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Oh das Buch hat mich so bei Thalia angelacht. Und bisher gefällt es mir auch richtig gut. Liest sich flüssig und ist spannend und ich bin gespannt, welche Katastrophe sich da noch zeigen wird, die bereits angedeutet wird!
Kennt ihr das Buch bereits?
Habt ein feines Wochenende!
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Buechersuechtling Nee, ich kenn‘s nich. Auch der Autor hat mir absolut nichts gesagt, aber der Datenbank Eintrag dazu klingt wirklich super interessant … Danke fürs Darauf-Aufmerksam-Machen. ? 1mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So pretty 🧡🧡🧡 5mo
OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚🧡 5mo
Nute Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! 5mo
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Indignation | Philip Roth
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A stack of #orangebooks to raise awareness of the epidemic gripping the United States of America. More Americans were shot to death by March 6 this year than died on D-Day. It is beyond time for meaningful change. #GunViolenceAwarenessDay

britt_brooke Thank you for spreading the word. The statistics grow more alarming every day it seems. 💔 8mo
Susannah That statistic is almost unfathomable. 8mo
MicheleinPhilly @Susannah Isn‘t it? I actually gasped yesterday when I read it. 😞 8mo
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Amiable I‘m so disheartened by all of what‘s happening in this country. 8mo
MicheleinPhilly @britt_brooke And I fear we are becoming numb to it. I‘ve heard more about the 3 people who died at a resort in the Dominican Republic this week than the dozen people murdered in Virginia Beach. 8mo
britt_brooke @MicheleinPhilly I agree. And I‘m guilty of becoming numb to it and I hate that. 8mo
MicheleinPhilly @Amiable I‘m right there with you. And I hate social media for amplifying the darkness. 8mo
Megabooks Wow. Very sobering. 😔😔 8mo
CarolynM 💔 I wish you well in the campaign for gun control. 8mo
BarbaraBB These numbers are unbelievable. Wtf is happening to your great country? 8mo
LeahBergen Holy fu. Those stats. 💔 8mo
Kalalalatja Those stats are insane 🤯 8mo
youneverarrived Wow that‘s a crazy fact 😨 8mo
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#orangebooks @britt_brooke my stack in support of Gun Violence Awareness Day 🧡🧡🧡
We need to do more.

britt_brooke Thanks for spreading the word, my friend! Beautiful stack. 🧡 8mo
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Orange | Benjamin
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Here‘s my #orangebooks in support of Gun Violence Awareness Day in the US, @britt_brooke .

Gun violence are not as rampant in my country, though there‘s an increasing number of shooting cases in recent years. (According to the Arms Act and Firearms Act, using a gun for crimes is punishable by death while anyone caught in possession of firearms without a licence can be jailed up to 14 years and get 6 strokes of the cane.)

erzascarletbookgasm 🙏 to an end of gun violence. 8mo
britt_brooke Beautiful stack! Thanks for spreading the message. 🧡 8mo
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LibLib Imagine how wonderful this world would be if every gun was replaced with a book! 8mo
la_rose_noire 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 8mo
Kalalalatja 🧡 8mo
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Orange | Benjamin
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Inspired by @britt_brooke here‘s my #orangebooks stack for Gun Violence Awareness Day. I live in a country where guns aren‘t allowed, except for hunting, and gun violence is pretty uncommon. I can‘t imagine how it must feel to live in countries where this isn‘t the case, and I feel for everyone who has experienced gun violence in any way 🧡🧡🧡

britt_brooke Beautiful stack! 🧡 Thanks so much for spreading the word. The US is such a divided country right now and gun laws are a big part of it. I‘d be happy to have laws like yours. 8mo
Julsmarshall Gorgeous stack and beautiful words. The lack of common sense gun control laws here in the US breaks my 🧡 and sometimes it feels like we‘ll never see the end of the needless suffering. I‘m wearing orange today and do what I can to make my voice heard with my vote and $$ and thank everyone who does the same. (edited) 8mo
BiblioLitten Did you like Homegoing? It‘s on my TBR 8mo
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Orange | Benjamin
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🧡 This is a bookstagram carryover, but I wanted to share on Litsy because it‘s so important. Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and if you feel so inclined, I‘d love to see your orange book stacks. Today, I‘m stacking - and wearing - orange in honor of Kayce, Jessica, and Nicole who lost their lives in my high school in 1997. #orangebooks

ruskigurl16 I wasn't aware, but thank you for bringing awareness to this important (if sad) topic. 🧡 8mo
Susannah Thank you, @britt_brooke. 🧡 8mo
PirateJenny Yeah, I completely forgot despite the company emails all week. Went into our kitchen area before I left (yay summer hours!) and saw the reminder. I mean it isn't as though I don't have a daily orange reminder in those book spines. 8mo
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britt_brooke @ruskigurl16 Absolutely! 🧡 8mo
britt_brooke @Susannah 🧡🧡🧡 8mo
mrp27 💕 8mo
Blaire 🧡 so important. Thank you for raising awareness. Didn‘t realize you had such a personal connection. Seems that it is becoming increasingly and tragically common. 8mo
britt_brooke @Blaire 🧡🧡🧡 Yes, unfortunately. I was a sophomore when the shooting happened at my school. 😔 8mo
Scochrane26 You‘re from Paducah? @britt_brooke (edited) 8mo
britt_brooke @Scochrane26 Yes! Are you? 8mo
Scochrane26 @britt_brooke I‘m from around Lexington, still live in the area. I have a close friend in madisonville, so I spend some time there. I remember the shooting, I was in college at the time. 8mo
britt_brooke @Scochrane26 I live in the Nashville area now, and haven‘t lived in Paducah in many years, but my family is there. It‘s still home. 💙 The shooting changed so many lives. The shooter is eligible for parole in 3.5 years. 8mo
Reviewsbylola 🧡🧡🧡🧡 8mo
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vkois88 👍👍👍 1y
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Artemis | Andy Weir
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I‘m a day behind again! #OrangeBooks #FallIntoReading

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty 🧡🧡 1y
vkois88 I'm a few behind bc of work 🙊 But you have some awesome picks here 😊 1y
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