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MAY 12 PROMPT: Rare Books

This 1885 Allegheny Edition of Theodore Roosevelt‘s Hunting Trips of a Ranchman: Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains I think qualifies as a rare book. It was originally my great-grandfather‘s, I believe. My grandfather told me his father had hunted with Teddy a time or two, but “a bit of a bigot, he is(Teddy).” Continued 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

#oldcoolbooks #rarebooks #princeps #firsteditions#theodoreroosevelt

ReadZenRites While that‘s not what a kid wants to hear about a US President and one of the “great men” at Mount Rushmore, as an adult I realize he was right. Grandfather also implied that Teddy was not very politic when it came to the rise of the Nazis in Germany, which my grandfather enlisted in the Marines to fight in WWII. History has a very different look as an adult. 😊 2y
Linsy Nice! 🖤 1y
ReadZenRites Thank you @Linsy 😊💕 1y
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The Wicked Enchantment | Margot Benary-Isbert
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Doubling up on #oldcoolbooks with two books by a favorite author. The tagged book is a First Edition (#princeps) and my childhood paperback of Blue Mystery has #yellowedpages.

LeahBergen What ARE these glorious books?? They‘re completely new to me. 😮 2y
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen You'd love them! I used to check out the tagged book over and over again from the elementary school library, until I (finally!) found a reasonably-priced copy on eBay. 😊 2y
merelybookish @LeahBergen New to me! But the covers make me want to read them! 2y
batsy @LeahBergen Before your comment the first thing that came to mind when I saw this post was, "What ARE these glorious books?" ?? These look wonderful and all new to me, @rubyslippersreads! Gonna take a peek at eBay... ? 2y
Linsy The Wicked Enchantment looks amazing!! I love the illustration! 💙 2y
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#OldCoolBooks #princeps
My old cool books are short on princeps or first editions. With my old & vintage cookbooks, some possibly are, but have limited copyright information & some are first editions but not first printings. This Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook is both a first edition, published in 1967 (the edition tagged in the database is 1976) & it's also a first printing. It's in really good condition too & was a steal from Powell's at $10.💙

LeahBergen I like the cool house on the cover, too! 2y
DebinHawaii @LeahBergen Me too! It has a cool 😎 retro vibe. 2y
Linsy Great! 💖 2y
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#princeps Here is my first edition of The Exorcist. It was my Meme's. She apparently bought it on a whim and then stayed up all night reading it. Unfortunately I have know idea where the cover is 🖤
#OldCoolBooks @Linsy

Linsy That‘s so cool! ... and creepy 😱 2y
TricksyTails 😍🖤😍🖤 Oooh!!! 2y
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Eagle in the Snow | Wallace Breem
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#OldCoolBooks #day6 #Princeps I‘m a sucker for ancient history, have been since I read about Rome & Egypt in school. There‘s some great books out there including the tagged book, Eagle In The Snow, about Roman General Paulinus Gaius Maximas & his exploits in Britannia, but Rome was a visual place, so I had to include my two favourite movies, Centurion with Michael Fassbender about the 9th Legion & the Picts & Gladiator, Russell Crowe‘s best work.

Linsy Love this!! Gladiator was awesome. Glad to get a recommendation if I enter into Rome‘s history in my reading. Right now, I‘m hanging out with Eleanor of Aquitaine. 2y
ladym30 Love Centurion and Gladiator! 2y
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Canada in 1896 and 1897 | John Castell Hopkins
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Victoria was the #first lady of the land and this is also a first edition dated 1896... #princeps @Linsy
It‘s a beautiful large #tome that l enjoy leafing through just for the illustrations alone... making it one of my favorite #OldCoolBooks. ❤️😊 Sadly this is not in the database 😔

AmyG Wow. Amazing. 2y
Linsy Oh my goodness, that‘s amazing! I love EVERYTHING about this!!!!! 💙🖤💙 (edited) 2y
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John Barleycorn | Jack London
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#OldCoolBooks #Princeps Published in 1913 , It is a autobiographical novel if you will, of Jack London and alcoholism.I remember seeking it out because, I don‘t think it was in print at the time.In those pre internet days before you could find every book on the planet in minutes.Plus , you gotta love a book that uses the term “dipsomaniac” in the first chapter.🍸🍺🥃🍷Cheers!But in moderation please.

Linsy Sometimes I still like to search my bookshelves for information, even though I know the Internet could offer it to me faster. 2y
Leftcoastzen @Linsy Me too! I kept many reference books and love to have them spread out on a table or desk browsing through all of them . 2y
jveezer I just did that today: coulda just googled a cooking conversion but looked in the back of the same cookbook I used before the internet instead. 2y
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Leftcoastzen @jveezer Not to say that books are never wrong but how many times do you look up something on the internet and know it‘s wrong. 2y
jveezer @Leftcoastzen haha. Especially the weather! 2y
Bookwomble I love this book of London's - so personal and true, at least emotionally if not literally. 2y
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Pollyanna Grows Up | Eleanor Hodgman Porter
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This is probably my oldest first edition. From 1915. #princeps

wanderinglynn 😍 lovely! 2y
Linsy Beautiful! 💖 Same Pollyanna from the movie? 2y
Vertabrain In beautiful condition! 💕 2y
LeahBergen Pretty! 2y
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Secret Garden | Frances Hodgson Burnett
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In taking a closer look at the books I picked up at the Northfield Book Fair, I do believe this is a first illustrated edition! #OldCoolBooks #Princeps @Linsy

Linsy Beautiful! Look at that cover!!! 😱💙😱 2y
Vertabrain Wow!! What is the date of copyright? 2y
JMEdwards @Vertabrain The copyright is 1911. 2y
jillrhudy 😮😮😮 2y
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Thanks to @bookriot‘s guide, I just figured out that I have a #princeps (#firstedition) that is (barely) more than 100 year‘s old!!! 😱 It‘s from 1915. Squeeee! 🎉

Here‘s the article, written by @Amanda: https://bookriot.com/2012/11/08/the-beginners-guide-to-identifying-first-edition...

If you‘d like to join in, find my first #OldCoolBooks post for details about the #challenge and #giveaway.

Cinfhen Cool!!! 2y
Crazeedi Wow!👍❤ 2y
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