomorrow maybe Frost?

Any other poets I shouldn't miss out on, poetry loving Littens? ❤️

#Poetry #PumpkinSpiceEverything #EmilyDickinson

batsy I tried to do this and didn't keep up. Going to try again, it's a lovely idea ❤️ Federico Garcia Lorca, Adrienne Rich and Fernando Pessoa are some suggestions :) 2y
8little_paws Poets.org has a poem a day email list you can sign up for as well. 2y
KathyWheeler I like Alfred Tennyson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Elizabeth & Robert Browning, Sylvia Plath, W.H. Auden, W.B. Yeats, Christina Rossetti, Adrienne Rich, Langston Hughes, and Maya Angelou. 2y
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JaclynW I love this idea! I am nearly poetry illiterate I am embarrassed to say. I've read and loved Shel Silverstein, does this count? 😄 I can do a poem a day. Where should I start? Any suggestions? 2y
JaclynW @8little_paws Good to know! 2y
JaclynW @KathyWheeler @batsy I just saw your suggestions, I'm adding them to my list. 😊 2y
batsy @JaclynW ☺️ Great suggestions, @KathyWheeler! 2y
Andrea4 To add to others: Pablo Neruda, Leonard Cohen, Marilyn Dumont, Margaret Atwood, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and Alfonsina Storni. Good starting place. 2y
Lcsmcat Billy Collins and Mary Oliver. Also, if you sign up to The Writer's Almanac email, they will email you each morning a poem, followed by bookish anniversaries for that day. I've discovered new poets (and added books to my never-ending TBR) from this service. I don't remember how I signed up for it, years ago, but it's through American Public Radio, so you can probably find it online. 2y
kathedron I read a couple of poems with my first-thing-in-the-morning mug of tea. Been doing it a while now and, yes, it does make a difference to the day. At the moment I'm reading Mary Oliver. If you don't already know what you like, why not try an anthology like this one: 2y
KathyWheeler I also liked this book by a former professor at my university. 2y
jb72 Edgar Allen Poe - I think I may try this next year - a poem a day (edited) 2y
Jess_Read_This @batsy Omigosh! I haven't heard of any of these suggestions and am so excited to check them out.❤️ 2y
Jess_Read_This @8little_paws Love this!! I'm signing up now. 2y
Jess_Read_This @KathyWheeler ❤️wow! I haven't heard of some of these poets! Thank you so much for sharing these names with me. 2y
Jess_Read_This @JaclynW Don't be embarrassed! I am pretty poetry illiterate myself and never thought I'd enjoy the genre so much. I'm in a small GR club in which it's a new genre for most of us and we are exploring a poet and his/her poems as a group. It's generated some great discussion and helped me in starting out. Shel Silverstein totally counts and you have me beat, I haven't any Silverstein poems. 😉 2y
Jess_Read_This @Andrea4 oh! More names I'm not familiar with. Thank you so much. I've started writing all the names down. 💕 (edited) 2y
Jess_Read_This @Lcsmcat Gosh, thanks for the tip on the Writer's Almanac. I didn't know about that site or the two poets you mentioned. I can't wait to explore the website more. 2y
Jess_Read_This @River_Voice I love hearing this! Poems and tea in the morning sounds like an absolute lovely way to start the day. I'm still learning what I like and am stacking your anthology recommendation. Thank you! 2y
Jess_Read_This @KathyWheeler The synopsis of your former professor's book sounds super interesting! 2y
Jess_Read_This @jb72 He's awesome. I agree a must read poet. 2y
JaclynW @Jess_Read_This I love exploring new reading genres. Poetry is one I haven't done much in but have been wanting to get to. I can't wait to try out some of these suggestions! I'm so glad you posted about this! I think that's a wonderful idea to do poetry as a group. I think that's been part of my issues with poetry....I read it and then wonder what I just read. 😶😄 Discussion is priceless! 😊 2y
Jess_Read_This @JaclynW That has exactly been my experience with poetry and why I didn't read it prior to joining the group. If you are on Goodreads and interested in joining let me know! I will ask the moderator to send you an invite! We'd love to have you be a part of the discussion. (edited) 2y
tammysue I love this idea, thanks! :) 2y
KathyWheeler @Jess_Read_This I really liked the book. Rob was nominated for a Pushcart Prize but I'm not sure for which book. He's got another book called Drew: Poems from Blue Water that is about the death of his brother. I haven't read it though. 2y
JaclynW @Jess_Read_This Yes! I am on Goodreads! 2y
Jess_Read_This @JaclynW Let me know if you would like to join the group. Is your name on GR the same as here? 2y
elliemcc11 We did a little poetry in school English Lit lessons. Gerald Manley Hopkins and WW1 war poets from what I remember and have to admit I struggled particularly with Hopkins. 2y
JaclynW @Jess_Read_This Yes, I am interested. My Goodreads user name is Jaclyn Chambers Wintle. Clever, I know. 😉 😄 2y
Jess_Read_This @JaclynW Great! The mod is going to send you an invite this morning. They are getting set up and also doing monthly book reads, but it's not required you do that, I think some of the members will just do the poetry study. I hope you join us! 2y
Jess_Read_This @elliemcc11 Oh! I've never heard of Hopkins before. I'm adding him to my list! 2y
DivaDiane Tinywords is also a daily haiku or senryu or some other equally short poem. Haikuniverse is another. My passion is speculative poetry (i.e. SF, Fantasy and the like as poetry! You should check out work by Jeannine Hall Gailey, Amal El Mohtar, John Reinhart, Ann K. Schwader (for formal poetry). (edited) 2y
Jess_Read_This @DivaDiane Wow. I haven't heard of any of these poets and Haiku is something I remember from grade school. I need to revisit it! I'm not at all familiar with speculative poetry either! 2y
JaclynW @Jess_Read_This Sounds perfect! Thank you for the invite and getting me set up! 2y
mcipher Late to the party, but - Sharon Olds, Anne Sexton, Elizabeth Bishop, Rainer Marie Rilke, William Carlos Williams. And my husband loves Richard Brautigan and Charles Bukowski. Enjoy!! ❤️❤️ 2y
Jess_Read_This @mcipher Not late at all! Precisely on time as I just a new page in my poetry journal for my Litten Poet Recommendations! 😁 I don't have any of these names down nor am I familiar with any of their works. Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ (edited) 2y
ValerieAndBooks Lots of good suggestions-- I'd like to add Lucille Clifton. 2y
Jess_Read_This @ValerieAndBooks Oh! I don't have that name on the list yet! Thank you so much! ❤️Writing it down now! 2y
DivineDiana I have also started to read more poetry, and love reading a poem in the morning as well. Right now, it's Mary Oliver. 2y
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Immortal Architects | Paige Orwin
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A pre-work trip to b and n for the first PSL (here) of the season! #pumpkinspiceeverything

Death by Pumpkin Spice | Alex Erickson
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This makes me happy 😊😍🤗🎃 I just wish I could be home reading and sipping on this 😉

SaraPortman I may be the odd girl out, but I love pumpkin everything EXCEPT pumpkin spice lattes. 2y
WhatDeeReads I'm more an apple cider girl myself, but yes for fall! 2y
Read.Em.And.Eat I swear that this is the time of year that my typical white girl comes out. Fancy leggings, boots and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING 😍 2y
GA_Bookworm07 I use to hate pumpkin spice but now love it. Esp the wax you put in the wax warmers and the candles. 2y
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🎃 @lemonlime799 Enabler!! Awesome Book Recommenderer!!! 😆 (Thank you btw for the tip❤️)

🎃I've been perusing the recipes in this book and am blown away by the variety. Pumpkin hummus, pumpkin seed pesto, shakshuka with pumpkin, pumpkin beverages, desserts, smoked pumpkin sauce... I am getting inspired! The photography is gorgeous. I'm so impressed with this cookbook.

#PumpkinLover #PumpkinSpiceEverything #StockUpOnCannedPumpkin 🎃

queerbookreader You got it!!!!! I've already photographed like ten pages of recipes I want to try out 2y
Alytrue Yay! I love Pumpkin Spice season (also known as Autumn)😊 2y
AceOnRoam I thought the title was @PurpleyPumpkin haha! 2y
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Jess_Read_This @lemonlime799 I'm so glad I bought it! The Gingerbread Pumpkin Hazelnut Shake sounds amazing. The pumpkin Caesar salad just intriguing! I'm for sure making the pumpkin chili. I can go on and on gushing about this book. I debated buying it since my library didn't have it, boy am I glad I did! 2y
Jess_Read_This @Alytrue 🙌🏼❤️Yes!! 2y
Jess_Read_This @AceOnRoam 😂Maybe @PurpleyPumpkin is secretly the author??? 🤔💕 2y
AceOnRoam Haha, maybe! 2y
PurpleyPumpkin @AceOnRoam @Jess_Read_This Ahhh I wish! 😂😂😂It looks like a good book though. It may be one to buy. 👍🏽 2y
ReadingEnvy I've been hoarding canned pumpkin from last year in case there is another shortage but it's almost time... 2y
Jess_Read_This @ReadingEnvy Oh thank god I'm not the only person that hoards canned pumpkin!! ❤️I started keeping a stash after the shortage too 🙈 2y
ValerieAndBooks I'm stacking this!! 2y
ValerieAndBooks Ahh, I see it's not in the Litsy database so I'm jotting the actual title down. Will see if my library has this! 2y
Jess_Read_This @ValerieAndBooks I was just typing a response that said it's not in the database here 😂which is a bummer! I hope you find it at your library!!! I'm so impressed with this one. 2y
ValerieAndBooks Our library has it 😍! Put a hold on it. Thanks to you and @lemonlime799 for bringing this to my attention. 2y
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