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Quick reminder that tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for #Nightmare4Christmas 🖤🎁💀🎄👻🎉🦇


Lisas.Library Do you mind explaining how this works? 4y
teebe @Lisas.Library it‘s like a postal secret Santa. You‘re assigned a Litsy user, you use their Litsy profile and some provided information to buy a book and gifts for them then mail it to them. Someone else would be assigned you and you‘d get a gift package as well. Everyone opens them on December 24th. 4y
teebe @Lisas.Library There was a horror swap for Valentine‘s Day, organized by @JenlovesJT47 and @TricksyTails. You can look through the tag #mybloodyvalentineswap to see the types of things that get sent. 4y
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night_shift I tried signing up for this yesterday, but never got a confirmation email so i'm thinking I maaaybe put in the wrong email 😖 4y
Jee_HookedOnBookz Oh I don't think I got a confirmation email either 🤔Also when will we be assigned our Litsy friend? 4y
chyepanda I love the look of these but I am always to afraid to do one. 4y
teebe @UnidragonFrag @Jee_HookedOnBookz I can confirm I do have your responses but if you want to send me an email at theteebe@gmail.com I can make sure your emails are correct. And the matches are sent out October 21st. 4y
teebe @chyepanda they‘re so much fun! 4y
Jee_HookedOnBookz @teebe noted and thank you! 4y
chyepanda @teebe How do you come up with good ideas for them? 4y
JenlovesJT47 Ooh thanks for tagging me, I didn‘t know about this! 4y
teebe @chyepanda you look at their Litsy profile to see what they like and choose things for them. Some people also include links to other social media and wish lists. 4y
Avanders Hi I'm pretty sure I didn't get a confirmation email too... could you check? Thanks! 😘 4y
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Lodger | Marie Belloc Lowndes
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Oooh how creepy! This slow moving thriller, light on action, but heavy on atmosphere is exactly what I look for in a scary book. Thank you again @Pogue for including this in my excellent #MyBloodyValentineSwap package!

Now off to the Atlanta United block party!! Sha la la la la la la...

LeahBergen This was published first as a short story and then expanded into a novel. Both are included in Otto Penzler‘s Jack the Ripper and now you‘ve made me want to read it ASAP. 😆 (edited) 4y
mklong @LeahBergen Ooooh that book sounds amazing!! 4y
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Thankful | Eileen Spinelli
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Awwwwwwwwwwww, received this super sweet thank you card and bookmark from @Craftylikefox for the #mybloodyvalentineswap box I sent! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Craftylikefox I am so glad it got you so quickly. ☺️ I love those wooden bookmarks! (edited) 4y
shendrix413 I love it too! ❤️ It's perfect! 4y
Mdargusch Great bookmark! 4y
AmyG Yes...great bookmark. 4y
Tamra Oh I totally need this bookmark! 4y
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I received this Sweet Sweet gift from my match in the mail as a thank you. @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks you really didn‘t have to do this but you put a giant smile on my face. #mybloodyvalentineswap

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so happy with everything you sent me!!!i wanted you to a have a little happy! I spied that one on your list!! Thanks again for your generosity! I hope you are having a weekend !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (edited) 4y
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The Shuddering | Ania Ahlborn
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It's always fun when you read a book about monsters that come when it snows... And then it snows...

Reminds me of a time I watched 1408 in a hotel room.

Pretty creepy read, good pick for #mybloodyvalentineswap @scripturient thank you again. Pictured is a snow monster. #dogsoflitsy

BeckyK 😍 4y
robinb Such a cute snow monster though. 😊 4y
tammysue 💗 4y
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ladym30 Look at that sweet pink nose! 4y
LeahBergen I watched The Shining at The Overlook Hotel (the Stanley Hotel). 😆 4y
Oryx @LeahBergen I'd love to do that! Even it it might terrify me. 4y
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The Shuddering | Ania Ahlborn
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Starting this one tonight, from @scripturient #mybloodyvalentineswap

I really love this cover.

Reggie I hope you like it!!! 4y
Sweettartlaura Sooooo creepy😱😱😱 4y
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Heading out today... a litten who didn‘t get her valentine will get some bookish mail from me! ❤️ #mybloodyvalentineswap take 2.

JenP Wrong Jen 😊 @JenlovesJT47 4y
PolaroidPoet @JenP I fixed it as you were commenting. Haha 😁 4y
TricksyTails Thank you so much for your kindness! This is going to blow her mind! 🤗♥️ 4y
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AmyG Littens are amazing! Thank you for being one of them. ❤️ 4y
JenlovesJT47 You are awesome, thank you for doing this!! 🤗💚 4y
Aurora0044 You are awesome!! 💜 4y
blithebuoyant @AmyG You too! 😂 Thank you guys, this came at just the right time, I really needed this during this week ❤️ 4y
TricksyTails @blithebuoyant Bwahahahaha 😈 We sneaksies! Happy it brightened your day! 4y
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Happy | Derrek Brown
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Words can not EXPRESS how happy I am to get this today! I squealed out loud when I saw the tea ball and the signed copy of The Rules Of Magic! Thank you so so so much for being my fill-in Valentine, @MidnightBookGirl ! I love it all so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😍❤️🌈🎊🎉😘💕

#mybloodyvalentineswap #AHHHHHH #ialmostpeed #happyAF

MidnightBookGirl I'm so glad it all got there! ❤😃📚 4y
Kshakal Those things are awesome!!! @MidnightBookGirl you are awesome for being a fill-in Cupid... I too didn‘t get my Cupid package and am waiting for my fill-in Cupid! 💖 4y
blithebuoyant @MidnightBookGirl We just got home from being out and about pretty much all day, when my sister in law said I had a package I wasn't sure if it was MBVS or my shipment of yarn that I ordered last week XD but I kind of screamed "AHHH ITS MY SWAP" and startled my brothers dog ? thank you again! 4y
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blithebuoyant @Kshakal Tag me when you get it! I love looking at swap opening days lol 4y
JenlovesJT47 So awesome!!! @MidnightBookGirl thank you again for filling in, you went above and beyond!! 🤗💚🤗 4y
MidnightBookGirl @JenlovesJT47 @blithebuoyant Thank you all too! I loved getting to fill in! Next year I'll remember to sign up in time! 4y
Kshakal @blithebuoyant I will!! I am hoping to get it this week!! 4y
TricksyTails @MidnightBookGirl Thank you a million times over for saving the day. This package of goodies is so lovely and generous! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!! It‘s so appreciated!! 🤗♥️ Thank you @blithebuoyant for being understanding about the situation. Hope you enjoyed it! 4y
blithebuoyant @TricksyTails @JenlovesJT47 @MidnightBookGirl I'm already cleaning off my bookshelf! 💝 4y
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Mailed my #MyBloodyValentineSwap box this morning. I wish I had signed up originally, because I had so much fun playing fill-in-Cupid at the last minute. Also, bloody Valentines is almost as good as Halloween. 😉❤🔪📚
@TricksyTails @JenlovesJT47

JenlovesJT47 Thank you again so much for doing this. You are awesome!! 🤗❤️🖤🤗 4y
TricksyTails Aww you‘re the best! Thank you for saving the day! Shouldn‘t it be Halloween all year? Thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 4y
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Bloody Valentine | James Patterson
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@Lizpixie I couldn't be more thankful! I really do feel so spoiled. I'm excited about all of the books, and can't wait to read some Australian ghost stories! The Jack Torrance pop is so cool! I have not seen him before! Of course Lush is always great and I also love the pen, keychain, bookmark and magnet. I also love the puzzle and will be trying the chocolates after dinner. Thank you again SO much!!

[DELETED] 3803335244 Love your Jack funko! I just bought one of those for my oldest! He‘s a huge SK fan ❤️ 4y
Lizpixie Yay! I‘m so glad you liked everything. I didn‘t get to be as extravagant as I would have liked but I‘m so happy you‘re happy! Have you read any Phil Rickman before? He‘s fantastic & so very creepy.👻 4y
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Ingerella @Lizpixie I thought it was plenty extravagant! Thank you again! I haven't heard of Phil Rickman before but creepy ghost stories sound fun! I can't wait to try him out! 4y
Madamereginald @Ingerella is my sister! I was with her when she opened the box, she was so excited! Great job on all of her goodies @Lizpixie ! I can‘t wait for my first swap! (edited) 4y
Lizpixie @Madamereginald @Ingerella thank you both for the positive feedback guys. I really hope you end up loving Phil Rickman as much as I do. No one does an English ghost story like him.😘❤️❤️❤️ 4y
TricksyTails 👏😍🖤 This is awesome! Love Jack! 4y
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