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The English Patient | Michael Ondaatje
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This post-war set novel has a beautiful sense of place, and the poetic writing is dense but so lyrical and sensual.
4 damaged people share a crumbling Tuscan villa- Kip, a Sikh sapper, Caravaggio the thief and Army nurse Hana caring for the mysterious ‘English‘ patient. The story floats between their time together and the memories and heartbreak of their pasts.
No page-turner, but I savored every moment with the gorgeous prose.

CharissaWeaksAuthor Such a good book! 4y
Cathythoughts Loved the movie ... love this quote ♥️👍🏻 4y
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The Aftermath | Rhidian Brook
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#literarylove #februarytbr
These are some of the books I want to get to...

The Song of Achilles is a re-read for a bookclub I run, so I‘m switching it up and trying the audio this time...

The English Patient is for my own reading challenge #mywheelhousetbr

The rest are all for #booked2019 and #pop19 prompts , including The Aftermath, which has been adapted into a movie (with Keira Knightly and Alexander Skarsgard) coming out in March...

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Great stack 🙌🏻💗 4y
sprainedbrain The audio for Achilles is so good! 😍 4y
vkois88 The cover on The Surface Breaks is stunning 😍 4y
Cinfhen I own the Sparsholt Affair... what prompts are u using it for??? Maybe I‘ll buddy read with you!!! 4y
KarenUK For #pop18 set on a college campus...I think? I‘ll let you know when I‘m getting close to starting it 👍💕 @Cinfhen (edited) 4y
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1. A trip home to UK, visiting Daunts in London, one of my favorite places.
2. #booked2019 #pop19 #mywheelhousetbr (my own list) and #goodreads target of 100.
3. Best- a visit to my family and friends in UK..
Worst - losing my dog Skippy to liver cancer.
4. Apply for US citizenship, and also to stop being such a doctor dodger!
5. The cover is so misleading- it‘s a dark, psychological portrait of a young woman. The writing is great!

TrishB I got this book for Christmas- looking forward to it! 4y
LauraBeth I‘m so sorry that I missed seeing that about your Skippy - I‘m so sorry to hear that 💔 4y
KarenUK @laurabeth thank you so much.... I know you understand how hard it is 💕 4y
KarenUK @trishb I‘m loving it... and @BarbaraBB did too! 👍💕 4y
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The Remains of the Day | Kazuo Ishiguro
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My goodness. I could not stop listening to this book and started and finished it today. Beautifully written and quietly heartbreaking. I adore the way the story is slowly rolled out through Stevens‘ slightly unreliable memories while he takes a solo car tour late in his life. As a character, he‘s endearing and maddening. I was caught off guard by tears more than once.

I have such an author crush on Kazuo Ishiguro.❤️



sprainedbrain Oh! And I highly recommend this audio version. Simon Prebble does a fantastic proper English butler! 4y
merelybookish I just listened to this last week! Agree 💯 percent. Such a beautifully told, heartbreaking story and the audio narration was delightful. 4y
Bradleygirl Oh this one was top quality. Ishiguro's books always *sneak up on you*, it's super tricky. 4y
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Cinfhen My gal @KarenUK LOVES this book too!! Maybe I‘ll see if #overdrive has the audio 4y
BarbaraBB So happy you loved it too. Ishiguro writes wonderful 💕 4y
KarenUK @Cinfhen Yes! Ishiguro is so great 😍 This one and Never Let me Go are both favorite books of mine.... I‘ve added a new to me one to #mywheelhousetbr for next year and hoping for another 5⭐️s! 4y
sprainedbrain @KarenUK Never Let Me Go was a five star for me, too. I am just going to have to read all of his! 4y
Cinfhen I‘ve stacked that book already @KarenUK but it has a terrible Litsy rating 🙄 4y
callielafleur @Cinfhen Wow, you aren't kidding. 13% is shocking. I read Remains of the Day earlier this year and it has really stuck with me. Gorgeous writing. 4y
Cinfhen Not Remains of the Day @callielafleur this one 4y
Cinfhen Which I have now unstaked 😝 4y
callielafleur @Cinfhen Oooohhhhh that makes much more sense! I also read Unburied Giant, which I was also not super impressed with. I didn't 13% hate it 😜 but it was just kind of ho hum for me. 4y
sprainedbrain @KarenUK @Cinfhen @callielafleur there are a few more of his on the #1001books list that I will get to, but Orphans is not one of them. 😂 I think my next will be 4y
callielafleur @sprainedbrain is it sad that I very much appreciate the aesthetic of his covers? Immediately recognizable as his! 4y
sprainedbrain @callielafleur Not at all! I like them, too. 😃 4y
Cinfhen Hahaha @callielafleur @sprainedbrain His marketing team does a good job with branding - his book covers are awesome 4y
Blaire I love how different all of his books are in substance. Especially love (edited) 4y
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The Go-Between | L.P. Hartley
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After recently discovering 4 of my 5⭐️ reads linked by recommendations in reviews, I feel like I‘ve discovered my true wheelhouse! (See two posts ago)
And I was looking for a different kind of reading challenge for next year....
So using Goodreads recommendations on those 4 books, and also the site whatshouldIreadnext.com, I have made myself an experiment/challenge! I wonder how many 5⭐️ reads I get! #mywheelhouseTBR
(Continues in comments)

KarenUK Featuring some modern classics, some books by authors I‘ve read and loved before, and some totally new to me recommendations, I‘m feeling pretty excited about the list 😊👍 4y
Cinfhen Nice list!!! I recently bought and I‘m looking forward to reading 4y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I have The Go-Between in my TBR - need to bump up! 4y
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Moray_Reads There are some brilliant books here, The Little Stranger, The Go-Between, Orlando, Brideshead Revisited, The English Patient... 4y
Indexasaurus I just read The Little Stranger a couple months ago and loved it. Definitely my favorite of the year so far. Great list! 4y
Crazeedi Great idea! I'd love to read more books that I'd rate 5 ⭐️ 4y
BarbaraBB Many great ones. I loved Lolita and just bought The Rotters Club! 4y
sprainedbrain I just want to say that it appears your wheelhouse is also my wheelhouse. Brideshead Revisited and The House at Riverton are two of my favorites, so I‘m stacking the rest of these. 😂 4y
KarenUK @sprainedbrain 😊👍💕 4y
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