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The title was too intriguing to pass up 😂 #next up for #SummersEndReadathon and #24B4Monday

Current time: 12hours10mins 💪🏻

Becker Agreed. The title is a winner. 4mo
Gina The title stopped my scrolling mid scroll 4mo
marleed Ummm. That‘s what she said ;) 4mo
Clwojick @marleed 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 4mo
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I couldn‘t emotionally connect with this one, and I found some stylistic things a bit grating. There‘s definitely an audience out there for this one, I‘m just not one of them. Not a terrible book, just one that‘s not for me.

IamIamIam At least you gave it a fair shake. Not every book can be phenomenal! #NEXT! 8mo
Angitron @IamIamIam Yes! I‘m glad I checked it out and supported a local author at least! 😊 8mo
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This Or That? | Joginder Singh
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Let's face it, I wasn't really working anyway.....
🍲 Live to eat ❤
💙 My heart bleeds blue 💙
🍜 Any day of the week!
🍦 It comes in its own hand held, crunchy dish. Why wouldn't you?
📖 I'm a bailer. Big one. I won't force myself to finish anything if I'm not feeling it #next

RealLifeReading ? so far I haven't seen a "cup" answer yet! But I have a friend who only eats ice creams in cups! 2y
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The NeXT Book | Bruce F. Webster
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I‘m almost finished with Holly Black‘s The Cruel Prince, and I‘m in the mood for a thriller.

Have y‘all read any of these? Which book should I read next?!

P.S. All of these books were gifts from #HalloweenGoesPostal and #SecretSantaGoesPostal ♥️

monalyisha The cover on “The Nowhere Girls” is prettiest. 😉😆 (edited) 2y
Jadams1776 Pretty Girls is dark, but so good! 2y
Alfoster Agree with @Jadams1776! Also The Breakdown is good too! 2y
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Jess7 I‘ve read two of them. I liked The Breakdown a lot. It‘s a quick paced read. The main character can be a tad annoying, but not too bad. I really liked it. Pretty Girls is fast paced (longer though), but it is truly the most graphic book I‘ve ever read. Graphic is terms of the rape/torture scenes. It shook me for weeks, and it seemed like the description was more for shock and awe than truly necessary to the plot. Minus graphic parts it was good 2y
hermyknee @Jess7 thank you for letting me know that pretty girls is graphic - I had no idea! I‘m less likely to read that at this time knowing that. I‘ll go for one of the other two books! 2y
Jadams1776 Agree with @Jess7 — Pretty Girls was quite graphic. Definitely more than I was expecting. I definitely don‘t regret reading it, but I read several “detox” books after I finished it. 2y
Smashlee Pretty Girls was fantastic and I was drawn in right away! 2y
mrozzz PRETTY GIRLS!!! 2y
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Sunburn | Laura Lippman
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I was going to try sticking to the books I already have for awhile, but this new one by Laura Lippman sounds too good! #Sunburn #Next #ARC #TBR #StackAdd

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Riveted_Reader_Melissa I really liked this fun one on audiobook, enjoy! 2y
merelybookish My son is reading this right now for English class. 2y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled SUCH a fun audiobook! I really had fun with this one. 2y
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KVanRead @Riveted_Reader_Melissa @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Yay! Just started and I‘m intrigued so far. @merelybookish Must have a pretty cool teacher! (edited) 2y
Creadnorthey You couldn't wait for the movie?😀. Not to brag- but I put this on our school's reading list! 2y
KVanRead @Creadnorthey Already knew you were a cool teacher 😎 (edited) 2y
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This meme is me right now. A couple books coming due at the library soon with no renewals available so somehow squeezing in reading between back to school craziness for both kids and a new term teaching for me. I'm exhausted but pushing on! I didn't love this book. It's a fast, easy and mildly amusing read. Eleanor is funny. However, there isn't much to the story and the ending was a huge disappointment for me. I won't remember this one. #NEXT!!!!

California: A Novel | Edan Lepucki
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This is exactly how I feel about this book. I didn't love or hate it. I have too many questions. Glad it's over. #next #whelmed

hermyknee This movie is my whole childhood 😻 2y
LeeRHarry Great movie 😊 2y
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If only I could have binned it! The first book was bad but I thought I would give the second a chance... Mistake! Characters are simplistic, poorly written plot, more sex than substance. This is basically erotica with a poorly written story in the background.....

#Terrible #Bail #Binned #Next #CSPacat #Boring #Trilogy

The NeXT Book | Bruce F. Webster

I am out of books! I'm all read up to the last available books on my series. So, I ask! What's a good series? What are some good books for me to read next? I love YA, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary, etc. Suggestions??

cobwebmoth Have you tried the Trylle trilogy from Amanda Hocking? I remember liking it. The first book is 2y
InBooksILive No I haven't! I loved her My Blood Approves series. I'll definitely check it out! Thank you ☺️ 2y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings The fever series by Karen Marie Moning. First one is 2y
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Laalaleighh Have you read the raven cycle by Maggie steifvater? 2y
InBooksILive Thank you @Laalaleighh ! I LOVED Maggie's Wolves of Mercy Falls series deeeply so I will for sure check out the Raven Cycle series! @BooksTeasAndBookishThings I haven't heard of Darkfever but I'll check it out also! Both series look very good! ☺️ 2y
Laalaleighh TRC is life. Seriously. 2y
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